Activision Is Helping Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Development

From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki recently revealed how Activision is helping Sekiro Shadows Die Twice development and more

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thatguyhayat178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Oooh thank god, thats what I like to hear, all decisions wont be made my Activision at all

Smokehouse178d ago

Such a weird match up. Advice on accessibility?

I personally think From was brought on to make a tenchu game but ended up creating a new IP so that they could keep it and move to another publisher if they wanted. A tenchu game would be tied to Activision. “Hey Activision, I will make your tenchu, and you can publish, but the IP is mine.”

Gameseeker_Frampt178d ago

Activision sold the rights to Tenchu to FromSoftware in 2004. FromSoftware never actually developed a Tenchu game but instead were publishers for the series (with the exception of the spinoff action puzzle Shadow Assault: Tenchu). FromSoftware could make a new Tenchu game whenever they want and self-publish it.

Smokehouse178d ago

Oh ok. I wonder why they didn’t.

MrSwankSinatra178d ago

thank god from soft is doing something different from souls.