Fallout 76's Public Beta Will Start on Xbox One Before Other Platforms

Although a release date has yet to be announced, Bethesda has revealed one important piece of information about the upcoming public beta for Fallout 76.

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Team_Litt121d ago

Exclusive betas are backwards. Timed exclusive betas are just silly. What's the point?

Araragifeels 121d ago

Publisher will accept money been thrown at their face and they will lick the person shoe.

itsmebryan120d ago

Did you read the article? They list the reason why it may be on x1 first. Or maybe the want I on the most powerful system first in the beta.

fiveby9120d ago

The purpose of a beta is for testing. It's only on X1 early due to marketing arrangements. When it's all said and done, Bethesda will still sell more copied on PS than on X1. It's only for the beta anyway. The full game release is the same for all platforms.

PFFT120d ago

But its okay when the PS4 gets the betas first right???? If Xbox gets them shame on them! But when the PS4 gets RIGHT ON SONY!!!! Freaking hypocrits!

Araragifeels 120d ago

@PFFT did I mention PS4, hmmm? No, I did not. I am buying this on PC. So calm yourself, you snowflake.

fiveby9120d ago

Frankly, I couldn't care less which platform has beta access. I probably won't play the beta at all as I am not pre-ordering. I will wait to see what the game is like after beta and make a decision later on whether I purchase or not.

RadicalCannibal120d ago

Lick those shoes and kiss my boot

remixx116120d ago

Why is it anytime someone calls out some straight bull some fanboy has to go and say "but but but so and so does it"

No its not ok whoever does it, stop being a corporate b*tch.

zypher120d ago

@PFFT - Yes, this shit sucks just as much when Sony does it. Believe it or not, not all of us PlayStation fans are fanboys.

Aenea120d ago


So the beta is only for One X? No? Then it has nothing to do with the 'most poweful console'...

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CloudStrife900121d ago (Edited 121d ago )


Agreed. Never made much sense to me. I cant see people going out to buy a console, just to play a beta. Beta testing was once about giving a developer feedback so that they could identify and locate issues as well as gather reception feedback. Cutting off - or limiting - a platform's beta is just stupid. It shouldn't be about exclusivity at all.

Then again, I'm not a business man. I cant pretend to know the ins and outs of the pros and cons here. Though, speaking just as a consumer, I cant say I have any love for beta exclusives.

Team_Litt121d ago

It really is a nonsense practice that is super anti-consumer. Microsoft and Bethesda should be ashamed of themselves. This is not something to brag about.

CloudStrife900121d ago (Edited 121d ago )


I'm with you 110% on that.

P.s. Team Harvey ftw ;)

pinkcrocodile75120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@Team_Litt I'm with you on this too. It was the same thing last December with Monster Hunter World Exclusive beta on PS4, Sony and Capcom served a kick in the pants as well.

Team_Litt120d ago

Pinkcroc I think outright exclusive betas are just the worst. SONY and CAPCOM deserve flak too!

Prince_TFK120d ago (Edited 120d ago )


Do you have proof that MS actually paid for this beta? And even if they did, what is the problem? You all gonna get to play the same finished product on the same day anyway.

Funny that you talk about super anti-consumer with all the recent crossplay issues.

Prettygoodgamer120d ago


Cross play "issue" I fixed that for you and it wasn't much of an issue to most people any way. But way to go full defensive fanboy as usual.

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GottaBjimmyb120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I agree, these kind of deals are stupid, considering a beta is to make the game stable on release (at least by definition) so why prioritize a debugging process on 1 console, such as a beta, and not the rest if the game will he the same price and same content? However, when Destiny had an exclusive beta and 1 year of content (that is part of the $60 game) locked from Xbox everyone said that is just how it is. Seems like this site changes opinion very quickly depending on the perp.

zerocarnage120d ago

I said the same about monster Hunter on PlayStation as I own an Xbox and all the fanboys as usual disagreed which is pathetic.

Personally I wish all this exclusivity bull crap would go and games get made for every console.

rainslacker120d ago

Maybe they want to start small?

Kaze24120d ago

The X1X got zero betas for MHW while Sony got 3, then the games comes out on both systems on the same day and the X1X online game play was $h1T...

TheCommentator120d ago

What's the point of testing the PS version of a game when it will never play right anyways?

conanlifts120d ago

I agree with this, timed Exclusives and betas are a waste. The issue is that both companies do it. Monster hunter world for example received a beta and xbox never. At least with Fallout both PS4 and Xbox will get betas, but one will get it first. Overall though it is pointless practice that should stop.

KillBill120d ago

"Timed exclusive betas are just silly. What's the point?" - and that is why you aren't a game marketer. You don't understand the point.

