Detroit: Become Human Cosplay

Discover the best Detroit cosplayers from all over the world

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MasterChief3624123d ago

These are very impressive. It's a more subtle cosplay suite, but really what can you expect. What I don't like is the increasing trend of cosplay pictures being edited to high heaven to bring them even closer to the game. I hate that. Maybe it's the old man in my soul, but I just feel like heavy editing takes away the stuff that makes cosplay important.

I'm not saying light editing is bad to make the photo look good. That's understandable and has been the case since the first cosplays, I'm sure. What I'm talking about is is all the eddects, lens flares, color corrections, making it look basically like a picture straight from the game. It is not nearly as impressive to me, and it lacks soul and passion. Give me the pure cosplay, people in the real world passionately sewing together their own outfits and doing their best to look like they're straight from the game, not needing to rely on computer editing to do it.

Okay, old man rant over. These are cool.

ChrisW122d ago

Once again... Cosplay, even game related, needs to be on AnimeShinbun... Where more people actually enjoy such lame stuff.