6 E3 2018 Games that Nailed Facial and Motion Capture

As game technology improves, so does our ability to create better character animations through face and motion capture. E3 2018 was full of games with great animations, but not all featured the same jaw-dropping face and motion captures.

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haleymaclean125d ago

Last of Us Part II's animations look crazy

aarogree125d ago

It does. Makes me regret not owning a PS3 or PS4.

getbacktogaming124d ago

Well technically lots of folk are speculating it'll release on PS5... Although I really hope it'll be released on PS4. That being said the first game was amazing!

tlirones124d ago

The slight facial movements, when combined, create the best looking faces I've ever seen.

Tom_Hopkins124d ago

Naughty Dog's work is just a cut above

skcej124d ago

TLOU2 is on another level

biblesosus124d ago

Death Stranding and TLOU2 looked the best, to me.

aarogree124d ago

They do. Really makes you wonder if Konami is kicking themselves right now.

DialgaMarine124d ago

Probably. They likely weren’t expecting Sony to come to his aid. They might have been able to bully Kojima, but the idea of them trying to bully Sony is laughable lol

morganfell124d ago

I think Konami did kind of expect Sony to come to his aid. Its a natural home. After MS ticked off Kojima that wasn't likely in the cards. PlayStation has always been a great home for Kojima's work and he has had a wonderful experience at Sony with several good friends there. It was the most common sense fit in the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.