AC Odyssey Features "a Handful of Romance Options" and Sexual Encounters

Twinfinite writes "The next chapter in the Assassin’s Creed franchise will deliver an even more RPG-centric experience which includes branching dialogue and romantic relationships. We spoke with Ubisoft at E3 2018 and asked them to detail exactly what sort of depth we could expect to see in Odyssey with respect to these relationships."

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getbacktogaming182d ago

they only added it to the game for authenticity of the greek era :P

wesleyleblanc183d ago

Excited to see how they tackle this. Is it GTA or more Witcher? Guess we'll see.

ZaWarudo183d ago

I always hear ancient greeks were freaky deeky when it comes to sex.

wirapuru182d ago

That's what they meant by democracy, we just got it wrong

Gh05t182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

I never understood romance in most games like this. Usually because there is little reward if any at all. Why care about romance if there is nothing to be gained from it in the game but some sex cut scene. I hope they find a way to make it actually matter or else its just bolted on for no real advantage. Relationships are supposed to benefit all parties involved in some way and usually in video games this is unrealized.

ChrisW182d ago

I'm all for seeing some pixel bumping and grinding, but it really has become a One-Trick-Pony to increase game sales and not really increase the games' overall immersion and experience... Especially since in most games, like Dragon Age, romancing only increases "approval" and generally just opens up new dialogue (and it might do other things, but it's rarely, if ever, noticeable).

Seriously, most of these games would be just as good without romance, which means it's nothing more than a diversion from the grind of doing simple side quests. There NEEDS to be more to it than that!

TheOttomatic91182d ago

I’m going to laugh if there are better romance options than Andromeda