Destiny 2’s Gambit Mode Expertly Bridges the PvP and PvE Gap | COGconnected

COGconnected: Destiny 2's Gambit mode is intense and exceptionally competitive. Read on to find out why it may be one of the finest multiplayer experiences we've played in years.

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spicelicka148d ago

lol this has been in Halo 5 for years.

Also, let's not forget you have to pay for this mode.

maybelovehate148d ago

It is actually quite different to Warzone. Although I would love to see a Warzone type mode added to Destiny. As for paying for content.. that is how it works. They make something we buy it. They aren't a charity lol

spicelicka147d ago

lol actually that's not how it should work. Only reason I called this out is because they have one of the worst DLC policies I've seen. Introducing DLC shouldn't lock you out of base game modes, and game modes shouldn't be tied to paid DLC.

This feels like padding for the DLC to ensure people are forced to pay for it to really enjoy the game. Most games add game modes for free, Halo 5 got new free game modes, playlists, weapon sets, and maps for years after release.

When it comes to multiplayer the whole purpose should be to sustain the supporters of your launch game, not to ditch them a year after release by locking all new content behind new DLC.

Harryvok147d ago

They are pushing this mode so hard (which I’m not Interested in), I’m kinda worried there isn’t much more to the DLC other than some story and the raid.

Would have much preferred a prison/challenge of elders type mode with weekly changes (and matchmaking).

maybelovehate147d ago

There is a new campaign. There are 4 new crucible maps. There are three new strikes. There is a new game mode. There is a new Raid. There is an entire area for End Game that will not only host the new raid but also be explore-able and have collectibles etc.