Cyberpunk 2077's E3 2018 demo was running on an Intel i7-8700K with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti

At the official Discord server, CD Projekt RED’s community manager “Alicja” confirmed the PC specs of the machine that was running Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 2018 demo.

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ABizzel1125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Basically next-Gen confirmed for consoles then.

It runs 4K @ 30fps on a i7-8700K + GTX 1080 Ti (15 TF in AMD numbers) + 12GB GDDR5x + 32GB DDR4

For console comparison XBO = 6 TF, PS4 Pro = 4.2 TF, Base PS4 = 1.84 TF, Base XBO = 1.41 TF, and all consoles use the same Jaguar 8-Core CPU and 8GB GDDR5 except XBO which uses DDR3 and XBO-X which uses the same 12GB as the 1080 Ti, but over 30% slower than the 1080 Ti.

The CPU alone is at bare minimum 8x more powerful than the console CPUs, and the GPU is 2.5x more powerful then the XBO-X, 3.57x more powerful then the PS4 Pro, over 8x more powerful than a base PS4, and over 10x more powerful than a base XBO.

The next-gen consoles still won't be on par with this build, with less powerful Ryzen CPUs (although a huge leap and more than powerful enough for the consoles 4x - 6x performance increase over current CPU), and GPU performance ranging from 10 - 16 TFLOPS depending on a 2019 - 2021 release (the sooner the lower the TF, the longer the higher the TF). RAM at best will be 16GB of GDDR6 which will be less overall (16GB vs 44GB overall), but better directly for gaming (16GB GDDR6 > 12GB GDDR5X).

At best this game will be cross-gen with the Pro versions of these consoles with the XBO-X being around 1440p Medium setting, and PS4 Pro being around 1080p @ Medium Settings. The base consoles might get a 720p version at low settings.

343_Guilty_Spark125d ago

Console to PC power is not 1 to 1

Vegamyster125d ago

Yup, Nvidia and AMD all perform differently on PC regardless of stuff like TF's which is a poor measurement of overall power, never mind AMD vs Intel.

ProjectVulcan125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It isn't 1:1. But it's closer to 1:1 than at any point in the past because console APIs and hardware are extremely similar and closer to a modern PC than it ever was before. For example Xbox One X's GPU is very similar to an RX580, and it really doesn't outperform said RX580 in a PC. It often loses especially if you want 60FPS mainly because in a PC that GPU is paired with a vastly superior CPU. Any 2-3 year old mid range CPU is miles faster.

I would say next gen consoles still will not have the CPU performance of an 8700k. It's clocked too highly for a start, and Ryzen doesn't have Intel's gaming performance anyway. A 4 core 8 thread 3GHz Ryzen seems perfectly reasonable though, which by itself would be a pretty huge improvement over 8 Jaguar derived cores. 4C/8T is one Ryzen CCX. The 6 and 8 core parts are two CCX paired together and therefore would require a major redesign to fit together on one die. So I think any more then 4 Ryzen cores or higher clocks would be a bonus, but probably unlikely due to size and cost.

However next gen consoles could potentially have something fairly close to a GTX1080ti, as long as they don't arrive until 2020. If AMD manage to deliver Navi 7nm parts in the next 12 months some version of that will end up in at least one of the consoles.

Seeing as though 7nm Navi will be an improved 14nm Vega, with potential for better clocks and much less heat and power draw then the consoles could end up with something reasonably close to a GTX1080ti.

Of course you must remember in the PC space by 2020 GTX1080ti will only be upper mid range performance. But that's why it would then be viable in a new console.

mikeslemonade125d ago

Ps poor and Xbox 720p owners gonna be in pain.

ABizzel1125d ago


As @ProjectVulcan said console and PC power are closer than ever due to low-end API's being developed and expanded upon on the PC side. There's little to no performance difference in like for like hardware as a matter of fact in the majority of 3rd party games the PC components perform better, because they aren't held back by a low-end CPU allowing their GPUs.

Exclusives are where consoles outshine like for like hardware on PC. The PS360 was the last-gen where that power difference was drastic.


That's an easy fix, you can easily align NVIDIA GPU with the same TFLOP metric AMD GPUs use. AMD GPUs focus on Compute Units, ROPs, Texture Mapping Units (TMU), and Shading Units. NVIDIA GPUs focus on SM Count (previously SMX counts / CUDA cores / etc...), ROPs, Texture Units, and Shading Units (SU).

NVIDIA SM counts house 8 cores per TMU, while AMD houses 4 cores per TMU. This is why AMD GPUs have higher overall Shading Units compared to NVIDIA GPUs. TFLOPS is measured by SU * 2 * clock speed.

So since AMD GPUs have higher SUs due to the way they map their GPUs, they have higher TFLOP scores. NVIDIA GPUs with lower TFLOP scores outperform higher TFLOP AMD GPUs because the NVDIA GPU score is not accounting for the other 50% of the core performance in the SM count.

So to get the same TFLOPS simply multiple the SUs by 1.5x. So SU * 1.5 * 2 * clock speed, and NVIDIA GPUs fall in line directly with AMD GPUs, making it a more balanced measure of power.

All using AMD TFLOP comparison
1. 1080 Ti 17.1 TFLOP (max stock clock)
2. 1080 13.4 TFLOP (max stock clock)
3. Vega 64 12.6 TFLOP
4. 1070 Ti 12.3 TFLOP
5. Vega 56 10.6 TFLOP
6. 1070 9.7 TFLOPS (max stock clock)
7. 1060 6GB 6.7 TFLOPS
8. RX 580 6.2 TFLOP

And this is EXACTLY how the GPU hierarchy is currently scaled by best performance.

