Sony's E3 2018: An Experiment Gone Wrong?

It was an experiment, for sure. And one that almost could have ruined the entire thing. Which is a downright shame, because the actual content held by the conference was incredible. Maybe even the best of E3. But that format. Especially after the high point that was Microsoft’s conference, Sony’s, which is usually the most talked-about event at E3, was almost eclipsed.

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CaptainOmega215d ago

I'd say the intermission is what killed it.

And a Dreams beta could have been announced.

Prince_TFK214d ago

I am looking forward to Dreams and what kind of creativity the community can think of. Too bad it wasn’t shown during the conference.

MuddyWaters214d ago

Two things really killed any chances of Sony winning this E3.

One is they have been showing games way too early for years and last year and this year it's very noticeable they are winding down with new announcements in preparation for the PS5.

Two is Sony has too many conferences per year which thins out the content and removes the lack of surprises.

What many are talking about this year in particular is just how poorly Sony thought this through and how viewers would see it. The artsy theme fell flat later on with the music guests. Shawn's exit was really weird with just an abrupt ending to the show. The 15 minute intermission killed any chances of having any pace. The panel they had had no charisma at all and they were left at the difficult task of keeping things going.

What saved Sony's E3 from total failure was the games they did show were excellent although I would have liked to see more of Death Stranding so that to me means the game is likely not going to ship until 2020 and may be a PS5/PS4 dual launch game.

The 10th Rider214d ago


Plus cutting back on third party games was a mistake. I get not wanting to devote a ton of time to third party games, but it really would have helped their conference out. More games were shown for PS4 at Microsoft's conference than at Sony's conference . . . and Microsoft still had a similar number of exclusives while also taking an in-depth look at almost as many games.

Obviously it's not hard to make a case that the games Sony showed at their conference are the better games, but the lack of anything outside of what we already knew of really hurt the conference. They didn't even show some of their new first party titles, Dreams or the MediEvil remake.

IMO their conference would have been fine if they saved the announcement of Tetris Effect and Days Done's release date and showed those during the intermission. They also should have worked with Square Enix to either announce The Quiet Man and Babylon Fall, or gotten gameplay trailers, and shown those during the intermission. A small teaser for MediEvil and a release date or beta announcement for Dreams would have helped round it out for a perfectly fine conference.

PhantomS42214d ago

Dreams has been left in development hell for so long that nobody cares anymore. It was shocking we even got the bit we did.

johndoe11211214d ago

Let me fix your statement for you:

"Dreams has been in development for so long that I don't care anymore. It was shocking we even got the bit we did"

There, no need to thank me. :)

PhantomS42213d ago


Did you listen to any predictions from E3? Did you notice how nobody else mentioned it in predictions and if it were mentioned it's either followed by them being highly doubtful that Sony will even mention it or that they are surprised with how it hasn't been canceled yet?

Maybe feel the room before you try to be a condescending troll.

uth11214d ago

i could care less about the intermission. i tune in to see new game announcements. they didn't show much new. we saw spiderman, tlou, and death stranding for the last 3 E3s now

Aceman18214d ago

Could care less about the, just as long as the games shown are great, and in that they succeeded.

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Rangerman1208215d ago

Okay, just how many "SONY E3 2018 WAS TERRIBLE" articles are we gonna get?

I agree that it wasn't their best, that's because 1)we were shown Microsoft's E3 first, and 2)Sony already told us to tone down our expectations. They said that they were going to go big with 4 major exclusives, and we got them. Is them to blame for setting their expectations way too high, especially if they actually fell for those fake leaks like MH World Tundra dlc, Bloodborne 2, and Horizon 2.

To quote from Projared, you need to accept for what's on the main plate. Don't look anywhere else and just accept for what they promised on giving you. The true problem with Sony's E3 was the format, mostly due to the random music performances. I mean, they weren't terrible (and certainly no where near as cringy as EA's) but I digress.

SuperSonic91215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

I watched many reactions on YT and one common comment is always said "PlayStation exclusives mind blowingly are up on a different level" than any game on PC, Xbox or Nintendo they have ever seen.

Ghost of Tsushima is the biggest surprise of them all. This game will sell even more than Horizon Zero Dawn as a new IP. 10 M life time is my prediction. And Its mission accomplished on for Sony.

Spidey will sell 20 M. TLOU 2 will sell 15 M. Death Stranding will sell 10M.

Sony has other shows to consider not just E3. Its but logical to spread their offerings and surprises evenly for all these conventions.

UCForce214d ago

Ghost of Tsushima remind me of Witcher 3. But the most surprising that the demo that they showed it was side quest.

DialgaMarine214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Because all these media outlets are MS shills, and they feel the need to capitalize on any oppurtunity they can to praise MS, while attacking Sony. In Sony and PS4’s case, it’s just not easy being the best.

SuperSonic91214d ago

Especially, MS is a $300B with tons of noney yo burn against Sony.

So no one can blame Sony for being up guard defense and offense 24/7 against MS.

Every move by Sonybneeds to be right. And don't leave an opening for MS nor Nintendo.

OffRoadKing214d ago

Which is funny too because xbox fanboys claim this site is a Sony fanboy site yet we get so many articles like this crapping on Sony which pretty much ruins their theory.

aconnellan214d ago

So when Sony has a sub-par conference, it’s Microsoft’s fault?

