Brand new Tales of series RPG in development for console

A new brand new entry in the Tales of RPG series is in development for console, Bandai Namco announced at Tales of Festival 2018.

The game, which is not a remake or a spin-off, will be the first brand new entry in the series since Tales of Berseria in August 2016.

Further details about the new title were not announced, but Bandai Namco did announce plans to hold a Tales of Vesperia 10th Anniversary Party at the Maihama Amphitheater on September 16 featuring the cast of the game.

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Spurg120d ago

It better be close to what Tales of Vesperia was. The newer ones were a bit hard to get into especially when I just got off playing Persona 5.(I know its a turn based game but the presentation and character were the great.)

Kurisu120d ago

I've only played two Tales games - Graces f, which I didn't get around to completing, and Xillia, which I did complete and really enjoyed. I'm glad that Vesperia will be coming to PS4, as everyone always seems to say that's the best one. If I enjoy it then I'll look forward to getting this new one in the future.

Nebaku120d ago

Vesperia isn't the best one, it's simply the last GOOD one made. Symphonia and Abyss are both better than it, but all three have their pros/cons.

Teflon02120d ago

you and nebaku are fried lol.
Problem is nostolgia. I loved Symphonia and thought it was the best since I played it back on gamecube. Finally played it again last year and was like damn. this game really isn't all that great, just for it's time. Vesperia is still good, but so basic now that it's just simply like a bare bones tales game at this point. Story was good but combat was really just the same thing as abyss but slightly better. THe newer ones I enjoy more gameplay wise because they're all doing something to differentiate themselves instead of just being the same game

amazinglover120d ago

I did not like the last few entries they dumbed down the combat systems to make them easier and as a result lost what made the tales games fun and unique, Tales of Vesperia was the last good one in temrs of combat.

DivineAssault 120d ago

I love the series but i would like to see NamcoBandai make a newer engine close to how the DB fighting games look. Abyss, Symphonia, Vesperia, & Berseria were great games. I want an overhaul with the artstyle though

Nebaku120d ago

The ironic thing is they did the anime style with Vesperia, better than almost anyone else at the time. But then they just ditched the style for future entries for no reason.

Relientk77120d ago

I loved Tales of Berseria, an absolutely fantastic entry to the series. Can't wait to see the new Tales Of game

Killa78120d ago

Did they ever as far travel?

FinalFantasyFanatic120d ago

I want the new game to be at least as good as berseria.

TricksterArrow120d ago

I'm up for it, but please, bring Destiny DC to the west. ):

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The story is too old to be commented.