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OmnislashVer36125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

If you really think we're getting 16 TF you're deluded. The 7nm jump is only doubling power for the same price. Even if they increase the price to $499 we'll be looking at 12 TF AT A LOSS like the X is now. And that's before: RAM increase(GDDR6 is 20% more, plus atleast double the RAM), and HDD increase and 4KHDR Blu-ray, so even more of a loss.

Sony's already reporting of losses in 2020 but if you think we're getting 16 TF at $399 then lmao.

ABizzel1125d ago

I specifically said 2019 - 2021 with 2021 being closer to the potential 16 TFLOPS, on top of that the GTX 1180 which is releasing in a couple of months would already be a 16 TFLOP capable GPU in AMD terms, and in 3 years time would be mid-range which is where console GPUs have been pulled from for the XBO (well low-high), PS4, PS4 Pro, and XBO-X.

And I didn't say $399 on time in my post, I belive the consoles will launch at $499. A 2020 $399 console will not provide a leap over the XBO-X needed to set the standard for a true next-gen console.

OmnislashVer36125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

LMAO 2x the performance IS THE JUMP for 2019-2021 genius. We're not getting a 4x jump. That's the point of the comment ABizzel, 16 TF for $399 is a 2023-2025 thing.

ABizzel1124d ago

I don’t know if you’re bad a math.

But again I saw d $499

And 16 TFLOPS is not a 4x performance increase it’s 2.67x increase. Which is very possible in a 2021 $499 console.

You’re looking at 2018 GPUs, and the 1080 ti would be in that range already using AMD TFLOPS. In 3 years that GPU will be mid range with 7nm Navi in 2019, Navi refresh in 2020, and AMDs next gen architecture scheduled to launch in 2021.

OpenGL125d ago

I don't know why you think next-gen consoles will at most have 16GB of RAM, Xbox One X dev kits already have 24GB of RAM. Next-gen consoles will have 24-32GB of RAM, 16GB will not be enough because they will have even more complex operating systems than the current consoles eating up more system memory.

ABizzel1125d ago

It doesn't make sense.

The motherboard has limited room, there's limited heating in a console, the price for that much VRAM and anything more than 16GB isn't necessary for 4K gaming, there are currently no GPUs with more than 16GB of RAM.

OmnislashVer36125d ago

"atleast double the RAM" was the comment, no?

Anyway I think it would be nice if they added 4 GB of DDR3 for system functions so it costs less than GDDR6 and doesn't dip into gaming RAM.

ABizzel1124d ago


That I agree with so the full 16GB can be used for games, but DDR4 would be better.

343_Guilty_Spark124d ago

Doubt they have more than 12-16gb

OpenGL124d ago

Why would they only have 12GB? The Xbox One X already has only 12GB and next-gen games are going to be more complex visually, not less.

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conanlifts125d ago

It isn't 1 to 1 in power and was also running in 4k. So it could run 1440p on the X with a few effects turned off. Maybe 1200pp on pro with less detail and then 720 on og Xbox and 900p on PS4 with effects all turned down on these.

foster426125d ago

CD Projekt red has confirmed it's for current gen consoles.

timbo08124d ago

Thanks for the detailed break down, still over my headbut makes much more sense

cleft5124d ago

I have been saying the same thing for a while now, but people behave like this must be a current gen game. The time of current gen is coming to an end. This is a 2020 Next gen console release.

Ju124d ago

Why is everybody skipping next year? You guys realize it's mid 2018, right? 1 1/2 years is an eternity in development cycles....

darthv72124d ago

Things arent always what they seem. i am reminded of how they got Doom 3 to run on the og xbox with only 64mb of ram and a custom 733mhz pentium/celeron cpu. Sacrifices were made but still an amazing feat for the time.

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Sokol125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Im pretty sure Cyberpunk 2077 is a current generation target. If given enough time (which in this case isnt a problem) the optimization for PS4 and Xbox One wil be delivered.
There is a good chance that the game will also be scalable and should run on the next generation hardware as well. Either way, you wont been very expensive PC to enjoy the game.
In my case i am more than happy with the PS4 Pro version but i will be upgrading the PC closer to the E3 demo unit next year.

I dont agree that next generation console wont match the article demo PC however in fact i think the optimization for the PS5 and next GEN Xbox system will exceed them.

firelogic125d ago

They said they were "aiming" for current gen but judging by the way Witcher 3 runs on PS4/XBO, I wouldn't hold your breath for a decent current gen version.

getbacktogaming125d ago

CD projekt did a hell of a good job optimizing the console ports post release for sure nowhere near PC performance but still...

MrSec84124d ago

You've gotta bare in mind that Cyberpunk has huge buildings blocking your sight, way more interior cenery inside of skyscrapers and stuff like that can be used to allow you to hide pop-in, up detail over your last game.

While the game looks great, it's not some massive step over everything else.

This game is probably very unoptimized at the moment, which is why such crazy specs are needed.

I think DF said it's running at 30FPS at 4K on those specs, no doubt CDPR will want that hardware to run the game at 60FPS when it releases on that level of PC tech.
They'll fit it on consoles.

CDPR probably have lighter rendering techniques now and better ways of getting their games to run more stable on consoles.

Maybe resolution will take a hit, though plenty of great looking games match these visuals at 720/900/1080p on the baseline current gen systems.

conanlifts125d ago

It was running in 4k and most likely max settings. In addition it is still early days and plenty of time to optimise for both PC and consoles.

AngainorG7X125d ago

Obviously will be a cross gen title

xenz125d ago

Every game ever shown at E3 is running on computers with ridicilous specs to provide a smooth experience when shown.

Cyberpunk is still a ways off to be released. Optimization will shrink the required specs by a lot.

One thing thats clear by now is that this game will be cross-gen.

Niv125d ago

Theres goes next gen😅

Ju124d ago

Shouldn't that be "Here comes next gen"?

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