E3 2018: Microsoft Won E3, Sony Got it Very Wrong

PlayStationing writes: "This might not be the best thing for a PlayStation-focused website to admit to, but it’s the truth. Microsoft won E3 this year and Sony, whilst they did show some good games, got their conference very very wrong. This is why."

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UCForce178d ago

I won’t lie about it. MS did better than Sony this year. I think next year will be another victory for MS and Sony will lose next year.

Team_Litt178d ago

What are you basing the second part of your comment on?

lalalala178d ago

I'd be interested to know also.

UCForce178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I’m maybe crazy here, but i will describe something like this.

PS4 Fanboy No.1 : We lost. We are retreating

PS4 Fanboy No.2 : But we can’t do that. We are still at the league and we can still win this.

PS4 Fanboy No.1 : Not this time. Our competitors have defeat us in smart way. Our tactics are awful and we are way too overconfident ourselves. Like it or not, we lost and they won.

PS4 Fanboy No.2 : But.....

PS4 Fanboy No.1 : No but, that’s an order and we are retreating.

PS4 Fanboy No.2 : “Sigh” Yes,sir. All PS fanboys, we are retreating NOW.

PS4 Fanboy No.2 : Sir, will we come back for this ?

PS4 Fanboy No.1 : I do know not. But this is MS victory and we will let them have it. After all, we can’t win forever. Right now, we going to keep moving and focus what is important. Thing are changing.

lalalala178d ago

@UCForce - So you think Sony is getting complacent because they are the market leader at the moment? Understandable logic I suppose, but I don't agree, I think things will change, especially if we see them backtrack on the Fortnite block, which I can see happening.

Eonjay178d ago

Sony won E3 in reality. I am tired of giving Microsoft prizes for trying.

xHeavYx178d ago

It sounds to me like someone asked you to provide reasoning to your prediction and it's you the one who did the retreating.

bluefox755178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

@UCForce So, let them think they win because you feel bad for them?
@Eonjay Exactly, why is everyone holding them to such a low standard?

UltraNova178d ago

Awarding MS the win on presentation/format alone is like awarding a movie the oscar based on its trailer only, before you even see the movie...

Content people, actual content wins not the presentation.

MuddyWaters178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

You guys are viewing it as who is selling the most or who has the better exclusives. That is not what E3 is about. E3 is a show, a spectacle, one to entertain fans. A show of surprises as well.

Sony decided to get artsy and how they though a 15 minute intermission on a show that lasted maybe all of 70 minutes was a good idea is beyond me. They also failed to go in depth with Death Stranding since Shawn mentioned that was the direction this show was going to take and spent way too much time on Spiderman. A game we already know enough of.

They need to sit down and re-evaluate how many shows they do a year because this E3 came across as a very uninteresting one. I think Sony is spreading itself too thin by doing too many conferences per year.

UCForce178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

@MuddyWater Death Stranding is Kojima game. Even everyone including Shawn Layden never understand that game. It’s mysterious game and it’s Kojima charm really. Spider-Man is coming out in September and the impression was very positive. Sony is heavily marketing on that game. Well, I do agree that intermission ruined the pacing the game, but Sony showed the reason why people still play PS4 because its exclusive game. I need to take a break from N4G for awhile.

pinkcrocodile75178d ago

I know exclusives for consoles is important but my fella and I sat down and looks at what each of us played this year so far and the list is surprisingconsidering we have the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X in the house.

James PS4 Pro:

StarWars BattleFront 2
Wolfenstein 2
Destiny 2
Knack 2
Detroit Become Human
Far Cry 5

Andrew (Me) Xbox

Assassins Creed Origins
Wolfenstein 2
Forza 7
Sea of Theives
Shadow of War

My point is we tend to play on average more 3rd party games that exclusives. Take State of Decay, yes, granted, a lot of you think it's a shit game. I didn't buy it for me because I don't like Zombie games and japanese games. Where James loves Zombie and Japanese games.

So it got me thinking, if we play like this, how many other do?

I don't know how many copied of God of War sold this year but we know that there are aprox 76 million ps4 owners, i'd be curious to see how many copies of God of War have sold globally. Have Sony sold 76 million + copied of the game?

I think it's be interesting to find out.

On Topic:

I think both companies were close this year, I recon maybe MS have the edge here but the view is subjective

fr0sty178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Sony announces a ton of really great looking NEW games, and dives deeper into details on already great looking games we've heard about. Even with all of the new games they showcase, there's still more in the wings waiting to be shown.

Microsoft teases HAlo 12,048,954, Forza Horizons 35 1/2, Crackdown vaporware, Gears of War 66, and announce they bought a game studio that never enjoyed much success in the past...

"Microsoft R winnar!"

bloop178d ago

What I took from the Sony conference:
In depth gameplay reveals to 3 of my most anticipated games at this moment (TLOU:2 probably my highest anticipated of all time).

