PS Now Might Allow You to Download Games in Future

As discovered by a user over on Reddit, PS Now may actually allow you to download games to play as part of the PS Now subscription service. At the moment the functionality isn’t working, though it does show the “download game” option.

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Apocalypse Shadow178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

PS now-streaming service
$99 per year
over 650 games to choose from streamed over good Internet.

Game pass-download service
$120 per year
over 200 games to choose from downloaded over good Internet.

No, it does not "pale in comparison" to game pass. They are not the same thing.

If Sony starts allowing downloading as an option from streaming, then It's game over on the comparisons. Sony would be offering more games and more value for less money.

If Microsoft starts streaming instead of downloading, Sony would still be offering more value for less money. If it ends up just PS1,PS2 and PS4 games downloaded, Sony would still be offering more games.

DarkVoyager178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

“No, it does not "pale in comparison" to game pass. They are not the same thing.”

If it’s streaming it pales in comparison.

PS Now would not only need to allow local downloads but also need same day release for first party games to be competitive.

Also monthly subscription of PS Now is double the price of Gamepass which some people including myself like to pay.

GaboonViper177d ago

PSNow is trash compared to gamepass, if Sony allow download to a local souce it will be a much better service.

lazyboyblue176d ago

You're right. Allowing downloads only fixed half the problem.
Sony have a way higher first party output though, so it would need to be reflected in the subscription cost. Personally I think anywhere from £15-£20 per month would be likely.

rainslacker176d ago

Game Pass' price isn't going to stay where it is. You're in an introductory, get people hooked pricing scheme.

I don't think that PSNow needs day one releases. That may work for MS, but outside their staples, their games are nowhere near the quality of Sony's, so I can't see Sony losing money by doing what MS is. Also, if you noticed, despite MS readily saying that a game will be available day one on game pass frequently, the recent Gears and Halo announcement got no such treatment. Those are their AAA offerings, yet...not nothing said about day one game pass.

That being said, PSNow isn't the same as game pass. They're reasonably similar for comparison, but PSNow up to now has been more for those who want to game without the console. Sony backtracked on that not to long ago though.

itsmebryan176d ago


Do you have proof the price is going up or are you just making it up? Please provide a link.

uRaDecepticon176d ago

Sony's games are average, lol. They just happen to be exclusives.

Godmars290176d ago (Edited 176d ago )


Why does a link have to be provided when every subscription service ever have increased their price? Didn't XBL start as a $9.99 service and is now $60 a month?

FBNS176d ago

What first party games? 😎

Kribwalker175d ago


I didn’t know xbox live was $60 a month. Damn, I can’t believe i have been paying $720 a year for live...

I just bought 2 years of game pass for $120. so if you were smart like me, you could take advantage of sales and come away a winner 😉

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Snookies12178d ago

The numbers advantage doesn't really apply to me, as well as a lot of others. Internet in my state sucks, and even at the highest package deal PS Now simply doesn't work... At all...

I love the idea of downloadable games for the service, it needs this badly right now. I know I'm not the only one that simply can't utilize this service due to internet constraints. I love a lot of things about my PS4. PS Now is not one of them, as it stands.

Blade92176d ago

What state are you in that I tenet is so poor and who is your provider of you dont mind me asking.

Mr_Wilson176d ago

Even with perfect internet, the best PSNow offers is compressed 720p with stereo sound.

Sony are front-runners on game streaming in one respect, but at the some time they're well behind the pack.They really need to step up several gears before the competition arrives.

Spurg178d ago

Can you play all the ps exclusive day one?
Ps now has terrible connection issue there is a lag every 5 mins and I have a really good conection (and no I'm not breaking down walls to add a wired connection.)

Blastoise178d ago

"Can you play all the ps exclusive day one?"

Hardly a big deal for Game pass at the moment though is it? Sea of thieves and State of decay 2 were supposed to be massive incentives but you can tell why they were given for "free".

Jinger176d ago


Will that excuse still work when bigger games like Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, Halo 6, Ori 2 etc hit the service day one?

Araragifeels 176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

WI-FI is not great for PSNOW but wired connection is perfect, no lag at all. But hopefully they fixed later on once they start adding stuff from Onlive

Larrysweet176d ago

Xbox has no exclusives y they can do that theyll hv maybe 3 more in next 2 years

thejigisup176d ago

Do you know what a powerline adapter is? You dont have to break down any walls. I use psnow over a 200Mbps connection via wifi, No issues. Ive used powerline adapters when necessary for work, and they are pretty damn handy. I would highly recommend looking into that as an option if wifi connectivity is an issue for you.

