What Microsoft’s New Studios Can Bring to the Xbox One

Well, that’s a wrap! You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft, that was a great E3 press conference. Full of big announcements and spectacular games, their conference had something for everybody to get excited about — regardless of their genre tastes.

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UCForce2191d ago

Well, I do know that these studios like Ninja Theory will deliver a quality game that for sure.

Obscure_Observer2189d ago

Playground´s new Open World RPG will be nothing but AMAZING!

Kingthrash3602189d ago

I dont think theyll bring anything to xbox one....but next gen xbox yeah.

2189d ago
morganfell2189d ago

"I dont think theyll bring anything to xbox one"

They've already been bringing games to the Xbox one. Four of the five studios have already been making Xbox titles so it's a zero sum gain. The 5th studio wasn't purchased, it was founded. That's the actual pickup. The Ninja Theory acquisition didn't add an Xbox game, rather it took one away from the competition...in 3 years or so. Microsoft owns them now so they are less likely to drop them as they did last time.

alb18992189d ago

Ninja_Ryu Gorilla games eather.

2188d ago
Obscure_Observer2188d ago


Playground Games already confirmed their new Open World RPG for the Xbox One. ;)

fiveby92188d ago

XBox fans are so eager to trust MS. MS suits will meddle in the creative process from their studios. You have several years to go before anything is shown nevermind released. And who's to say what is released won't be lackluster? It's hard to trust or believe in MS when they have such a poor track record. Let's see in 5 years where MS really stands with quality regular game releases. I'm skeptical of their ability to deliver.

No Way2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Ninja_Ryu - so, then, why is that important? If GG never made an RPG but got help .... are you insinuating that Playground's new game won't acquire the same help, if needed?

Silly comment.

TheCommentator2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

@ Morganfell

You mean five of the six studios. Playground built a second studio that is bringing something new to the table. Keeping score, that's two studios that are brand new... built from the ground up.

Also, whatever nonsense you're spouting off about Ninja Theory doesn't make sense. MS already said they could have shown Ninja Theories' game at E3 so it definitely won't be 3 years off, it will still be an exclusive, and your pessimism about "it took away a game from the competition" is just ridiculous.

Then there's Compulsion, who's games have also been multiplat and future releases will also be 1st party MS. Wouldn't they, following your "taking away games" theory, also be taken away from the competition?

At any rate, that's two brand new studios and two that won't make PS4 games any longer, yet you're still trying to downplay the benefits like they don't matter and all of your shallow friends are still here to back you up. What's next, defending Sony for screwing up Fortnite/crossplay? LOL!

SlappingOysters2188d ago

It's expected to be a new Fable, right? I love Fable, but also think a new IP would be cool.

conanlifts2188d ago

@morganfell "Four of the five studios have already been making Xbox titles so it's a zero sum gain"

Not true. Playground has expanded and now has 2 studios instead of 1. Then they have created a completely new studio from scratch with the inititiave. In addition Ninja theory have the ability to develop more than 1 game at a time.

Not sure about compulsion or undead labs adding to xbox, it depends if they increase their resources and funding, which is possible. But the gain is not simply plus 1. At a minimum they have a new playground studio just opened and a new studio with the initiative. Also we do not have any info on the size of the initiative. Will they be a single project studio or capable of multiple titles. If so this studio alone could add a lot.

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PhantomS422189d ago

Ninja Theory? They've had one that game was decent at best...certainly aren't the image of quality.

Grown Folks Talk2189d ago

Would that be Heavenly Sword or Hellblade?

PhantomS422189d ago

@Grown Folks Talk


NeoGamer2322188d ago

They have not yet had a bad game.

No Way2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Phantom probably LOVED Ninja Theory... until they were bought out. ;) Now they suck. Anyway, Heavenly Sword was great, Hellblade is great. Enslaved (as Gunstar said) was also a good game.

I wouldn't be surprised if MS commissions Ninja Theory with development of Scalebound.

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The Wood2189d ago

'What Microsoft’s New Studios Can Bring to the Xbox One'

More choice, more variety and probably more quality too

alb18992189d ago

What makes you believe that MS bought Studios that have nothing in process ?

The Wood2189d ago

Probably their form to be honest but they broke their 'not announcing too early' policy for this e3 though. . .wonder why?

I doubt you'll get much triple a games before the gens done. . More chance of a few indies or a double a or 2 at most

Vahlok2189d ago

Turn 10 - Forza Motorsport
343 - Halo
Coalition - Gears
Undead Labs
Playground Games - Horizon, Fable
Ninja Theory
Compulsion Games

At the next generation, it will not be only Halo Gears Forza for sure. I'm glad the way they went. They greatly increased the number of first party studios. 9 first party studios means 9 exclusives !

2188d ago
angelsx2188d ago

I'm not buying xbox this gen.Maybe next

Aceman182189d ago

Hopefully give me a reason to buy their console again with some variety, and quality games.

alb18992189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

morganfell, haven't you heard that now Playground have a new 200 people team to work in an open world IP? Would you think that is possible because of the big wallet of MS?
MS didn't have hellblade for more than a year and heavenly sword eather but what is more important are the projects that they may have been working or do you thing MS just convinced their self with hellblade?
Now all this studios have big money to show their talent, isn't that great for xbox?

manabyte772188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

You don’t know that for sure. Rare also had an amazing track record before their purchase. Matt Booty’s recent interview stressed yet again the “difficulty of monetizing single player games”. You’re highly unlikely to get another Hellblade type from Ninja Theory, and I’d expect something along the lines of SOT or SOD2 that puts focus on engagement. It probably is really painful for Xbots to come to term with, but Xbox as you knew them during the 360 days Is gone.

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UltraNova2191d ago

New AAA quality exclusives?

BlackIceJoe2191d ago

I personally think Ninja Theory could pull off an amazing action RPG if given the chance and i hope that'll happen.

PhoenixUp2191d ago

Compulsion & Undead Labs are the least interesting of the recent acquisitions