Does Microsoft Really Need To Develop A New Xbox?

Microsoft, at least for single-players, had a positive E3 this year, focusing on long-term projects, studio acquisitions, and non-reactionary business decisions—at least, until the conference closed with Phil Spencer stoking the old console war flame with a simple comment: “[Microsoft] is deep into architecturing the next Xbox consoles.”

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maybelovehate125d ago

As long as there is new tech available to make it better they should release a new iteration. No reason to hold developers back.

Eonjay125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Well of course. I think the only real issue is making a comment about building another console when they haven't really produced anything with the S/X that compares to what Sony is doing with the 4/PRO. Looking at Ghost and TLOU, there is nothing that Microsoft had that compared to that. But the thing is they could and they have the power to do so. So I think the point is why they would be trying to sell their consumers on yet another more powerful console when they clearly don't have the talent to use it? Imagine what Nintendo could do with the X.

I'm not convinced we need another PlayStation yet from that E3 conference.

maybelovehate125d ago

Gears or War 4 is still a tech showcase in the industry. As are all the Forza games. Ghost and TLOU look ok. Not much as far as effects going on, but they are going for more realistic. Which is fine but hardly good showcases for graphics. PS badly needs a new console. Games like Red Dead and Shadows Die Twice will most likely be the best games of this generation and X and PC will have a firm hold over having the best versions.

Goldby125d ago

If ps badly needs a new console, what does that say about the Xbox one or one s?

Remember at the end of the day the Xbox community is mainly using the Xbox one or s. Not the x. Just like with playstation it is the ps4 that has more sales than the pro.

xX-oldboy-Xx124d ago

maybelovehate - You are one delusional soul, gow does nothing special - their latest showing was even more disappointing

Nothing and I mean NOTHING - comes close to what Sonys 1st party is offering. MS has the most powerful console and their games look average at best.

MS duds.

Noskypeno124d ago

Thats why 343 built a new engine from scratch. Yeah we can give sony credit for finally pushing ms to where theyre heading but you cant deny the visuals in halo infinite and gears 5 along with multiplats like anthem and metro

doggo84124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


"Gears or War 4 is still a tech showcase in the industry. As are all the Forza games. Ghost and TLOU look ok"

There is no way in hell gears 4 or any forza game comes close to Horizon zero dawn, uncharted 4, TLOU 2 and ghost of tsushima. Must be tough for you to accept that Sony's first party are a cut above the rest when it comes to graphics

Godmars290124d ago

"Gears or War 4 is still a tech showcase in the industry."

It is?

Who even really talks about it other than fans of the series?

Skull521124d ago

Microsoft’s news of having the most powerful hardware in consoles from here on out is important, a lot of people want that. It was true with the Xbox and 360 and it’s true today. The original vision of Xbox One was misguided but they have learned from it and everything coming from Microsoft now is good news.

Gunstar75124d ago

Gears was an amazing looking game and was rightly praised.

Godmars290124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

System power is - nearly - inconsequential. It wasn't system power that gave the 360 the advantages it had against the PS3, but support. Games. That launching over a year before. Likewise if power were a sole key factor the XBX should be outselling the base PS4 much less the Pro or the XB1.

That's it, all you got? Phantom disagrees about Gears 4 barely having a blip of attention?

MuddyWaters124d ago

This is why Phil came out on stage to provide confidence they are still making consoles and even then we have articles like this. Shawn Layden also confirmed in 2017 that they are indeed coming out with a PS5, so it's all irrelevant because we all knew they are always working behind the scenes on new hardware, what we don't know is exactly when.

That's it, yet we still see the same people arguing over their toys prepping themselves years away from the next generation. Typical.

Critic4l_Strik3124d ago

"Gears or War 4 is still a tech showcase in the industry. As are all the Forza games. Ghost and TLOU look ok." Ghost and TLOU just look ok??? Dude, you better have your eyes checked.

Petebloodyonion124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Even if MS could pull out the best exclusive off all time for the X, would you expect ppl to rush at the store to buy an X as a 3rd console? Especially late in this generation cycle?

Also, MS had no choice about mentioning a new Xbox, if they didn't N4G and Reddit would be flooded with articles about how MS is trying to impose their streaming agenda where you never really own the game and how they are the blight of this world.

Dragonscale123d ago

@maybe, you are really reaching with that bullcrap. Ghost and TLOU 2 look fantastic and to say they look just ok is severe damage control because nothing on xbone or scorpio comes even close lol. You are such a try hard.

EyeAmTJ123d ago

dont over hype TLOU2 & Ghost, specially TLOU2 smh

Godmars290123d ago

Though bring up Gears 4 as a tech benchmark when no one even talks about it as a game?