GTgamer176d ago

Nah our exclusive actually sell so Sony don't need to offer them for free 🤨

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Apocalypse Shadow178d ago

That's the funny part Spurg. Their day one releases are below average and they look at that as added value. Lol!

Now that's hilarious.

Microsoft can't sell their top games and have to give them away on a $10 a month service or release them on pc hoping for increased sales or package 5 of them in a console bundle.

Just wow. Those 68 or so scoring games are great value.

MuddyWaters176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

What are you going to be saying when Forza Horizon 4 hits, the best open world race game franchise out there? I'm not sure why you and so many other need to always draw a line in the sand, "this is my side that is your side" attitude.

Like Phil said, the biggest obstacle is the toxicity online where we always have to pick a winner and a loser. I hope PS Now gets the download feature because as of now it's not a very good experience. You can instantly see the downgrade in image quality and the input lag is quite noticeable. However is they do offer PS3 games as a download option does that not confirm Sony could have offered emulation all along?

Sony is pissing away the service because both they and Nintendo have such a vast list of games but the pricing needs to be fixed for the monthly fee (which you obviously left out in favor of the annual fee) and the service should have thousands of games, not 650 but that's likely due to licensing. I like the direction Microsoft is taking by having backwards compatibility and trying to keep history going. Plus the free X enhancements on games like Red Dead Redemption show just how far ahead Microsoft is when it comes to forward thinking and software/hardware engineering.

Now we see Nintendo only releasing NES titles with their new online paid model.

Brexit177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Odd. I just purchased 2-year Xbox Game Pass subscription for about $120

BiggerBoss176d ago

Damn, I'm sorry dude.

Why'd you buy an Xbox?

176d ago
Ju176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

But then your name is Brexit. I guess you also think that was a great idea....

Sm00thNinja176d ago

You're out of your mind. I subscribe to both. Stream over good internet?! Some games... Dead Island I'm looking at you are just unplayable no matter what your connection.

Also has anyone asked the question whether this would exclude PS3 GAMES? That would make sense right? You wouldn't be able to download them at least.

Imalwaysright176d ago

Not unless managed to come up with a working PS3 emulator.

crazyCoconuts176d ago

Yea, no way you'll be able to download PS3 games on a PS4. Gotta think DL will only work on PS4 games

rainslacker176d ago

PSNow is available on PS3.

But I do imagine any kind of download feature would require that the hardware could run the game.

If this is real, maybe Sony has a working emulator, and will release it. If they do, I hope they make it freely available to use as a BC solution like what MS did with publisher approval.

Ju176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

PS Now dropped PS3 support a while ago. It's now PC and PS4 only. That said, would those games run on a PC? Doubt it.

Also, I don't think the jag cores in the PS4 will be fast enough to emulate a cell. Looks like SPUs might get a recompile feature... But CPU in the PS4 still won't be fast enough

Sm00thNinja176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Lots of questions with this possibility

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bluefox755176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I don't know how they'd manage to do that with PS3 games though. Wasn't the problem that the consoles were too different? Unless they're talking about PS5 and including an emulator. I'm certainly not a fan of services, but this would be way more attractive to me than PSNOW in it's current state, or gamepass.

DerekTweed175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

I'm surprised no one else mentioned this, it's 20 dollars a month, but you can pay a yearly subscription of 99USD

In UK it is 12.99 GBP per month and they say 500+ games, so less the USA. And I can't find a yearly subscription price

GamePass is 7.99 GBP and has the same games as USA

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Theknightofnights176d ago

Unless Sony allows backwards compatibility, downloading PS3 or PS2 games from the PSNow service isn't going to happen (on PS4, at least). In which case, the number of games that you are able to download will be drastically reduced.

Ju176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

(select) PS 2 games work fine on the PS4...

176d ago
rainslacker176d ago

Not sure all the games would be available for download since the PS4 doesn't do BC. They'd have to build an emulator into the equation....which is probably possible.

If this is valid, and not just an option to buy the game that you can then download, then it could mean maybe Sony is going to also implement a emulation solution for some games.

