Aaron Greenberg on the future of Xbox One

Xbox marketing chief Aaron Greenberg tells Gamereactor: "We'll continue to bring the best hardware in the business to our console gamers."

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King_Lothric489d ago

"We'll continue to bring the best hardware in the business to our console gamers."

Does that really help? I mean, the Switch is totally underpowered and is having more momentum than the Xbox.

GTgamer488d ago

For them to do this they will definitely have to launch after playstation 5 because if rumors are true about playstation having dibs on Navi it would be impossible for them to have the power advantage but let's wait and see.

OB1Biker488d ago

I think that means more iterative upgrades. The next gen consoles will probably launch at the same time, when the tech is ready, with similar specs.

UltraNova488d ago

Navi is not owned by Sony. AMD could very well sit down with MS techs change a few key elements on the architecture, rename it and release it with the next xbox.

GTgamer488d ago

@ultranova I refuse to believe Sony would invest money in it to have literally no gains something is going on. But that's just speculation

Obscure_Observer488d ago


"The next gen consoles will probably launch at the same time, when the tech is ready, with similar specs."

Forget it. Microsoft will launch the next Xbox on their own time. They will release new iterative console as they see fit. They didn´t rush the X to be out the same time as the PS4 Pro. They definelly will not release the next Xbox to be out at the same time as the PS5.

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Xb1ps4488d ago

Really... I know exclusives are important but I guess we should play games like fallout and red dead on the switch /s

Does it really help....should we just go back to the snes days?!

Obscure_Observer488d ago


"Does that really help? I mean, the Switch is totally underpowered and is having more momentum than the Xbox."

Of course it helps. Don´t play coy. You don´t want the PS5 to be underpowered like the Switch.

rainslacker488d ago

So far, they've done that twice. Once with the original Xbox, now with the X1X(360 was about on par with PS3). That isn't a trend on their part, and if they're going to focus in on the best hardware, then they really aren't getting it. 360 didn't do so well for them because it was the best hardware. It did so well because they had some great games on it. They had great exclusives. They worked hard to get developer support, and did it. They tapered off at the end, but it doesn't undo the right things they did early in the generation that made it so popular to begin with.

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thisismyaccount488d ago

I think he lost some pounds, being serious ...

mkis007488d ago

Im going to assume MS will create a base model console and a high end console to release simultaneously next gen...they seem pretty sure of the power thing so making a high end high priced console would be the only way to be sure.

UltraNova488d ago

Very plausible. With they X released one year later than the Pro they could either wait a year after the PS5 is released or get the next xbox out along with the former + a high powered SKU.

Obscure_Observer488d ago


I think Sony will continue to make a more cheap and less powerful console. Sony will stick with the 400 dolars price tag while the next Xbox will be more powerful and more expensive. Microsoft will stick with the 500 dolars price tag.

mkis007488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Yep, that's what I said. Except I think Xbox will launch with a $300-400 model in addition to their $500-600 model with lower specs. At this point Sony has figured out it doesn't need the best specs to reach the #1 spot for hardware/software sales.

rainslacker488d ago

If the next consoles are in the 12-14TB range like some are predicting, and Sony doesn't have a legacy mandate to keep things compatible with the PS4, MS probably wouldn't want to wait a year or more to get to market. They'll be left behind and after the year or two early gen growing pains, Sony, and their 3rd party support, will already be making games look better than you'd see during the growing pains of the X2, thus give them a couple years where Sony is showing better.

As it stands, Sony already shows better than MS despite MS having the better hardware, so why would MS going a year later somehow help them if it doesn't help them now.

LoveSpuds488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

No matter how hopeful the E3 confernce made people, its clear from the subsequent interviews and so on that MS aren't really changing tack. Their obsession with power doesn't matter in the slightest, they need to deliver games, I mean, how the hell can they be so blind to the fact?

You look at Horizon, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Spiderman, Tsushima, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and so on and you quickly realise that the PlayStation is playing incredibly good looking games and no amount of power advantage is going to allow you to play any of those games.

glenn1979488d ago

No question mate, but M.S. got some more in house game dev. They plant seesds for the future lets see if the grow, Playstation on the other hand just keep doing what your doing thst is kicking ass , in the end I want Microsoft to succeed and Im pretty shure they know what to do in the next gen. Becuase compitations is good

YEP414488d ago

Gears of war 5, halo, and Forza, 5 studios!! New ips we goood over here!!!

LoveSpuds488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

You really ought to be expecting more as an Xbox fan squire. Those games you mention are tired mate, I want new games, if they had a raft of other brand new games being supplemented by Gears, Halo and Forza I might agree with you but all MS have done for the last 8-10 years or more is rely on those franchises.

The last risk they took was on Sunset Overdrive and that demonstrates what I am talking about, inject some variety into your line up, that game was fresh, exciting and importantly, something different.

Those new studios were already making games exclusively for Xbox anyway and I might add, none of them are of the quality of Sony's stable of developers. They are small teams for the most part and only the acquisition of Ninja Theory made me pay any attention.

They have known about their 1st party shortcomings for 10 years and have stated they have new stuff coming at every E3 but where is the new stuff? Adding new teams now, and teams that are already 2nd party studios anyway is too little too late for this generation.

rainslacker488d ago

I don't think they're blind to it. They are at least aware of the criticism, and apparently they're making some effort to make more it's a start.

I have often said that the reason that MS did so well with the 360 is not because they released a year early, but because they had an amazing games line up for the first 3-4 years of the system.

LoveSpuds487d ago

Maybe a combination of both those factors RainSlacker. Personally, I bought the Xbox360 because of Gears of War so you might have a point fella.

Codedan488d ago

Xbox is so dead it’s still make good profits.

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