Vanquish: 8 Years Later

David from BagoGames writes: Vanquish doesn’t fuck around. It’s loud, bombastic, and relentless. If you get caught in the crossfire, you’re dead. Vanquish is a difficult game. It forces players to forget their preconceived notions of how modern third-person shooters should play. You’ll see cover littered around, but this is NOT a “stop and pop” experience. As a confident action game, it encourages momentum-driven player expression. Once the initial awkwardness sets in, it’s up to the player to kill things as efficiently and stylishly as possible.

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PhoenixUp790d ago

According to game director Shinji Mikami, he wanted to do a Neo Human Casshern game, but since he already did a brawler game, he decided to put more emphasis on shooting. Hence, Vanquish is the closest we will ever get to a Casshern-based video game adaptaion

NewMonday790d ago

good because the gameplay in Vanquish is still an all-time great.

wish he adapted the story at least, that part was poo.

GamesMaster1982790d ago

Strange that i still have this on PS3 since day one, but still have never played it. I will get round to it someday.

AK91789d ago

It’s definitely worth a play through and luckily it doesn’t take too long to finish

GamesMaster1982789d ago

Yeah i think i may have to leave everything else for now and give this a playthough this weekend, as i have heard nothing but good things.

AK91789d ago

The game is an underrated gem genuinely said this didn’t get a PS4/XB1 Remaster with a 4K update.

2ndhandcorn789d ago

Overated game promised live action cut scenes .

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