What I took from the MS conference:
They pulled out their wallet and threw fat wads of cash at everyone.

JackBNimble178d ago

Everyone I talk to who watched E3 and don't come to sites like this, say the same thing. They all told me Sony killed it and were very excited with what they saw.

I actually haven't watched any coverage on E3 yet, been very busy.

fiveby9178d ago

How do you win a conference? Meaning they have a better marketing message? I'm not sure what winning it means. Do you really think buying a studio for some future unknown title will translate to sales? All the while Sony will release many games available nowhere else and still have all the 3rd party titles which MS seems to claim as their own. Frankly MS is in quite a bad situation both sales wise and future wise. People buying into a dream. It's amazing how easily fooled some consumers can be.

Prime157177d ago

Probably the shitty decisions they've been making which remind me of the XBone announcement.

As a Sony fanboy, even I see the shitty decisions they're making.

Babadook7177d ago

PlayStation showed the best games. That wins in my book.

Subzero100x177d ago

E3 isn't really about winning or losing imo. It's personally for me about if they show stuff I'm excited about and when it's releasing. Lol. That's it.

What do you expect from a internet full of degenerates?

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ArchangelMike178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I'm not so sure Sony would lose next year, it depends on a lot of factors really.

Firstly, there might be new hardware announcements - either for PSVR 2 or for the PS5; and for MS the next gen xbox (xboxtwo?). There might be a price cuts, in line with the upcoming new generation of consoles. Secondly it also depends very much the what games release this year, and what games are revealed for next year. By next E3 TLOU2,Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding might have not even released yet? Microsoft doesn't even seem to have any big name games lined up for 2019, so we can't really know.

Don't forget Nintendo either, they might surprise everyone by 2019.

Kokyu178d ago

Ps5 and possibly Psvr 2

dirkdady178d ago

I agree with the sentiment sonys pressed was formatted terribly. They clearly have the games to have "won" it but the format was disjointed. Shawn Layden needs to stop trying to experiment and get back to what's worked in the past

T2X178d ago

Exactly. You can't expect them to show everything in the pipeline all the time. If they did, people would complain about them showing things far too early. E3 isn't really about winning or losing imo. It's personally for me about if they show stuff I'm excited about and when it's releasing. Lol. That's it.

IamTylerDurden1178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I don't think Sony "lost" this year.

It's funny how people are judging the presentation style rather than the software shown. I value the company's exclusives at E3 rather than multiplatform trailers that end up being at their own press conferences anyway. We could've seen Fallout at Bethesda's conference and gotten more info, Battlefield at EA, KH3 ect.

Sony said they would focus on four heavy hitters, and they did, and they were spectacular.

Ju178d ago

Yes, the presentation was arts, but it was done quite well. And at the end, it's content that counts. And Sony focus on their own titles, it's Sony as a publisher not just platform holder. 3rd parties were there plenty from their respective studios. Sony will make a splash with the next platform. Maybe that's why people got disappointed.

rainslacker178d ago

The only real problem I had with the Sony conference was the way they structured it. If they had done that intermission after every game, then it would have been a major fail. It was teetering on that with just the first one. Other than that, the actual showing was great, but they even glossed over COD and Destiny. While that would normally be OK with me, doing that in favor of some self promotion through scripted interviews and commentary was not what most people want from an E3 conference. There's a reason that 99% of people watching stop watching at the end of a's because they don't want to hear that stuff.

I don't know what Sony was thinking. The last three years they nailed the format, and had 3 awesome conferences in a row. This conference could have been just as good, if not for the break to move over the thousand or so people they were trying to make an experience for. The problem is though, that they broke the experience for the millions watching live.

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zodiac909178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

@UCForce ugh you sound like one of those tools who still get an erection from the thought of a "console war", existence.

UCForce178d ago

True. But I know the truth is that you can’t win all the times. Sometimes you have to lose and let others win.

GottaBjimmyb178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I think this:
MS won the showmanship award.

Sony had the best games shown with gameplay and most coming very soon. (Death stranding being the most dissapointing IMO)

I am leaning towards agreeing with UCForce about next year though, MS is going to be very strong.

Markusb33178d ago

Agreed he does sound like a teenager arguing at school with the big kids and getting excited over his 2 pubes

Ju178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

How is MS better prepared for next year? Sony's release is next year. We don't yet know what will come after Ghost of Tsushima, TLoU2, ... Just because you don't show all your cards before the game starts doesn't mean you got no aces. I guess MS like the bluff. I sure believe one of those aces is another HW (iteration) and revealed early 2019.

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scofios178d ago


Time to grow up .

UCForce178d ago

Yeah, I know. But the thing is that I realize you can’t win forever. That’s how I describe my statement. Winner can not win forever.

