Why the trailer for Death Stranding was one of the worst at E3

With each new trailer comes confusion. The first trailer was intriguing, but every trailer shouldn't be like this. It's hard to care about this game right now.

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UCForce153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

One last time, how the trailer is the worst ? It’s look beautiful and mysterious. Kojima just love to confuse people and that’s his charm. In his previous metal gear games, he always make things mysterious and confusing. In MGS V, he made a mistake by showing a lot of stuff before the final game come out which killed my surprise really. He isn’t going to do it again with Death Stranding and he will keep his game mysterious as possible. So yeah, I love how Kojima confuse the heck out of people in good way. The main character in Death Stranding name Sam, he is not a soldier and he is delivery guy who send packages. The combat will be optional in this game. But the game is more about exploration and try to reconnect the world.

WorldGamer152d ago


I agree with your comment. Kojima has always been on the more eccentric end of the spectrum when it comes to his games, and Death Stranding seems to be no different. His games tend to explore more nuanced themes that may not really resonate with everyone. I, for one, was satisfied with what I saw at E3, and I appreciate the air of mystery that Kojima fosters.

As I have said time and time again, no matter what he showed, there would be someone saying it wasn't enough. Just like Naughty Dog, Dice and Capcom, Kojima just needs to do his thing and ignore the clowns who just are determined to nitpick a game that is still deep in development to death.

Game looks phenomenal IMO.

4Sh0w152d ago

Well it's obviously not for everybody, in fact I never liked Kojima's story telling style, so I doubt Ill be paying anymore attention after what I saw at E3.

That said millions of Kojima fans will probably like it, so thats all that matters, to each his own.

stupidusername152d ago

I’ve never compledet a MGS game so I didn’t really have any interest in Death Stranding. But the trailer shown at E3 convinced me. Love the mystery and the tension. If the game’s story is as mysterious as the trailer shown, it’s gonna be day one for me. Completely love stories where you have to think for yourself to «get it».

fr0sty152d ago

"Why armchair journalists should stop telling people what to think in the form of poorly written and heavily biased opinion articles."

IamTylerDurden1152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

It was the least impressive of the big 4 but still awesome.

I 100% disagree with the author. I am as intrigued as ever. The characters are excellent and the world is beautiful and almost alien. We are being dripped small details of the story and that's fine, the game is still far from done, there is a lot more to be revealed.

I love that Kojima is letting his creativity run wild and i'm down for the ride no matter how long or strange it becomes.

I adore the setting and the dark sci fi vibe. I don't expect to have a firm grasp on the story 1-2 years prior to launch. Besides, this is a Kojima game, intrigue and obscurity is part of the deal.

UltraNova152d ago

Fully agreed with both UC and world. I'm craving for Kojima's work. I grew up with MGS games and spend countless hrs looking into their stories simply to grasp as much knowledge as I could. I love Kojima's way of storytelling, its has that weird eccentricity that hooks me to the end. The guy is a genious and now he is free to unleash his full potential. I for one cant frickin wait to get Death Stranding (collectors edition please!).

darthv72151d ago

It certainly is confusing but it looks really good.

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343_Guilty_Spark152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

It looked mystifyingly stupid.

HeisenbergX152d ago

Stick to Halo and fps shooters buddy :)

Psychosious152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Go play Mario.

Brave_Losers_Unite152d ago

Yeah because Crackdowngrade 3 looked any good.

Snookies12152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

It's okay, not everyone has a mind capable of understanding Kojima's works. Those that do, are thankful that he doesn't just use the same trodden plot lines or gameplay that fill every other game out there. He actually puts a lot of thought into his creations, for those that have the capacity to actually comprehend them.

StormSnooper152d ago

Your comment is mystifyingly stupid. Honestly. Grow up please.

xX-oldboy-Xx152d ago

343 - Surely that tag goes GoW, bland writing, no originality, cringey voice acting. Nothing about that trailer screamed quality.

DS on the other hand, was nothing but quality - amazing environments, fantastic voice acting, intriguing characters, stunning visuals.

I know which will sell more.

xRacer74x152d ago

@HeisenbergX, i guess if we are jsut looking at usernames. Keep cooking and ruining thousands of lives daily. Heinsenberg

Rude-ro152d ago

Hmmm... your trolling in a forum...
Or the millions death stranding will get
🤔 I’m going to go with the majority.
Hopefully you can reach 30 dislikes though.
Am I the only one seeing the media trolling trend here?
What was there here on n4g.. one semi negative article about Microsoft’s lack of games at their conference to the 15 a day against Sony for showing games but with a less impressive stage show?

JackBNimble152d ago

Are you really trying to insult people who aren't fans of kojima's stile of games?

Do you always insult people who don't agree with your opinion?

I also have zero interest in Kojima's games and I think he is over rated.

81BX152d ago

I think thats harsh. I will say it was underwhelming and great at the same time.

doggo84152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

That gears of war 5 trailer was crap and cringey AF

MrChow666152d ago

yep, theres plenty of games out there that require no Brain, have fun with those.

jojo319152d ago

Just look what happens here when you disagree with the "crowd". Instead of actually engaging in an exchage of opinions, you basically get shouted down. It's sad actually.

