Grab Cuisine Royale for free right now and keep it forever

Don't miss out on this hilarious parody of PUBG as it is free right now on Steam. If you take advantage of this freebie before the time runs out, the game will be yours to keep and play forever.

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Sillicur123d ago

Hahaha, hope they let you cook your own chicken dinner

Dirtnapstor123d ago

PUBG going to sue them next LOL!

porkChop123d ago

I would lol so hard if they actually tried.

GlitchedAfrica122d ago

Only if the game is successful ofc, otherwise its fine!

GlitchedAfrica122d ago

That's good. I gotta ask, runs better than PUBG? ;)

Hungryalpaca116d ago

It does but it’s smaller in scope. It’s only around 30-40 players at the moment

jmc8888122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

There's some disturbing things on the steam review pages. I don't know how easy it is to get off, etc. But I'd rather not find out after the fact.

One user says.

"Do Not install this!!! It installs Gaijin NetAgent to autorun of your PC and does NOT remove it!!!
So to remove this you'll have to restore or clean up your PC. You've been warned!"

Another says.

"This game was fun for the short time that I played it, it was a decent time killer for about half an hour. But today as I booted up my PC I discovered that apparently Gaijin thinks it's okay to automatically set this game's launcher to not only boot on system startup but also automatically seed other people's downloads without my consent.

I looked in the settings and found 0 options to disable this bootup setting. So instead this game is getting removed from my PC. Never downloading anything with Gaijin's logo attached to it after this experience. Not cool."