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ElementX121d ago

Well I can see if a developer wants time to work out bugs on specific consoles they can focus on one platform at a time.

Team_Litt121d ago

I'm sure those extra 3 days will work out all the kinks! /s
Firstly, it's a beta, bugs are expected, that's the whole point.
Secondly, BS! This is a marketing deal pure and simple.

D3TH_D33LR120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Who cares? Does it really bother you that much? It’s a beta...

Gh05t120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Or you could look at this from a completely different glass half full perspective of, they need to test the network they could either let everyone on at same time maybe it crashes and no one gets to enjoy it, with the team being split up to try to get both systems working right. Let PS4 on first with is (as is brought up over and over again) >2x larger player base crash the servers and they don't get to enjoy it as long and also just made a negative first impression to 2x the potential customers.

OR maybe they went for the smallest player base to test it out first and if it does crash the servers they disappointed the smallest amount of people.

Xbox is the guinea pig.

I mean seriously it's not like server issues in betas isn't normal. Lots of the betas that let the pre orders play a few days early before an open beta open to everyone have gone terribly wrong and pretty much negated the 2-3 day advantage.

Prince_TFK120d ago

“BS! This is a marketing deal pure and simple.”

You’re talking like no console makers has ever have marketing deal with devs.

letsa_go121d ago

Xbox One is the beta console. They get all the unfinished games first!

Brexit120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

This is the first time Xbox One had an exclusive beta unless you're counting Early Access section which Xbox gamers can purchase at a discounted price before they inflate their game when it leaves early access. What about PlayStation 4 with Black ops 3 beta, Monster Hunter World beta, Destiny beta etc...

Gh05t120d ago

I think you missed the undelining tone of sarcasm and insult. He literally called the ENTIRE console the beta console with unfinished buggy games... You know like SoD and SoT...

I don't agree with him but it was a freaking JOKE!

Kostche120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

his comment went way over you're head, along with everyone else that voted you up... lmao.. i hope one day people will actually wake up and actually get clue

at least gh05t got it, and even he got donwvoted.. lmao cluless no wonder they get shafted

Prince_TFK120d ago (Edited 120d ago )


If that was a joke then I’m not laughing. You aren’t supposed to explain a joke anyway.

Gh05t120d ago


"If that was a joke then I’m not laughing"

Me either as I am an Xbox gamer but that still doesnt mean it wasnt a joke. Just because you dont laugh at something does not mean it is not funny to others (or people that can take a joke and laugh at themselves even if they dont agree because you know ITS A JOKE).

"You aren’t supposed to explain a joke anyway."

Agreed, I shouldn't have had to explain such an easy insult/joke to people especially on this site where the majority is PS4 owners who insult Xbox all day long but still missed his clever insult thinking it was a complement to Xbox.

Zabatsu2120d ago

Yeah hear the brittish man speak. Brexit went well, now didn’t it? Heard Robinson is still in shackles.

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zsquaresoff120d ago

I wonder what Phil has to say about this? Wasn't he against these kind of prctices?

notherenotthere120d ago

phil tends to say alot of things until he does the same things he is against and than its all good

Zabatsu2120d ago

Don’t forget all of the trashtalking in between.

ElementX120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

What you are referring to is what Phil said about console specific content that doesn't appear on other systems, like the Destiny PS4 only extras. To my knowledge, he never said anything about consoles getting games or dlc first.

ziggurcat120d ago

That content made its way to Xbox, too...

Cmv38120d ago

Ahhh ziggy, he's trying to prove his wrong point.

ClanPsi1120d ago

XBox invented this bullsh*t. Phil isn't some holy saviour of a dying brand.

Lennoxb63120d ago

They surely didn't invent any of this. This practice came before MS even had a console.

generic-user-name120d ago

Phil hates it when Sony keep some destiny content exclusive for a year, such things are beneath him. Buying an entire game like RoTR and PUBG for a year or more? That's somehow better.

Jmanzare120d ago

They didn't buy pubg first. It is an early access game and Sony doesn't do early access. As for rotr Microsoft funded and helped the game with development. Similar to what Sony did with street fighter except they bought street fighter and made it an exclusive, sold the game bare bones basically an early access game but charged full price.

343_Guilty_Spark120d ago

He is against exclusive CONTENT in multi platform games and locking out from other platform users from said content. There is a difference.

UCForce120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

And why The Division have Exclusive content first on Xbox One ? I can see this happen again with Fallout 76. The thing is that MS and Sony want their third party exclusive content on their platform. Phil Spencer can’t stop it and he has to accept it.

ziggurcat120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

A game is content.

edit: also, PUBG will have content not available on PS4 once that game makes its way out of the early access period.

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