OffRoadKing214d ago

Plan to see these articles until sometime around June 2019 or so. They defenitly miss-strepped and that's enough food to feed the xbox trolls for atleast a year, dont forget we are still hearing about the PSN network outage seven years later.

OB1Biker215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

'It' was an experiment, is meant for the presentation. That is not E3.
In a way it maybe a good thing Sony gave the finger to a traditional pre E3 conference this year. The press has been focusing on 'pacing', number of announcements, flashing lights, of pre E3 conferences and didn't even bother reporting on what was actually going on the show floors, booths, demos. Trailers etc these last few years. The previous years Sony had live streams with big trailers that the press actually figured didn't matter since not part of the conference. Focus on real news and facts at E3 rather than smoke and mirrors or cheap talk and promises.

ShottyatLaw215d ago

E3 has never been covered more thoroughly. From the countless stories on this site, to YouTube, Twitch, and every corner of social media and traditional media and back again. It was all covered.

If presentation didn't matter, than they wouldn't have put on live "music," held an intermission with commentary, and talked about the "story" their devs wanted to share. That was all part of the presentation, was it not?

I don't care much about the bad presentation (and it was bad), but they need to check their definitions of "deep dive." All we got were game play demos. How is that anything new? That's what I expect every year.

Even though it was heavily scripted, EA's Anthem breakdown was more of a "deep dive." Smash was a real deap dive. The core games looked fantastic, but this show felt cheap and lazy. This wasn't a middle finger to the's not the media who go out to theaters and watch their show.

In a time when games media has never been more prolific, do you honestly expect this show not to be heavily criticized? I would have been just as happy with something like a Nintendo direct.

OB1Biker215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Wait a minute. I never defended Sony presentation and 'expect it not to be heavily criticized' like you made it up.
I've said many times Sony screwed up their presentation.
Here's the thing though: have a look at the title for instance ^^
Sony E3: an experiment gone wrong...
Can t you see what I mean?
I never said the 'presentation didn't matter' again like you made it up.
You know WELL, the press has been focussing HEAVILY on the press conference and that's not new. Again if you actually read what I said, the press 'neglecting' (for lack of a better word) trailers and important reveals that were announced minutes before a conference is just an example. You know well the press sell their coverage on the back of the conference and put most other news as some sort of gossip, or add on to what they think are the main 'event'; the conferences.
Once in a while we can see some proper reporting and some cool video of what's going on the show floor. Abriael usually gives a cool coverage of it. The point is, for better or for worse. Sony felt they didn't want a typical conference and did a very questionable presentation.
That said. The format of a presentation is not the main point of E3 and is definitely not E3 on its own. Its fair enough to review it as what it is, and again the format was awful, but the real news and reveals relevant to the platform are what should matter most. Most of all, its the event itself, with all the trailers, demos, etc that should be covered as being E3, rather than pretending the conferences ARE E3

To be clear Im obviously talking about the general perception in the media, not having a dig at this article in particular

OB1Biker215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

This is E3 that some people cover.

You have to admit most of the press goes like, 'who won E3' idiotic articles and focus on the conference 'pacing'.
The multiplication of individuals going out of their ways to report on what's going doesn't change the fact that the main press is obsessed with the conferences to the point of neglecting the whole event.

ShottyatLaw214d ago

But you're ignoring the countless hours of coverage of all those other components of E3. Yes, the presentation criticism is getting a lot of coverage, but that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Like you point out, that's 1. A big part of E3 that gets a lot of attention, and 2. This "experiment" was a failed presentation.

I'm all for criticising the media, but I also know that I have spent hours this week reading about a variety of games, watching game play, and following development interviews.

Sorry to misinterpret your comment. It reads like a deflection from something that is being fairly criticized like any other myriad of gamer related activities, though.

LoveSpuds214d ago

I think the article is actually pretty fair, the pacing of the conference was poor, although once the intermission was finished with the rest of the conference was awesome.

Ultimately though, they delivered where it counts, with fantastic games that can only be experienced on PlayStation.

It's tricky because do you really want these shows to become boring or would you prefer the companies involved try new things? Sony took risks last year with the live orchestra for example and it felt fresh, impressive and was something nobody had seen before. While their attempt to mix things up didn't quite come off this year, do we really want them to stop experimenting?

Cobra951214d ago

"The intermission was just awkwardly placed, and awkwardly executed. Not to bag on the personalities involved, they definitely tried their best. But after the absolute high that was The Last of Us Part 2, the intermission became a serious break in momentum. It regained that momentum, sure, but it is a glaring low point in a conference that was otherwise full of high points. The question remains, why did they go about the venue change in the first place?"

The more I read about this, the more I'm convinced that right there is where the negativity crept in, and stayed in. You have a crowd comfortably seated in one room, expecting a full presentation, and then sometime in the middle, they are told to get up and walk elsewhere, completely breaking the mood of the audience. If they had kept the entire presentation in one place, I have a feeling the Sony reviews would have been more positive.

DialgaMarine214d ago

I don’t think Sony has any intention of getting putting a huge amount of effort into E3 until it’s time to talk about PS5. I mean, why would they? They can have a bad presentation, but they’ll still sell millions of PS4’s each month, their games will still review high, they’ll still rack up PS+ subscribers, and their games will still sell several millions of copies, each. PS4 has long since won this gen, and we’re entering the transition phase. No point in going all out until it’s necessary.

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