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G3ng4r152d ago

Did the trailer give anyone an idea what the game is? No? Then it was a garbage trailer. Should have been called a teaser.

doggo84152d ago

Will echo what Neutral said below:

"The complaints come in two categories.

1. People who don't know the type of games Kojima makes.
2. People who are mad because it's a PS4 exclusive."

But i'm sure you guys LOVED the Halo trailer.. which gave away pretty much nothing besides it using a new engine, but you wont complain nor think it's "garbage" because it's Halo. Shame, im not surprised thiskind of smack is coming from a fanbase that thinks sea of thieves is good.

G3ng4r152d ago

Don't care much for halo either. Try harder.

neutralgamer1992152d ago

wow the hate for ps4 exclusives can't get any more pathetic. So sony shows games and AAA games yet are blamed but the other company simply announces the fact they maybe ready to compete with sony by acquiring gaming studios and they win

real factor will be the sales if xbox one outsells ps4 for next few months than MS won the E4 and if ps4 outsells the xbox one than sony won. we will see monthly bases results

No Way152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Eh, i LOVED The Last of Us; magnificent. Spiderman looked great. I'm intrigued by Days Gone. I, personally, just didn't care for Death Stranding; nor, right now, do I have any interest in it. I don't know what it's about. Right now, it's a pass.

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Aceman18152d ago

Personally I loved the trailer it confused me, intrigued me, and left me with questions lol. I can't wait to play it when it drops.

xX-oldboy-Xx152d ago

Exactly the type of response Kojima was going for, I don't know why people can't get that.

No Way152d ago

Any other game people would be tripping due to the secrecy.

Mainman152d ago

The worst? More like the best trailer. I have watched this trailer almost 10 times now. Any other trailer at E3 I have only watched once, maybe twice.

Goldby152d ago

Yeah there are so many little secrets and hints in it.

Luden makes an appearance in the trailer

StormSnooper152d ago

They just say whatever they want to sell clicks

gapecanpie152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Kojima sucks now mgs4 was the start of his decline and mgs5 was just a joke ... This game just look like a open world borefest just like mgs5 is..... No wonder Konami got rid of him and he's slowly turning into a Cliff B/Tomonobu Itagaki....

Goldby152d ago

Some say MGS4 was his greatest game

P_Bomb152d ago

I put over 180hrs into MGSV last year, so there goes that argument.

WilliamSheridan152d ago

I'm actually torn with this game. I mean it looks beautiful, and had me intrigued, but i don't know what the hell it is yet. So far it's a carrying things simulator. But I know almost 100% I'll buy this game.

Veneno152d ago

It is true that the latest E3 trailer fits Kojima s style . except he didnt have any intriguing or exciting elements. It was all very mundane compared to what we have been shown up to this point. The trailer wasn't balanced in that way so it left people including me unfulfilled.

DrumBeat152d ago

A fantastic demonstration of Decima's capabilities, but watching Darryl walk across mountains and landscapes was quite vapid.

No Way152d ago

Theres a difference between making people think about a game or an aspect and confusing people. I have no damn clue what this game is about - and i completely agree with the article - I just dont care, anymore. When they want to show some concrete *game* and story details, I'll pay attention. I hated the trailer. Yes, it looks good..... but, idc if it looks good if it sucks or im lost the entire game. No thanks.

Sevir152d ago

He made it clear that the first gameplay trailer of this would lack action... But when he announced Death Stranding 2 years ago... He said that fans can expect an action game similar in the vein of Uncharted... He characterized this gameplay trailer as "silent", meaning no bombastic explosions or guns.

I'm intrigued and have more questions than I have answers... I'm hoping this PSX we get this as the close out where he unveils the action.

dumahim152d ago

He also leaves bits and clues along the way. People who pay attention to this stuff have figured out quite a bit. IGN just put together a good video going over what people think is going on.

152d ago
bluefox755152d ago

They act as if Kojima doing weird things is something new.

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Nyxus153d ago

One of my favorite trailers of E3.

Destiny1080152d ago

I just kept thinking he was some sort of modern day ghostbuster with his backpack and flashing sensor

I absolutely loved the trailer and it looks unbelievable, If they nail the atmosphere, this game could be something very special

Psychosious152d ago

Umm he has corpses, and seemingly clone birthing chambers on his back.

zackeroniii152d ago

Loved the trailer too. I just find it funny how there are articles that are just bashing Sony and their games for no warranted or plausable reason this E3...but there is not one article chastizing Microsoft or their same old trio of games, to be found...kind funny to me.

Seems like Sony is doing something right when people have to nitpick and make nonsense articles to make them sleep at night.

IamTylerDurden1152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Among my favorites as well. It was so jaw droppingly odd and intriguing. The characters are phenomenal. Mads, Reedus, and the spiked jacket lady are extremely interesting characters that command the screen. The world is so alien looking and the technology is so unique.