VariantAEC175d ago


The winner can keep on winning as long as they have the right stuff.
You're suggestion that the winner should step aside... Well that's just plain unrealistic.

xfiles2099178d ago

I disagree Microsoft had a better overall show as far as mass. But I never judge these shows by every single game they show. It is called Microsoft Showcase for a reason to see what Microsoft has been working on, From what I see they are giving Xbox fans the same recipe Halo Gears Forza Repeat. You would think Xbox guys would be bored of that already. The name of the game is to sell more Consoles Microsoft did very little to convince anyone to buy a Xbox,If they did anything they convinced you to wait for the next one. All Microsoft showed me is what I can play on my PS4. Sony on the Other Hand showed you games with Gameplay and the Games looked much better than what Microsoft is offering. The Message was These are only available here on our Console Sony gives you a reason to own their console. For that reason Alone Sony wins.

yomfweeee178d ago

Doubtful Sony makes the same mistake next year after the negativity they received on this one. Plus if the PS5 is announced, that is a guaranteed victory (unless MS has hardware too).

hench07178d ago

I agree PS fanboys need to give MS some credit, they did a good job this year far better than Sony.

If you disagree you will end up with more "intermissions" next year

manabyte77178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Credit for what, more flash and pizazz? I think MS fanboys need to snap out of their trance and give kudos to Sony for showing in depth looks at the amazing looking games you can only play on Playstation.

Vandamme21178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Lol Microsoft won E3 and yet they still don’t have any big exclusive like PS4. Lol those people let Microsoft full them by showing a bunch of multiplaform games. Sony on the other hand showed 4 big exclusives. Spider-man, ghost of thushima, death stranding, and last of us 2. What did Microsoft show? Oh yeah same shit every year. Gears, Halo and Forza. Come on people...are you serious?

nowitzki2004178d ago

MS won by showing games that are also on PS4.

Aceman18178d ago

I'm sorry but this conference is about the games not some stupid ass format used.

Sony showed 4 exclusives we'll be playing later this year, and next. Each of high quality, MS had a decent showing but again they lacked the variety of new and interesting IPs, if it wasn't for the 3rd party games shown it would have been completely lackluster in my view.

Also if you watch these conferences for format instead of games you need to stop gaming altogether lol.

bluefox755178d ago

How can you look at the games shown and come to this conclusion? MS wasn't even close.

Sunny_D178d ago


You might be spending too much time on this website if you’re making up stories LOL

T2X178d ago

I wouldn't discount Sony at all. Let's see, they've pretty much trounced MS every year and now because they had a relatively slow E3 people think they "Lost" something. Sales don't lie. Sony won this Gen pretty much hands down for gaming bombshells. Next year have you seen that lineup? Imo, MS is too little too late. That's what it seems to me.

manabyte77178d ago

So seeing actual gameplay of true exclusive games for your console of choice takes a back seat to a montage of games that will be available on the other console as well?

pwnmaster3000178d ago

Dude I hope your not taking it to hard man lol. It’s only E3, in reality, Sony still has a really good line up and some of the best games coming out.

Markusb33178d ago

Based on ? Sony selling nearly 80 million units and xbox talking about a new console at e3 2018 but selling only 35 million xbox consoles this gen?

Ju178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

MS plays the inflation game...announcing new hw before the current has made a dent. Promising another iteration of the same. And people fall for it. Didn't you all just buy a new console? Oh didn't. X didn't make a dent to the bottom line. And what's even more even a year after release no block buster games at the show; still completely depending on 3rd party games. Amazing they forgot to develop Gears, Halo and Forza while they were building their new HW platform. Those games should they have announce - cooky cutter as they are - should have been playable at the conference, not "engine demos". What's MS been doing all those years?

Baza178d ago

PS4 total system sales 75 million
Xbox One total system sales 36 million

End of story.

ImGumbyDammit178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

What story? What does that have to do with E3? Why is it whenever PS fanboys are backed into a corner they start yelling console numbers (even made up wrong numbers). It is almost like liberals using trigger words, like immediately calling someone "racist" or "global-warming denier" as their only argument because they can't argue the point.

Ju178d ago

Who is backed into a corner?

gangsta_red178d ago

Watch as another member gets eaten by their own.

Welcome UCforce.

killswitch80178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

UCForce another is delusional Xbox fanboy. I am a multiplatform gamers before you label me. Xbox had a good show but they didn't show anything great that's not on PS4. With the current trend of exclusives that are not exclusives I expect crackdown 3 to be medicore. PS showed off great exclusives that can not be played on any other systems that will be 9+ games out of 10. Next year Sony will show off more Death Stranding and Ghost plus we will see the new exclusives that they have been working on. Xbox next year hey check out our subscribtion system with games you already played and exclusives that can also be played on PC that are not very good. THe only cool thing about Microsoft conference was that its first so people show off their stuff and all of it can be played on multiple systems...Won not really ….Microsoft wont be a great software system for another 2 -3 years. Yeah they showed off some acquirements but most of those I thought they owned already. Plus zero of those investments will show off anything good for a few years.

