The 3 Best Virtual Reality Headsets for Gaming in 2018

The 3 Best Virtual Reality Headsets for Gaming in 2018

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ravinash147d ago

Anyone familiar with the Samsung model here?
Has anyone tried all of these models and can make any recommendations?

Gridknac147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I've played the Rift, the Vive, and the PSVR. I haven't tried the mixed reality yet. I'll start with PSVR because its the one I bought first. Only because of its price and I already had a console. The PSVR is a great piece of tech for the cost involved. Its the only place to play RE7 in vr, which I feel is the best vr game to date. Unfortunately even the PS4 Pro does not have enough power to push vr and the image quality suffers for it.

I played both the rift and the vive before investing in one. I bought the vive mainly because of the steam integration and the full room tracking. But to be honest after playing Skyrim Vr in full room mode for a couple of days, I opted to set the vive up for sitting and standing so I could sit and play it. Its nice to have the option because some games you would want the full room tracking. (ex.Arizona Sunshine) In terms of tech both the rift and vive are the same, all though the vive does feel heavier and wears on your neck after long periods of play. The room tracking is really the only difference now, as you can play all games across both headsets. All vive games play on the rift, but you do need to install revive to play rift games on the vive. Its real simple though. I don't think you can go wrong with either headset, really its a matter of budget.
These are my components and everything runs excellent except Fallout 4 vr. I think thats because of piss poor optimization really.
i7 7700k
16gb gskill ddr4
Z270 Vr ready mobo
GTX 1080ti

ravinash147d ago

Thanks Gridknac, that's very helpful.