The trailer didn't show combat or high action moments but the entire i time i was thinking " i just want more". And i did. I was thoroughly intrigued and i'm hooked on the dark sci fi vibe. The is high level creativity and production value and i'm all in.

hench07153d ago

I wasn't bad, people just wanted to see gameplay.

We have already had like 2 or 3 "weird" trailers and E3 2018 was the time to show how it plays and unless its a backpack simulator they failed to do that.

Makes you wonder if its coming out in 2019 and not 2020 or beyond.

UCForce153d ago

There is the gun in the trailer. But Kojima said the combat won’t be a mandatory in this game. It will have stealth and combat just like previous Metal Gear games.

Goldby152d ago

he actually stated that combat isnt recommended but possible, suggesting that if you do the combat the game becomes harder.

also the trailer has alot to do with Sam himself, he isnt a special soldier or elite combat due, hes a delivery guy, average blue collar working joe. it would seem out of place to see an average joe guns a blazing saving the world 1 bullet at a time

PhantomS42152d ago

There was gameplay in it...

Veneno152d ago

There was world traversal but I dont think it qualifies as real gameplay.

PhantomS42152d ago

If you control the character while traveling the world then you are indeed playing the game aka gameplay >.>

Veneno152d ago

Fair enough. Then we saw lame gameplay then.

DivineAssault 153d ago

I think its fine. This game is still early in development too. He got a dev team, script, actors, found an engine, etc in a rather short period of time. MGS5 isnt that old. It mustve been too cryptic for people. I watched all the trailers over again and its making some type of sense now. It looks sick to me. Everyone wants to see gunplay right away and it just might not be ready to be shown. The game is making progress tho. I bet when it comes out, youll hear crickets from the doubters

Psychosious152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Reminds me of shadow of the colossus.

KwietStorm152d ago

It's using the Decima engine, Guerilla's tech. Kojima didn't make it.

DivineAssault 152d ago

Kwiet, i said "found an engine".. Didnt say created one

xX-oldboy-Xx152d ago

He's also adding improvements to DECIMA, remember Kojima Productions always used proprietary in-house engines. Just like GG, there's some smart cookies working at KP.

KwietStorm152d ago

I didn't reply to you. I replied to Psychosious. He edited his comment. Earlier he said something like "lol it's Kojima, he doesn't find engines, he makes them."

KionicWarlord222152d ago

It was a disaster.

If i wanted to watch someone deliver my package i would open my front door as the amazon worker arrives with my package.

Hideo Kojima tripping with these trailers.

And the fans defending it need to knock it the hell off

Because if this was any other playstation exclusive there would be immense scrutiny.

UCForce152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Oh really ? He made a mistakes for showing too much MGS 5 trailer and that ruined people excitement. Even he did with MGS 4 trailers, all of them were cinematic trailer and we didn’t know what the gameplay was until we finally played it.

KionicWarlord222152d ago

You literlaly just said it yourself

"all of them were cinematic trailer and we didn’t know what the gameplay was until we finally played it."

Death Stranding showed gameplay throughout the trailer.

Theres no reason to compare this even close to MGS4.

Ridiculous logic.

Brave_Losers_Unite152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Kionic you should be the last one to talk about logic. Almost all of your comments are hateful and half of them don't even make any sense. Maybe you should go do something more with your life instead of being a fanboy on N4G. Its pretty sad that you have 369 PAGES of comments. Do you just sit at home, log into N4G and looks for ways to show your fanboy self? Those life goals of yours...

Mainman152d ago

MGS4 had gameplay trailers too. The second or third trailer for MGS4 showed gameplay.

kneon152d ago

For me he has still hasn't shown enough and has generated no excitement yet. That could yet change, but I'm not holding my breath as I never cared for any Metal Gear games.

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WorldGamer152d ago


Decided to check out your comment history before I responded to you, glad I did to confirm my suspicions. Your comment, while you are entitled to it as it is your opinion, sounds so salty.

"And the fans defending it need to knock it the hell off":
I genuinely enjoyed the trailer, and it did nothing but get me more excited for the final game. However, unlike you, I can admit that this game may not be for everyone. But to make a comment like this and act as if your feelings about the game reflect everyone tastes is just 100% inaccurate.

Because if this was any other playstation exclusive there would be immense scrutiny.:
Hmm, could not the same be said about you? As much as you may hate to admit it, there is tons of variety and value in the Sony exclusives. I don't see you complaining that the Halo trailer showed no gameplay. Or that most of the games we would consider heavy hitters on the MS console were mutiplat and/or coming to PC.

It's cool if the MS bread and butter of Forza, Halo, and Gears is all you need as a gamer, that is your right to seek out your own brand of entertainment, but to come on here with the sole purpose of detracting from other's excitement for a game you have no interested in on a system you don't like is kinda pathetic my friend.

generic-user-name152d ago

"And the fans defending it need to knock it the hell off"

Why does it bother you so much that other people enjoy things that you don't. Worry about your own interests pal.