Naughty Dog texture artist Rogelio Olguin joins 343 Industries

Leaving ND for 343

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lxeasy125d ago

Great addiction to the Halo franchise. The textures in naughty dog games are second to none

SuperSonic91125d ago

Naughty Dog's biggest problem has always been keeping their talents from being head hunted after a blockbuster game.

Crazyglues125d ago

@ lxeasy

Nooooo...! how did y'all get him, We need him for Uncharted 5..... LMAO :) All jokes aside that is one talented dude, best of luck to him and congrats on grabbing a good one, he will indeed help 343 shine....

SuperSonic91125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

As one of the best development studios in the world today Naughty Dog has become the stepping stone for many of the industry's most talented developers who want to make a name for themselves.
Do not mistake these news as a negative against ND rather a compliment.

darthv72125d ago

As funny as this sounds... I always wondered what it would be like if an exclusive dev made a game for a different platform. This is not quite the same but taking his talent to another team and using different tools now to achieve the best he can on the hardware he is given sort of fits.

When insomniac went and made SO, that game is fun as hell but obviously its success was marred by bad press of the console as a whole. That didnt stop them from making a really well crafted game for a platform holder that was different to what they were used to.

NecrumOddBoy125d ago

Didn't Bungle help ND with the UC2 MP? Seems like there's a connection between Nathan Drake and master chief LOL. Maybe Master Chief truly is Nathan Drake

MuddyWaters125d ago

Probably the best thing to put on your resume that you worked for Naughty Dog but many get burnt out there which is why some may leave. They work crazy hours.

Brazz124d ago

Stepping stone!? Aside from money, go ND to 343I is a downgrade. Yeah, he probably will get more money and perhaps a better position but he will lose ND freedom to work on new projects and will become a "Halo slave". Freedom to work on new projects or become "Halo slave", your pick.

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naruga125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

i hope to take Neil Druckman also ...ND doesnt need him

Genuine-User125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I hope Neil stays until retirement so he continues to annoy sexist, homophobic and socially self centred gamers.

naruga125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@genuine user.....none of the above characterizations has even a tiny relation with me and i know you are nt referring to me ;)....though no matter your innuendos , i still dont like Druckman because he doesnt like games (if you ever understand what i mean )

edit i see you v edited you comment :) ;)

Movefasta1993125d ago

He's a great story teller though, as long as he makes great games i'm cool. He's definitely on a quest to show the gaming world that women are just as capable. As long as Ellie isn't wrestling and knocking out 240pound men I'm fine. New gameplay looked amazing, loved her dodges, I'm glad they kept it grounded.

SirJoJo125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Nice! They really aren't messing around with this Halo. I have a feeling they're going to pull off something incredible like make an entire halo ring explorable... the ENTIRE RING WORLD!😳...🤔 INFINITE 😱

Goldby125d ago


if i remember correctly it is because ND hand paint the textures on instead of overlaying them on an asset. that is one reason why their games take forever to release
i could be wrong, but hopefully he brings that experience and practice with him

Obscure_Observer125d ago

Now that Phil is VP, things are finally looking up to Xbox! Good Job Xbox Team!

RainbowBrite124d ago

Maybe they could learn and incorporate a thing or two

OffRoadKing124d ago

"Addiction" is never great, if he has an "addiction" he should get help right away.

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AngainorG7X125d ago

Much needed addition, much needed!!!

Baza125d ago

MS needs all the help they can get!

jojo319124d ago

MS or Xbox? Because trust me, MS doesn't need help from anyone. Have you seen their bottom line?

paintedgamer1984125d ago

Now if they could only get 1 of Naughty Dogs story tellers to join 343 that might be something amazing. Story wise was the only real draw back of h5.

Deep-throat125d ago

Nah. People don't want the next Halo be one big cutscene or a walking sim.

BeardedDrachen125d ago

That's such an idiotic statement.

UCForce125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It doesn’t need to be like that. But it need to have good character development and good story. That was problem with Halo 5 Campaign. It was lack of story and lack of character development. So yes, Halo Infinite need to find a way to tell a good story and good character development just like Halo 1, 2 and 3. You hate a good story game, aren’t ya ? Do you care about good story and memorable character ? Or you just hate it ? God of War have been praised by critics and consumer for telling a great story, great character development and great gameplay. The thing is that people will remember a good story and good character for many years to come.

