Kojima discusses some of the cinematic choices in MGS4

During the conversation between Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Hideo Kojima at E3 2018, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was brought up when discussing Kojima’s cinematic choices in his games.

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UltraNova222d ago

Love every single thing about MGS4. Its one of my all-time favorites. Masterpiece.

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lociefer222d ago

One of the few games that actually deserved all the 10s

doggo84222d ago

Same! I still have it on my ps3, very tempted to go back and play it. MGS 4 was far superior to MGS 5 in my opinion

Edito222d ago

Fully agree and till today I couldn't finish mgsv I feel fatigue after just 30min game I don't know why.

morganfell222d ago

Masterpiece indeed. A perfect ending with my favorite Metal Gear character voiced by Richard Doyle.

CobraKai222d ago

Ever chapter was like a new game in and of itself. I’m playing it now on my 4K tv and, to this day, it looks fantastic. Plus that Raiden vs Vamp scene, nothing in MGSV could top that scene alone.

UltraNova222d ago

That scene is like it was made by the best anime minds from Japan. It was that awesome!

I mean that scene alone was probably the reason they decised to make a that over the top Raiden game, Revengance I believe it was!

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TheSinsibleOne222d ago

Loved every minute of this game. Really not talked about enough.

Veneno222d ago

Its not as spoken of because it unfortunately released at the height of the media's PS3 and Sony hate. They hated how this masterpiece would never see Xbox let alone be able to run on an xbox 360 . or release on anything less than 5 discs. So many haters never played this game.

Deep-throat222d ago

Are you kiddng? People post about MGS4 almost every month here.

Needs a proper remaster.

AK91222d ago

Ah yes MGS4, oh the memories.

Nyxus222d ago

The game just had its tenth anniversary 3 days ago. Time flies!

UCForce222d ago

It has been a long time.

CobraKai221d ago

Wow. I didn’t realize. I remember watching Snake smoke that cigarette; in awe of what I was about to play, and that was just the game being installed

EazyC222d ago

One of my personal favourite games, period. I found MGS V laughable in comparison.

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