Newly released character render and statue pictures give us a detailed look at Sam and his equipment

Character renders and statue pictures give a closer look at Death Stranding's protagonist Sam.

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Spurg213d ago

One of the most underwhelming showings at E3. My hype for this game has slowly diminished. His 3 previous trailer was much better than this, you'll think that in the fourth one he will create something a bit more coherent.
A delivery guy seriously???

PaleMoonDeath213d ago

And Big Boss was originally just a soldier sent too pick up a doctor, oh how that turned out. There were no explotions or adrenaline inducing scenes for a reason. Some of us actually like to breathe and get a feel for the world we will be in, Hideo knows this, and will obviously not show anything vital, just enough to let us know, it's smooth cooking at Kojima Productions.

If you honestly believe you'll just be delivering packages, you clearly.. astoundingly do not know how Hideo teases and builds his games, MGS being the give away. Nothing is what it seems. He managed too fool the whole world into believing you'd be playing MGS2 as Solid Snake until release, genius level work here. You're eating right into his hands my man. Just wait and see, WW2 era gear.. seemingly forced slave soldiers, military seemingly looking for Sam, as well as Mads character specifically going for him. Wait and see.

SuperSonic91213d ago

This is Kojima-Unleashed we are tallking about.

A Konami less Kojima.
He has full creative control, the Decina Engine and SIE full financial backing just like with Naughty Dog.

From his interviews with Lidsay Wagner looks like this game will shake the video game industry and turn it upside down.
If we think God of War is a game changer then we ain't seen nothing yet.

Hardiman213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Yeah I love the slower, mysterious beats of his games and more to the point this game! It's so nuanced in its approach and there's so much going on under the surface. I can understand how some don't care for his games but for me I love that there's options like Death Stranding even if I don't understand what everything means!

Nyxus213d ago

It looks like it has the potential the become something special at least.

Lamboomington213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Have to disagree here, I can't get enough of this game. Funnily enough for me it was the best one at Sony's conference, beating TLOU 2 and Spiderman and Tsushima.

I don't know why. It's just so damn intriguing. Every time I see this world I want to know more. It's the weirdest, most original thing I've seen in a while, and the production value is fantastic.Also, I'm seeing facial animation and character quality that is competing with Naughty Dog, and the landscape looks great.

Bhai213d ago

Hehe we understand man, the grapes ARE sour... when YOU can't eat them ;) :D

Absolutely nothing has been shown yet and you're jumping to conclusions... we here at Sony side only have joy to wait for as new info is released... the 'other' side only has more pain to anticipate... brace yourself ;)

1-pwnsause-1212d ago

"One of the most underwhelming showings at E3. My hype for this game has slowly diminished. His 3 previous trailer was much better than this, you'll think that in the fourth one he will create something a bit more coherent.
A delivery guy seriously???"

jesus christ, we still have people that think like this? after like playing 7 Metal Gear Games, Snatcher, and policenauts, people still have this small brain mentality? you know what, Im just gonna stop, when the game comes out, you guys are going to get played hard....

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InKnight7s213d ago

That box reminds a bit of SpiderMan pizza delivery box.

I liked it and gameplay atmosphere created a real stress moments and horrifying dark souls/shadows.

Roronoa0411213d ago

This game is beautiful. The Decima engine really is amazing and I cant wait to find out more about the gameplay.

ReVibe213d ago

Some breadcrumb clues are slapped on those equipment renders. The rifle (Xiwiiam?) is designed for hunting/varmint control. The scope is from a law enforcement weapon. Symbols on the clips state that they're no good against "ghosts." Humans seem to be well off enough as hunters/gathers/traders with a lawful society.

The cargo box is full of Kojimacode. Those numbers and stuff probably translate out to something. It's possible the item was bid on and is being delivered to the winner. it comes from an [E] Department, it contains a thin circuit component, and fine print reads "If Void/Open appears, please notify attendant ASAP." So whatever's in there, they probably don't want to lose it in a Void-out. That or it's supposed to mean it's void if open, but what's that about "appearing?" Interestingly the circuit designs on the box form a spider. The BRIDGES web and dreamcatchers being a direct notion to such.

The last thing that caught my eye is on the womb, and if I'm not mistaken, theres a small port with text that reads "Check France Connection." Well... We know there's THAT French connection, and Del Toro receives the baby in Normandy. The suit that Sam wears has stripes on the arms that invoke the French flag. To me, there's something about an America-France collaboration to maintain humanity.