The question looming behind The Last of Us Part 2’s gruesome, provocative E3 trailer

The Last of Us Part 2 trailer at E3 2018 was anything but subtle. It bookended unspeakable gore with sweet teenage love, a stark juxtaposition that got crowds whooping. According to its co-directors, it’s designed to show the two worlds that Ellie inhabits — and imply a question.

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Imp0ssibl3212d ago

Never change, Naughty Dog!

Ceaser9857361212d ago

Naughty Dogs are the best.. Anything from them has my love and support.. Can't wait to see more..

Mr_cheese212d ago

Been waiting for this game for a long time! First is still one of the best ive ever played.

lazyboyblue212d ago

'The question looming behind The Last of Us Part 2’s gruesome, provocative E3 trailer'

You mean, Why does nobody care about that poor guy who's girl is stolen away by Ellie? Dudes gonna be gutted when he finds out. Looks like a right blubberer too 😢.

StormSnooper212d ago

TLOU has always been brutally honest. There are shades of grey in the first one as well. Welcome to ND.

neomahi212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

That's not Naughty Dog, that's Neil Druckman. Where is any of that in Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot, and Jak and Daxter? It isn't! Naughty Dog is maintaining that small studio feel but developing as many games as possible pushing the technical boundaries and setting the new gold standard. A lesbian relationship crammed down gamers throats isn't I'm that mission statement anywhere. That's political bull shit is what that is. That's California telling you how to live your life. If you wanna go that way, let religious groups go back to polygamy then, but you can't because California won't sanction it. You just don't get it, like most ignorant teens, this is California bull shit imposing on your political views and telling you how to live your life through a medium you'd least expect. Not to sound all conspiracyist but it's like their brainwashing you.

StormSnooper212d ago

Wow, I’m sorry you feel that way.

Mr Lahey211d ago


Sexuality doesn't have to be political at all, but you just made it so and that's your problem.

If you're confused enough to be scared of brainwashing, just ignore this game and play something that feels safe and comfortable for you.

lazyboyblue212d ago

@neomahi Sorry but I dont see the problem with any of it. It's not like anyone in 'California ' is asking you to be gay or anything. Just to be excepting of those who are.

Kostche212d ago

accepting?, yeah that goes BOTH ways, oh wait it does not, we MUST accept them or we will lable you whatever special name is of the week, that makes everyone think you are homophobic, racist, nazi, misoginist, sexsist

there is only one way of excepting and if you are not, you are labled, how about these privilaged card holders accpet some people just do not like it, them or whatever

that would be like having to be excepting...oh wait..

StormSnooper207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Do you see the flaw in what you said?
They are saying “Accept ME for who I AM”
You are saying “I don’t accept YOU, but I want my VIEWS to be accepted/tolerated”

In other words, they have no problem co-existing with you. But you want to be left alone about your beliefs that cause problems for them in their daily life. So, no, it does not go both ways if you think about it.

OB1Biker212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Polygon is over thinking the cheers. People simply cheered because of
1 Ellie is showing off how bad Ass she is (because the character we play as)
2 the gameplay is proving to be very realistic.

Nothing to do with violence, blood thirst or cheering Ellie s revenge deeds

blacktiger212d ago

this is what mainsteam media does to brain wash you

StormSnooper212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Correction: this is what media does to get clicks. There is no conspiracy to brainwash you, just pure good old fashioned financial incentive in the age of the internet. One would be able to keep his brain safe by understanding that fact, and taking everything he reads/watches through a sieve of common sense.
(Some people simply cannot and so are prone to becoming angry & radical)

OB1Biker212d ago

I actually agree, specially uneducated casual or non gamers.
With or without 'conspiracy', with or without intent , people still get brainwashed and easily manipulated.