Last_Boss125d ago

I don't see why not, you sure don't mind playing with scripted Labo 4K Krakens.

S2Killinit125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Stupid comment. Sorry but thats just ridiculous to liken the masterpieces of ND to mere cutscenes. Self-deception & Stupidity...

KickSpinFilter125d ago

Oh look you don't know what your talking about.

DivineAssault 125d ago

you sure? The next halo was some environments and wild boars running. Its not even Halo 6 so idk about all that

125d ago
hulk_bash1987125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Hahaha I've never heard anyone refer to ND games as walking sims. Thanks for that much needed laugh my friend. Now I'm gonna go back to playing the masterpiece that is The Last of Us on my Pro. On topic, congrats to both 343 and the texture artist. I'm sure his addition will help boost Halo Infinite to be the best game it can possibly be.

doggo84125d ago

Lol good one deep throat

Silly gameAr125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

So, I guess you're not going to jump for joy about this like everyone else? Good old Deep-throat. Never change.

Sunny_D125d ago

Yeah, they actually just need Halo to be good. Cause Halo 5 sucked.

Ceaser9857361125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

"Nah. People don't want the next Halo be one big cutscene or a walking sim."
This dude lmao! Must be very angry at Sony for Beating MS at every level.. God bless you Dude..
MS needs every help they can get Specially for these milking franchisee to save the Franchisee.. HALO sucks now and I hope it gets back to what it was before..

Rimeskeem125d ago

Wasnt the entire big fight in Halo 5 a big cutscene? They dont need help with that.

TheSplooge124d ago

Have you ever played an Uncharted game? The storytelling is quite superb.

AmUnRa124d ago

That is the most idiotic steament i have been reading the last days.
But its D.T.
One off the most buthurt xboxfanboys on this site

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AngainorG7X125d ago

Lol just no, the story of Halo is majestic (excluding 5 of course)

paintedgamer1984125d ago

Id replace majestic with garbage but thats my opinion and many others. The 343 industry games just cant be compared to the bungie 1s... storywise.

AngainorG7X125d ago


Pressing buttons on interactive movies is what i call garbage but hey that's my opinion

UCForce125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It doesn’t need to. But it need a good story and a good character. Trust me, people will remember a good story for many years to come.

Sunny_D125d ago

Of course idiots like you follow the herd and keep implying ND games are walking sims. Sorry, Naughty dog don’t make interactive movies like Quantum Break.

TheCommentator125d ago

Halo 5 did need some work on the story, but Halo has always had a good story. That's why there are so many books; the lore and mythology are just that good.

AngainorG7X125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


Yeah yeah cry some more kid

BiggerBoss125d ago


You're the only one who's crying bro.

It must REALLY upset you that Naughty Dog games are so much better than your precious Halo.

Let me know when a Halo game receives anywhere near as many awards and 10/10's as The Last of Us.

doggo84124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Hahaha yes that story of Halo 5.. so majestic and memorable

" Pressing buttons on interactive movies is what i call garbage but hey that's my opinion"

Lmao o you're talking about Detroit? Funny, i havent played a new IP exclusive game on xbox one with a story that comes close to that of Detroit.

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Edito125d ago

So you want Sony inside 343 lol

shuvam09125d ago

Ubisoft level downgrade...

Lel, just kidding...
All the best lad...

dreue125d ago

Even the artists ms is buying them.....

Bobafret125d ago

Most accomplished artists have worked at other companies, unsure how else you hire someone.

spicelicka125d ago

LOL wtf, are they supposed to breed artists from birth in cages?

dreue125d ago

Nooo, open the door to new ones.... But dont get me wrong that is gopd mpve on the side ofnthe artist... New experiences are the best for your grow.... To be honest i just wanted to make a little fun of ms.... That is all....

SirJoJo125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


TheCommentator125d ago

Sure! Isn't that essentially how Spartans are already made? /s

ImGumbyDammit125d ago

@dreue ND wasn't his first gig. So that means, using your logic, Naughty Dog bought Rgelio (as you so eloquently put it) from someone else.

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SuperSonic91125d ago

Having Naughty Dog in your resume is indeed an instant hire.