ImGumbyDammit178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

And PS4 didn't show anything new. Sure there was some gameplay (and yes Sider-Man is a day one for me) But, that is the problem with Sony the do these game announcements 3 to 4 years prior and keep bringing them to the next E3 and the after that and the one after that. Yeah, Microsoft has done this as well but, we didn't see a lot of repeat from MS this year. All the exclusives we saw at Sony''s press conference (minus Spider-Man and Days Gone) will be at E3 2019 maybe even E3 2020. If they have new unseen IP (like Yhosihda says there is and it is ready to have some exposure) E3 is the place to show it (as long as the game isn't going to be three years away). You can show Death Stranding at another conference if you want to keep your list 4 or 5 games.

Ju178d ago

Sony showed gameplay (!!!) of all their high profile games. Like hands on game play. Not trailer footage from games you have played years ago.

UCForce177d ago

Look, i’m PlayStation Loyalist and play game on PS but I have to admit that MS has won this year.

butchertroll178d ago

Yeah, UCForce. Thank you MS for showing bunch of 3rd party games. That's how you won.

Tsar4ever01178d ago

I disagree. Sony is on 'Cruise Control' to the finish line of the 8th gen. And this conference cements this. They really don't have to prove anything at this point. And plus they didn't even show all the the titles they want to announce, they're saving them for the other shows coming later. So I'll link you this article and qoute you the main point of Sony's conference from that article.

"In a way, this year’s conference is a victory lap; Sony didn’t mouth off, it didn’t take a bow, it didn’t remind us all that it controls almost the entire international console business. It just showed off its games, which are most of the reason why it’s in the position it enjoys in the first place.' ........mic drops.

IamTylerDurden1178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

So you think a company wins E3 by showing other people's games? Microsoft showed a great crop of multiplatform games, but their own showings were comparatively weak.

E3 is to show people what you have coming in the future. While it's nice to see multiplatform games like Fallout and DMC it really means very little for Microsoft in the grand scheme of things.

I just don't believe that a company wins E3 by showing other people's multiplats. I believe E3 is primarily "won" by the content of your own games, or your own exclusives. Sony's big 4 games were the class of E3, they wowed the public, and no amount of pageantry can overshadow that. TLoU, Tshushima, and Spiderman were truly awesome gameplay demos and Death Stranding was a fascinating look with gorgeos visuals. Nioh 2 was a big announcement as well. There was a From Soft VR exclusive announced and at the SE show two PS4 console exclusives were shown. But all in all TLoU and Tshushima stole the show.

OB1Biker178d ago

I've just watched people playing Spider man demos and they were so excited. That s E3.
Now if the press wants to compare the presentations for their entertainment or for their marketing strength, that's fine, and Ms was lovely even for me watching just for the multiplat... but is that E3 or... You know... The pre E3 conference?

Ashunderfire86178d ago

So Last Of Us 2, Spiderman, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima didn't wow you?

fiveby9178d ago

How did MS do better? Announcing studio acquisitions? A bunch of multiplat titles shown. Nah, MS did nothing special. They've renewed their vows with gamers? We'll believe it when we actually see it with actual games. The MS marketing hype machine is out in full force. Just smoke and mirrors though.

neutralgamer1992178d ago

Won what showed the most 3rd party games and announced the fact they finally understand they need to have studios to compete with Sony and Nintendo

They still showed most must have exclusives. The format of the presentation was wrong but overall what matters are games and they still had the best showing on that front

I am glad yall enjoyed the presentation

To gamers games matter not a promise of future games

DivineAssault 178d ago

Haha you think 2019 games from MS will be able to outdo games like Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, TLOU2? I dont think so

trooper_178d ago

Microsoft didn't do crap that was impressive or unheard of. They did better than before but that's about it.

You're giving them too much credit.

Davidgr2178d ago

Microsoft had a “better” show but most of the games they showed are coming to PS4 too. Sony did say in advance they were focusing only in 4 games. Ghost Tsushima and The Last of Us pt 2 look far more impressive than any real exclusive game MS showed..

MADGameR178d ago

80 Million+ PS4s, 39 Million X Box Ones, end thread. MS lost the race which is the most important victory.

Bathyj178d ago

Yeah Microsoft had more flash, more pizzazz. Sony's was a bit awkward and I didn't care for the round table discussion at all.

Yet what's everyone talking about now?
Last of us and Ghost or halo and Gears?
What are we all dying to play next, Spiderman or Crackdown?

Sony killed it where it matters. They always do. For all the flash there was not one game in the Microsoft conference that would make someone buy an Xbox if they didn't have one already.