neomahi212d ago

Who cares that it's gory, it's her heavily promoted lesbian relationship that's pissing off gamers and long time fans, and neither Anthony nor Neil care, and they should. Gamers don't want to be preached to, lectured, or told how they have to see the world. We don't want a political campaign jammed down our throats. We can get along just fine with LGBT society, but we don't wanna be preached to. Bill, in The Last of Us, was a subtle sort of deal, that's what he was, but they didn't shout it to the world and neither Straley nor Druckman wore gay pride pins on stage because the community existed peacefully and quietly and now: Microsoft is stating "We support gamers who physically struggle to play games, here's what were doing to help" while suddenly Sony are getting all political. It's not that gamers are saying the games too violent and they hate it, it's that if we wanna be preached to, we'll go to some seminar, rally, or event, not being impeeded on by a video game.

medman212d ago

I don't care what you think either. If you don't want to play TLOU because your tender sensibilities can't deal with homosexuality, that is a you problem. Get stuffed. The rest of us will enjoy The Last of Us. You can wallow in your frustration and play lesser games. It's ok. The game will do just fine without the likes of you and your ilk. That is the reality you're having trouble with.....the fact that in the final analysis, you make no difference. Welcome to reality.

jc12212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Who the hell cares that she likes women? You're going to boycott a game because a fictitious female character is attracted to another fictitious female character? Really, guy? I hate to break the news to you, but we're not all the same. Some people are black, some white, some yellow, some straight, some gay. The notion that a prominent game character might be gay is just as realistic a possibility as one of your children turning out to be gay some day. That's life, it could happen to anyone. Besides, the main idea behind TLoU II's revenge theme is that Ellie lost someone important to her - not that she's simply a lesbian and her outrage is somehow more authentic that anyone else's.

Stop losing sleep over shit thats beyond petty and trivial and just enjoy the game for what it is.

Kostche212d ago

funny that the people that replied to you are not very accepting?, but yet we have to accpet them or we are bad people, the funny thing with excepting is that it goes BOTH ways, oh wait it does not, we MUST accept them or we will lable you whatever special name is of the week, that makes everyone think you are homophobic, racist, nazi, misoginist, sexsist

there is only one way of excepting and if you are not, you are labled, how about these privilaged card holders accpet some people just do not like it, them or whatever

that would be like having to be excepting...oh wait they DONT

kneon211d ago

That's just stupid, you're saying people should be accepting of intolerance, that's one thing that is very ok to be intolerant about.

Kostche211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


Intolerance? Intolerance about what? persons opinion?, you just showed what i was typing about to be right, if you do not agree with us you are whatever the trendy word is to be used this week, sorry but it goes BOTH ways, regardelss if you argee or NOT, but you proved my point, thank you

sitting at you're desk telling the rest of us we are not allowed think how we want, while on same hand telling us we should accept the way you think, people can be or do what they want, but do not EVER sit at you're desk and tell me i should think like you or i will be labled because of the same INTOLERANCE to accept my opinion regardless who or what is right

jc12211d ago

Accepting of what? Like Kneon said, your intolerance? Regardless, I never said you couldn't believe how you see fit - it is a free country. Just know in 1850 it was perfectly acceptable to "believe" people of color were inferior to whites, or that women were inferior to men. What I'm saying, is you can believe in whatever you want, just know there are consequences. One of the consequences is the risk of being seen as narrow minded...

My best advice would be to live your life and not get so worked up about the choices others make with theirs.

Kostche211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

@jc12 Intolerance? i am not saying its right or wrong, i am saying people should be allowed to say or be what they want, so long as they are not hurting people, but to belive intolerance just goes one way is wrong, it goes both ways, it same old saying as two wrongs do not make something right

and the fact you both downvoted me for pointing that out shows the intolerance you both have, which is ironic really, you also proved my point, you think everyone should think how you do, which shows the Intolerance you have for other peoples views or beliefs, you are no better than the people you label

jc12211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

@ Kotche: You can believe in and say whatever you want. But if your gonna sit here and make a big deal about a girl kissing another girl, then yes, I'm going to give you side eye.

