Romance in Cyberpunk 2077 goes "beyond heterosexual relationships"

Players can choose between fast-paced romances and long-term relationships.

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Eonjay126d ago

"Players can choose between fast-paced romances..." oh you mean hookups lol got you.

mrcreosote126d ago

Netflix and chill circa 2077.

Eonjay126d ago

I bet that by 2077 there wont even be such a thing a sexual orientation. There will only be sex and you will have it or your wont. And hell, what happens when the sexbot androids get here? Sexual preference will cease to have the same meaning it does today.

candystop125d ago

Well lucky for us there won't be a 2077.

Antifan125d ago

No no, where talking quicky quicky, 2 minutes of talk, 5 minutes of wetness. Then going back to whatever I was doing.

126d ago
Chaosdreams126d ago

Why do I get the feeling that when this game releases, it'll be the only thing I play for a very, very long time?

xRacer74x125d ago

I still get nostalgic and play witcher 3 from time to time. That is after spending more than 100 hours on the XBOX one version and another 100 hours on the PC version.

medman125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I don't know why you got so many disagrees.....Cyberpunk seems the type of game I sit down to play and two days later I've forgotten to eat or sleep. Such neccessities as sleep or food go unfulfilled when immersed in a truly great experience, which I fully expect Cyberpunk to be.

And for sure, it is a game that seems built for replayability and multiple varying style playthroughs, so again......why the disagrees?

Chaosdreams125d ago

Ah I think I know why. Might be something to do with the title.

Eitherway. This'll be an amazing experience.

SuperSaiyanGod41126d ago

Funny people calling out gay and lesbian on the last of us 2 but the Witcher 3 and this game will be ok to have it lol. Just saying at least be fair if u going to make fun of games u dislike but they also have it in your games u enjoy.

BondJames125d ago

Because here you probably can choose.
In TLOU 2 is forced. Just look Naughty dog twitter account. Logo in lgbt colors.

SuperSaiyanGod41125d ago

It's not being forced bro, we all knew Ellie was lesbian from the first game from the dlc.

Second this scene that was shown is part of the story and tells us now why Ellie has decided to kill every last one of them. Watch the trailer from e3 and put it all together with the other 2 trailers. All the clues are right there which is what naughty dog likes to do in their stories.

Besides that I'm not going to put down a game because of some gay kissing scene especially if it's a awesome game from one of my favorite developers of all time.

People are just quick to judge if it's not a game on their platform. Guarantee if the Witcher 3 was exclusive to Playstation there would be more headlines of gay men in the game but it's a multiplatform game.

Tody_ZA125d ago

I'm sorry but your comment is flat out stupid for two reasons.

One, Ellie was shown to be a lesbian four years ago in The Last of Us Left Behind DLC. Get over it.

Two, Cyberpunk is a ROLE PLAYING GAME giving players agency and choice in how they approach their character and story. The Last of Us 2 is a narrative-driven game, you're experiencing the developer's story.

If you can't understand the distinction, or are still bothered by something you knew four years ago, I suggest seeking an extended education because yours didn't quite work out.

DexSun125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

That's because its gay pride month, and not the only ones showing support for it. If you're going to complain at least understand what your complaining about. And as for the LOU trailer most of us can see that the smoochy smooch is part of a bigger story and move on with enjoying the rest of it, if you can't do that then it's you forcing yourself to make a deal about it.
Plus you say it's forced yet probably have beaten off to lesbians at some point so quit your jibber jabber.

yeahright2125d ago

I remember when you lot were on board with "as long as the character just happens to be gay" (which is ideal to me, have it be part of their character but not the only thing that defines them) . Well you got that in the last of us. her sexuality played no role at all and you loved the game. Then when it was revealed that she was gay the whole time, all of a sudden it's "forced" this, agenda that and homosexuality needs to be a choice and blah blah blah. just play the game or don't.

MWH125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@everyone, yes it is forced.

Remember how the series was established with critical success? None of this was presented in the main game, we all loved and enjoyed the first game because the story and characters were accessible to us all, anyone could relate to it and understand it.

Along came the DLC and it created a devide between fans, but not everyone played it and not everyone was aware of this new story element.

And now this. With the removal of Joel and not presenting any other character choice it becomes clear the developer decision to enforce their exclusive views on the majority after establishing the first game in an inclusive way.

It is sickening if this was their plan from the start. This Ellie character is now the extreme opposite of what was presented in the first game, from a girl who was trying to survive into a thing who is excessively violent, dangerously unstable and heavily disturbed in a disturbing way and on top of it all, gay!

Seriously how many can relate to that?!

Mind you, in the end this is just a game and its main goal is supposed to be fun for every fan of this genre.

With all due respect and far from any judgements, actually if you look into a previous comment of mine you may understand something, however; i lost all respect to naughty dog if this was their scheme from the begining and for forcing it on us.

Ausbo125d ago

Everyone has the pride colors. It’s pride month man.

TedCruzsTaint125d ago

Because it was an isolated, directed story. Damn. I'm no SJW ... I'm just someone who lives in this damn world, and realize gay people exist. Sometimes an Ellie can happen. Sometimes Ellie has a story to tell.

MAULxx125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I don't appreciate devs force feeding me their twisted views (TLOUII) & acting like I'm the Ahole for not accepting them. I assume in Cyberpunk 2077 things will be more optional. I guess time will tell.

yeahright2124d ago

@MWH why do I have to relate to it to enjoy it? Maybe I want to hear a story from a perspective I never thought of. Maybe I'd like to see what something is like through someone else's eyes. Hell, you say it's because you can't relate, how many clickers did you run into yesterday?

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Rachel_Alucard125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


Part of the cyberpunk theme is being able to mod yourself to whatever you desire. You can do anything from splicing animal genes to become an irl furry to having detachable genatalia. LGBTQ community doesn't exist in Cyberpunk because it's no longer an identifier of a person. But of course the current progressive community will try to chalk this up as a victory or something, when it's part of the universe.

CorndogBurglar125d ago

Human-Cyborg Relations now has a new meaning.

Smokehouse125d ago

Right. Does it even matter when society is barely human anymore? They are well beyond that point.

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