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agent4532124d ago

That is the issue, consoles do not utilize the latest hardware tech but the older tech. Look at PS4 and Xbox One with the fact that PS3 did not sold well at $600.00 plus tax, it prevented console manufacturers from investing in new technology. Both PS4/Xbox one were using souped up mobile technology.

Bobafret124d ago

The Xbox 360 released with the r500 graphics chipset before it was ever released to PC, and the Ps2 had the cell architecture, so your statement is not always true.

rockwhynot124d ago

Yeah its mobile processor doesn't belong inside there. It's not a mobile console. We need a new Xbox home console with an AMD ryzen cpu.

The_Sage124d ago

Red Dead has content that is exclusive to the PS4. If you want the entire game, you should but the PS4 version.

ImGumbyDammit124d ago

Sorry, I don't have the same desire to wear those assless chaps as PS fanboys do. I will pass on the that. But, I suppose if there are Xbox fanboys that like that stuff (no judging) they can get those same online multiplayer timed exclusive doo-dads a little bit later.

maybelovehate124d ago

The trade off is you have to play hundreds of hours with worse performance in order to have 1 hour of exclusive content that still doesn't run as well. So no logical people will be caring. Plus it is just timed and already confirmed not part of the main story.

Critic4l_Strik3124d ago


"The trade off is you have to play hundreds of hours with worse performance in order to have 1 hour of exclusive content that still doesn't run as well."

Oh, you already played RDR on the PS4/Pro? You can certainly confirm it performs worse?

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ILostMyMind124d ago

Since XBox is just a cheap mini PC, no game is being hold back because of it.

neutralgamer1992124d ago


I think you need to go see a doctor because something is loose inside your head or you are a different level troll

Because no one is that dumb I am sorry in what universe is gears 4 a tech demo

maybelovehate124d ago

Gears 4 is a tech demo. The PC version of the game is beyond anything on any console. Or PC for that matter, right now. Sony has some great developers. Naughty Dog in particular makes awesome animations. But animations do not make a tech demo. And sadly the animations in Uncharted 4 are in 30fps. Which is depressing. Sucks they are limited by the trash hardware Sony puts out.

rainslacker124d ago

The first gears was a technical showcase for the gen. The 4th, it wasn't really a tech showcase, just a prettier version of what had been done before.

Critic4l_Strik3124d ago


You keep on praising the systems specs and the performance of the games on the XB1X. Yet, none of that is helping the brand outsell the "inferior" console. You can talk all you want about how more powerful it is, but any of that is helping to take over.

maybelovehate124d ago

So many Sony bots in here imagining a world where Sony has any good games running at 4k, 60fps. It is is a nice dreams my bots. A nice dream.

neutralgamer1992124d ago

Very nice dreams don't bring pc into this now. If you are talking about consoles than stick with that

God of war
Uncharted 4

These games have set the standard for what a console game can do

I know you are blind to facts abs your arguments are without substance. You keep throwing around stuff that doesn't matter when the one thing that matters are games

Gears 4 was 2 years ago since what have ms delivered?

You keep talking about 4k even x can't do native 4k with 60 FPS so what are you mumbling about. By 2020 about half people in western countries will have 4k TV and that's when Sony will push their next Gen console to have true 4k (and so will ms)

You are the worst hater of ps4 on this site

You are worst than septic
Worst than obsecure

And few others but you are top of the food chain and I don't think that much blind hate is good for you enjoy what you play without downplaying something else

Xbox x is a beast of a console and even ms admitted they need to deliver games that's why they are buying studios. If head of the Xbox admits that how can yall keep denying it

maybelovehate124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Actually X has pulled off Native 4k and 60fps with Forza. They also pulled it off at times with Halo 5. And let's not forget every single DF article saying that X runs games better. But you are good bot. Programming is off. But you are doing what your savior demands haha.

Critic4l_Strik3124d ago

Is Forza, Gears and Halo all youve got? Cant you do better than that? Oh, probably not...shame.

FinalFantasyFanatic124d ago


I certainly don't care when I have a high end pc, I mainly care about the games when it comes to a console, when I want the best possible I performance I go for the pc version.

sinspirit124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

If you keep releasing too many iterations too quickly... You might be holding consumers back, or at least the feeling of.

RosweeSon123d ago

Except they didn’t get the best out of launch model nor the S and don’t get me start on X which basically released alongside 360 games and even older original Xbox games on the most powerful console? X got plenty of power or should have left in the tank.

OnDec76123d ago

How about new original games

Araragifeels 123d ago

So what happened to the Power Of Cloud? Didn't Spencer said that there need for upgrade since Power Of Cloud can do itself.

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GaboonViper125d ago

Absolutely, and Scarlet so far seems in good hands after a very solid E3 show.

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corroios124d ago

Very solid. Lol. Yup. The next 12months will be amazing. Just imagine if they had show some New games? And not the same old franchises...