The Last Of Us Has Sold Over 17 Million Copies

Today is the 5th Anniversary of The Last of Us' release. Over 17 million of you have taken this journey with us and your love, support, and fandom for these characters and their story has been incredible.

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Genuine-User152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Might impressive numbers. My game of all time and I can't wait for the sequel.

darthv72151d ago

And that's across two platforms. I really wished there was a vita version or a spin off of sorts. The sequel looks fantastic.

Genuine-User151d ago

Yeah, it's across two platforms and bundles. And I agree, a VITA spinoff would have been great.

butchertroll151d ago

TLOU sold over 7 mil. copies before PS4 launch :

UnSelf151d ago

i cant believe I haven't bought this game

SuperSonic91151d ago

And EA and MS says Single player doesn't have the same impact anymore!
Congrats Naughty Doggers!

Epic_Troy151d ago

Sad you got downvoted for telling the truth sony guys are weirdos 🤣😂🤣 28514;🤣

BQ32151d ago

he got downvoted because the Last of Us in not a just a single player game. It has one of the greatest MP of all time and it is the most important aspect of the game to probably half of the gamers who bought it.

ILostMyMind151d ago

No, he got downvoted because he is darthv72.

Skull521151d ago

Remastering the game on PS4 only 9 months after it's initial release certainly boosted that number a great deal, all the fanboys bought two copies of the game.

The Wood151d ago

Salty skulls at it again. . .

Well done Naughty Dog. .There is still space for the genre you excel in. .

DarXyde151d ago


I bought the game twice, and I guarantee you that I have amassed a collection of more diverse consoles and gaming devices than you ever have (I even have a SEGA Nomad and 32X).

It's not a fanboy thing. It's a great game thing.

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mike32UK151d ago

ditto to the game of all time :)

KickSpinFilter151d ago

Same but Sears Pong is a very close second.

Ashunderfire86151d ago

My favorite game of all time next to Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Zelda Ocarina of Time! Last Of Us blew me away from beginning to end. Man I been watching that Last Of Us 2 trailer over and over again wow! I watched it about 9 times and man never seen any game come close to its action movie cinematic gameplay. When Ellie hid under the car she look prerendered in real gameplay! PS4/Pro games are started to come real close to this:
Yes remember that Killzone 2 trailer everyone thought was real?

Xb1ps4151d ago

Well damn.. that’s great! Is this counting both versions? Cause I was part of the group that bought it twice when the remaster came out

kneon151d ago

I'm sure it's all versions, physical and digital on PS3 and PS4.

seanpitt23151d ago

Yes.. Last of us made me think this is the reason why I have been gaming all my life. It's the best game I have played and I am so glad naughty dog has kept the same tone and made it super violent because it's dog eat dog in that universe and it makes it feel so much more real. I just know the sequel will overtake the first. I just hope that you play Joel at some point and not just Ellie all way through.

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doggo84151d ago

It's crazy, no one could have scripted this

Pancit_Canton151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

I don't know.

I was hoping for 17 million rations collected
Over 300 million clickers killed
17 million times David got axed by Ellie

but 17 million copies sold. Un ****ing believable...

Septic151d ago

ND are the masters, they could have 😁

BeardedDrachen151d ago



NOW ND are the ‘masters’? You’re such a troll.

TheGoodestBoi151d ago

Lmao @ doggo and pancit 😂

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AlphaCentyros151d ago

It’s too late Septic, you already showed your true colors so you can stop pretending now.

russo121151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Sorry Septic but to me you behave as the biggest troll on N4G and around... Please try to be constructive and not a snake.

OT - for a new IP as TLOU (1st game) it sold a lot.

neutralgamer1992151d ago

What's funny is he thinks no one knows and he can trick others into thing he is no pun intended neutral

Septic151d ago

Lol diehard fanboys accusing me 9g being a troll. Okay

Alucard_420151d ago

@Septic did you script this before you post it?

Septic151d ago

I did. I watched the TLOU 2 trailer for a masterclass in it

Alucard_420150d ago

do you just make stuff up as you go??? I have never heard someone make stuff up, as much as you do. Let me know if you need help starting up a fundraiser to get you in school I would be more than happy to help you, you know maybe that way you can learn people skills and get real lessons besides the made up masterclass you apparently went to.

Blu3_Berry151d ago

Damn, and that's just for the first game in the series across two platforms that's basically a new IP at the time. That is very impressive numbers.

SuperSaiyanGod41151d ago

Who wants to bet after that amazing e3 showcase TLOU remastered will be getting alot more sales? Naughty Dog deserves these sales for such an amazing game.

StormSnooper151d ago

one of the greatest of ALL time. I’m waiting patiently for TLOU2

151d ago
Prettygoodgamer151d ago

It changed him into someone that appreciates masterpiece games.

AspiringProGenji151d ago

Sadly xbox fanboys will never understand

SuperSonic91151d ago

This game sold faster than my favorite ND series Uncharted!
I got the PS4 remastered version by picking up a PS4 box in the garbage bin and finding a TLOU game code!
Isn't that wonderful?
I also bought the PS3 version digitally.
Tess is my favorite character in this game.

TFJWM151d ago

Why are you digging thru the trash? Great find thou lol

SuperSonic91151d ago

Our neighbor's garbage bin was full and the PS4 box was on the top.
And the TLOU Remaster code paper was inside.

The Wood151d ago

That's some weird ass luck

Bathyj151d ago

Ha. Learn a lesson everyone. If you're going to be a jerk at least be funny. That's my motto.

I want to give you a bubble now.

Rhythmattic151d ago

Ahh... Def miss those bubbles.

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