Upcoming Games Featuring Female Protagonists

Gender diversity in gaming is something that players have felt lacking for many years. Although the scales have balanced a little more in recent times, the number of women-led video games that represent female characters with the same respect as their male counterparts still leaves something to be desired.

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lociefer123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I'm not going to play this game as the protagonist dosen't have the same thing i have under my pants and it offends me - said no one ever

*Checks overwatch forum/ eurogamer/ polygon ....... i was wrong

-Foxtrot123d ago

***Gender diversity in gaming is something that gaming journalists and non gamer groups like feminist frequency who want to stir the pot have felt lacking for many years***

Fixed that for you...

Inzo122d ago

Thankfully though Feminist Frequency is a dying channel and Sarkeesian is becoming more and more irrelevant with every passing day.

winter_hill122d ago

Good riddance to the vile rotter.

Kashima123d ago

More hotties female protagonists like 2B

Petrovich123d ago

"Gender Diversity" is nothing but another form of labeling which will eventually lead to the ruin of some Video Game titles, Franchise, and Communities just like how it destroyed the movie industry. Nobody cares if the protagonist is male or female in a game as long as its good and worth investing your time in. Nobody cares what your gender is when playing online. Infusing Ideological nonsense into video games is a form of attack by some confused and angry individuals who think that they can just jump into any industry and force their ideas into the community. Gamers are not Stupid, Genders don't exist in gaming, please don't ruin the stories and characters we come to love just because of your so-called political correctness, gaming may soon become the only place to exercise total freedom without judgment, but as early as now, we already are seeing signs of this groups slowly infiltrating our community.

Look what happened to Star Wars...

For more signs of this Ideological Nonsense, Check out South Park Episode Episode 265 and 266.


frostlatch122d ago

Total freedom without judgement? I cant say agree with that. That total freedom is what gives online gamers what they think is the reasoning to harass and be ugly. And no gender online? Sure there are more than plenty of men who decide to use a sexy female character in an MMO but there are still folks that only want to represent themselves in the game. It isnt as black and white as you're making it either. Last of Us 2 for example is shaping up to be an amazing game. Horizon Zero amazing game. Tomb Raider so far...great it isnt the same as Hollywood.

People complain if even the main character of a game is anything other than a white square jawed male and I personally would like to see that changed. Other aspects of gaming development need to change too but I know Id rather see more diversity in who we portray as "heroes" rather than get token blacks or token women as you see in some titles.

johndoe11211122d ago

"People complain if even the main character of a game is anything other than a white square jawed male", BS. Absolute and utter BS. Please show me evidence of people who complained about those same three games you just used as examples Last of Us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, tomb Raider. you are the typical feminist. you make up BS fantasy situations in your mind and then project that onto others as if it were real and then create idiotic solutions for a problem that never existed in the first place. If you make a claim then bring evidence to back that crap up, otherwise you're just pulling those opinions out of your blowhole.

frostlatch122d ago

lol maybe I am feminist but probably not typical. Im a south asian 5'11 male that cares for how heroes and diversity is portrayed in the media. I can talk about my friends, my family, other diverse people who Ive spoken to that say the same thing. Hollywood is the biggest offender in terms of stupid representation. I actually agree with you in that Star Wars has gone down hill. I DONT think its because Rey is the main character or because Finn is black but rather they have just done a terrible job of writing a good story and sure they may be trying too hard to pander rather than keep the original soul of the series but I dont think the character direction has been bad. People will always complain that the main character is female vs male. Just look at the hoopla over females in Battlefield V. Its honestly embarrassing. And all the hate there was over black people in Battlefield 1 lol. Even more embarrassing. Right now people are crying their eyes out over the lack of breast physics in Dead or Alive 6. I mean, call me what you want but everything Im talking about is there. *shrug*

isarai123d ago

Why is the lady in the thumbnail gripping that gun so damn weird? she's gonna get nasty slide bite holding it like that.

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