If you want to swallow the consequences and look like a narrow minded fool, thats your prerogative. I support your right to say stupid things, even though I dont support your message. Democracy is messy, I suppose.

And an FYI: I think down voting should be removed from this site - it serves little purpose.

Kostche211d ago


Making big deal out of kiss? did you and medman not have problem with neo opinion over the kiss? you proved my point yet again, the guy said he did not really want play as homsexual, but you say i am making big deal out of it? no, he was labeled and made to think he was bad person for having his opinions and should not speak or express them, i merely said everyone was entitled to there opinions and people should accept that, but like people have proven, if you do not follow the hive thinking you are labled and called whatever word they think will shut you down

and now i am narrow minded and prerogative * and Preogative incase anyone does not know he talking about privilage class, you know straight, white, male, you know the drill* but you are entitled to the opinion you have, if this is what you really think

i never posted to his post because i belive what he does, i posted because you and medman thought you could shame and label him as bad person because of what he thought and belived, and you all talk about tolerance, but where is the tolerance for his beliefs or opinions, regardless if we do not agree with them.. oh right

thats all i was saying, and i agree with you that voting is lame and should be removed, just downvoting or up voting without giving a reason defeats the purpose of interaction

anyway, i will end it here as we most likely not come to an agreement on it, and it will just continue back and fourth

jc12211d ago

I didn't prove any of your points - you're just drawing conclusions out of thin air. Think about it, the guy does not want to play a VIDEOGAME because the fake character likes another fake character of the same gender. He needs to get over it.

Both of you can say whatever you want, but dont expect me to sit around and agree with it, because quite frankly, it's silly. Combating intolerance is not "hive" thinking by the way, its simply the right thing to do. Progress and acceptance arent easy, but they are necessary in a society comprised of so many races and lifestyles.

And no, Im not some SJW, but I also dont like bigots.

Kostche211d ago

So what the guy does not want play the game because ND wanted to push homosexual scene? why did ND even focus on it? it was done for reason from ND, and THAT is their right, same as its HIS right not to want play something he does not belive in

and you go on and on about intolerance? what intolerance? people have right to like or not like anything in this world, and thats TUFF, same as its tough luck he miss out on game because he does not agree with it, but you know what, we all live with our choices

and you have gawl to go on about acceptence, what about acceptence people just do not like it, what their rights of opinion are mute because they do not conform to the beliefs you have? please.... get out here

i have been civil up to this point, you try and label me as narrow minded and prerogative and i have ignored it as you have that right, and now you have the gawl to call me bigot also because you do not get you're own way, grow up child, going on about tolerence, yet you show NONE, you go on about accpetance, yet you show NONE, all you do is label people with stupid words of the day if they do not follow the beliefs you have, typical hive mind think how we think or we will label you with homphobic, nazi, bigot, misogonist, sexist, racist, prerogative word to shame you into thinking our way... yea, you are not hive mind...right..

at least the OP posted why he was opposed to what he was regardless if he was right or wrong, what did you do, tried shame him, called him bigot, said he was stupid for being the way he was over scene, the same scene you are defending because its the opinion you hold, if it was silly of him to be the way he was, it was even more silly for you trying to shame him and call him all manner names because of that same scene if it means nothing

if you want talk about acceptence and tolerence, try learning some first

and now i am done with you, because all you want to do is throw about insulting words and show none of the attributes you want other people to follow by

Mr Lahey210d ago


Get out of the f**ing closet already! Jeez..

Kostche210d ago

@Mr Lahey

i go on about accpetence and tolerence goes both ways and somehow i am homosexual? wow, grow up kid
its about having respect for someones opinion regardlesss if we do not agree or do, i said they should respect neomahi opinion even if they do not agree with it, and not try and shame him or use stupid words to try and shut him down, and some how i am hiding in the closet?

you probably never read anything just posted some stupid comment and voted down, thats all people like you ever do, you offer nothing and add NOTHING, just post stupid remarks, go back to sleep maybe one day you will wake up and get clue

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