How Darrell Gallagher plans to build Microsoft’s The Initiative studio in Santa Monica

Microsoft made news this week as it announced it was buying four game development studios and opening a fifth. That’s part of the company’s plan to level up in the game business by making more of its own games for the Xbox One and Windows PC platforms.

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Sciurus_vulgaris122d ago

Will The Initiative build single-player focused games? Darrell Gallagher worked on and lead development of the newer Tomb Raider games, which were single-player only/ single-player focused.

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OffRoadKing122d ago

xbox fans dont like single player games, or third person action games so hopefully its not that either.

Obscure_Observer122d ago


"xbox fans dont like single player games, or third person action games so hopefully its not that either."

Yeah, Xbox fans don´t like Shenmue, Kotor, Otogi, Jade Empire, Ninja Gaiden, Ori, Battletoads, QB, Cuphead, Perfect Dark, Banjo, Recore and many many other SP Only games.

Gears of War was a hit before Uncharted hit the PS3 so i´m sure what you´re talking about third person action games either.

bumbleforce122d ago

This xbox fan is going to be buying neir automata in a few days. Thats a single player game

Kiwi66122d ago

Do you have 100% undisputable proof of what you claim

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OffRoadKing121d ago


Sure look at all the comments from xbox fans after Sony's E3 press conference and you'll see them shitting all over the games Sony showed because they were third person single player action games. Guess you guys are moving the goal posts again. For the record the comment was sarcasm, I realize all that hate for Sony games stems from jealousy.

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Obscure_Observer122d ago


Definelly single-player! But i don´t think it has to be single-player only games as long MP is not forced into it.

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XiNatsuDragnel122d ago

Initiative = SP Focused ? Cool

BiggerBoss122d ago

As a Singleplayer gamer, I sure hope they will make games that cater to us.

Knowing Microsoft's history though, I'm very skeptical.

More than likely, they're making games that are designed for Xbox GamePass.

timotim122d ago

What does that even mean haha? You know RotTR, ReCore and many other SP focused games are on Game Pass?

TheCommentator121d ago

MS said they wanted to make games like Horizon with deep SP focus. Gears 5 is shown to be more story-driven already. Halo Infinite will likely be as well from what e know so far. So is Playground's new IP.

Even Crackdown 3 seems to be doing a more legitimate story than the exploration-based campaigns of the first two(not that difficult, TBH, if you know the first two games at all). Reasons I say that are the amount of time being spent on it and the addition of Terry Crews to the campaign trailers. MS has not shown MP for a while either, another indicator of SP focus on this title.

Point is, MS already seems more focused on single player... I think they finally heard what most gamers wanted.

DigitalRaptor121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

@ TheCommentator

Gears 5 is more story-driven? It has a single-player campaign like the rest of the games. The other games were story-driven. You cannot really be "more story-driven" in a game that has a story from beginning to end. Unless you're talking about cutscenes? Do we know if it will have more cutscenes than the average Gears game?

It's great to see them not shying away from the big single-player though on a first-party front though, as Phil said that single-player games are not as impactful despite there being tons of impactful single-player games and a large amount of the third-party games they announced at E3 being single-player and were very impactful.

TheCommentator120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@ digital raptor

"You cannot really be 'more story-driven' in a game that has a story from beginning to end."

Dumbest quote ever, like having a story is just a yes/no question. Speaking of quotes:
"...the series looks to add a deeper emotional depth to the series, while still prioritizing the intense action and thrilling moments the previous games have always focused on. "


Gee, imagine that, it looks to be more story driven...

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BlackIceJoe122d ago

I hope this studio will become Microsoft's RPG studio, because that is one area Microsoft could see some improvement.

BiggerBoss122d ago

Absolutely, but it's rumored that Playground Games is working on a Fable game.

That being said, this studio is probably working on another so-so Xbox Gamepass Game,

Obscure_Observer122d ago


Dude, we know you´re salty over those new studios. You can´t stop with this concern trolling now.

Obscure_Observer122d ago


That would be awesome! A Studio focused only on RPG games for Xbox? Game changer!

BlackIceJoe122d ago

I know it would be a game changer and a welcome one too. I remember a few years back Casey Hudson joined Microsoft, I was expecting him to help launch a RPG studio, then after three years he ended up back at Bioware and sadly no new game came out of it. So as an Xbox fan and game fan seeing what what could be done for an exclusive RPG would be great. I'd like to see what a new modern open world FPS RPG Shadowrun game could look like. If not that maybe an old Rare game could be revived and that being Wizards & Warriors. Even though I think the Initiative will make a new IP, seeing these games return could be cool too.

AngelicIceDiamond122d ago

343, Coalition, Turn 10 are doing MS respective franchises. While, Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, Play Ground games Undead Labs and Rare have creative control.

Fan favorites on top of hopefully new fan favorite games.

Bruh121d ago

Actually Undead Labs will still be doing State of Decay into the near future. As for 343i, pretty sure they have some of the most creative freedom, those people CHOOSE to make Halo games. Microsoft originally wanted a new IP after 5, but they choose to expand on their assets and even made a new engine going into the future ( Slipspace) As for the rest, who knows, but you won't see shit till Xbox 2 ( aka 2020 and beyond)

TheColbertinator122d ago

An action RPG would be an optimal choice

strayanalog122d ago

So we're not using the bones of a thousand warriors and the tears of gaming fanboys? But Darrell, that's how first-party studios are born.

Construction aside, I'm curious as to what their first project will be about. I can't imagine the weight that's going to be on their shoulders to deliver, but at the same time how exciting it's going to be to forge their own path.

TheCommentator121d ago

"It is also the home of rivals such as Sony Santa Monica Studio, which made God of War, and Treyarch, maker of this year’s Call of Duty. I talked to Gallagher about what it takes to open a brand new Triple-A studio, and he said the company will recruit the best talent and work on games that no one else is making."

I can see some people leaving their respective studios for a new opportunity since there's plenty of talent in Santa Monica who probably want to work on something else by now!

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