Sm00thNinja176d ago

That would take a lot of work on Sony's end and simply no reason this generation to delve into this so deeply. BC is a fantastic feature but when you're up 45 million.....

So many great games to play 5 years into this generation one has to question the benefits of BC so late for the PS4 honestly.

rainslacker176d ago

I dont think we'll see a PS3 emulator for PS4, I was talking more about the PS1 and PS2 games.

It's possible this is for a next gen thing, and maybe Sony will go back to including the proper hardware into the system to not have to worry about emulation and publisher approval. However, that wouldn't be relevant for PSNow, as it is it's own licensing and distribution platform.

Ju176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

PS 2 and PS1 Emu is there in the PS4. But it's usually packed into the game, not into the os. There is no technical reason, those games won't run on a PS4. I am pretty sure, PS Now servers are PS3 racks(the rumored custom 4x PS3 racks) and custom PS4s. But sure no physical PS1 or PS 2. So, those games are already running in emulation.

MuddyWaters176d ago

When you compare monthly prices Now is a lot more money and when if ever Sony decides to put their new games on it then it will be game over, until then it's just an inferior experience from severe input lag to compressed video. If this is true that they will allow downloading then it just proves Sony could do emulation all along and just didn't want to out of pure greed.

DarXyde176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

PlayStation Now has a greater selection, but in its current state, it's subject to latency issues and is really just "paid backwards compatibility" as a PS4 service. Personally, I don't think the service is ideal or desirable, but this would be a welcome step. Game Pass and Now are two different services, but if I had to choose one, right now, I'd go with Game Pass.

snake-OO176d ago

The download option will be for ps4 games only. PS3 games will still be streamed.

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PhoenixUp178d ago

Then the service would have to be taken off of PC

roadkillers176d ago

Not if the downloaded version has to be connected online. I bought the 100$ a year subscription and I couldn't play it on ft. Lee's, my friends, my parents, or my internet connection. This includes PS2 games like RE4.

Imalwaysright176d ago

And Sony would make even more money. It seems to me that it would be a win for Sony and a win for gamers.

Shiken176d ago


They would keep both. Streaming to any device, download option for PS4 and beyond.

Not that hard yo understand, they would not need to remove the service from ANY existing device.

crazyCoconuts176d ago

I'm sure they would just enable the download button on PS4 when looking at PS4 games

TheGamez100178d ago

Do that and itll actually be realllyyyy good. The library is pretty good and even ps4 games have made it. Have tried trials and oh man the input net speed aint amazing.

SpaceRanger178d ago

They would officially establish themselves as the Netflix of gaming if true.

Obscure_Observer176d ago


How? The download option will not work for PS3 games and there not much PS4 games available

rob-GP176d ago

There are about 100-150 PS4 titles now if I recall correctly. Every month they swap the PS3 version for its PS4 counterpart if possible, as well as add more PS4 games to the mix. Also, there was that patent a while ago about running emulation in one-half of the available CPU and GPU threads and using the other half doe optimisations. A bit like what the X does with standard BC games.

So we could see a full-on emulation coming soon as well.

Ju176d ago

Funny. It is already the Netflix of gaming. With the $99 yearly subscription it's actually cheaper than Netflix. If you have the proper internet it works flawlessly. Netflix doesn't download (except on mobile devices). Where is the gaming competition which can offer anything competitive which actually works?

Mr_Wilson176d ago

Flawless 720p with stereo sound 🤨

Ju176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

What's 720p? PS3 games? When was the last time you tried it? Anyway, of course getting the crispiest image, or even 4k streaming won't be there for a while. But playing games I would otherwise have to spend $60 on works great in PS Now

Mr_Wilson176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

All games on PSNow stream at 720p at best. That's what Sony say, and Digital Foundry back it up.

Honestly for me the stereo sound is the real killer. They need to at least offer a virtual surround stream for headphones if discrete channels are a problem.

Ju175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Glad I don't need DF to convince myself I can't enjoy those games. Because I certainly do. Without worrying about stats while I do.

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Tapani176d ago

I would start finally using PS Now then. I’d immediately get a good 3 months of the Japanese one to play some of the classics I’ve missed.

Eidolon176d ago

I'm pretty sure it's a mistake. OR. Can anyone with PS Now try this with games they already own and see if it gives a Download option. Try on a system that the game is for.