How The Last of Us Part 2 Redesigned Combat for Playing as Ellie

Naughty Dog completely rethought every aspect of movement, combat, and more to build a game focused on Ellie.

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SuperSaiyanGod41219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Yes even digital foundary said they believe TLOU 2, ghost of tsushima and death stranding we're master class showcases. TLOU 2 was the best tech they seen at e3.

He also said that the reason the crowd didn't really applaud was because they were so shocked by how good the game looked people we're saying is that really running on ps4 hardware lol.

SuperSonic91219d ago

She is definitely faster than Joel.

CaptainOmega219d ago

So her dodging into the car and the brute missing his swing with the axe going into the shelf is real??!!

My hype level is over 9000.

doggo84219d ago

I'm frothing at the mouth from excitement!

DivineAssault 219d ago

Im sure theyll have a segment or 2 when they blow us away by letting us be Joel