Sony issues weak response to Fortnite cross-play controversy on PS4 and Switch

Sony says it’s interested in fan feedback

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lociefer126d ago

Rofl that's not even a response, that PR guy has a masters in spins

Septic126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Lol! What kind of response is that?

Starts off with saying we're always interested in what the community says then goes straight onto number of consoles sold and number of PSN players.

It's like something someone from N4G would post 😂

Good thing that the pressure is mounting. And it's coming from the PS community contrary to what people on N4G say...

Xavi4K126d ago



And BTW what people in N4G is considered a minority of Ps4 fans...most ps4 fans that are actually gamers want cross play more than anything else.

You can see how many ps4 fans asking for this in communities with more adult conversations and discuess and less fanboys conversions from either sides such as Restera....

Eonjay125d ago

And yet the only people I see communicating about this is real minority. Find some other way to legitimize the existence of Xbox besides begging Sony to acknowledge you.

Septic125d ago

^^^ That narrative is weak and tired. Look beyond N4G.

Lon3wolf125d ago

"And yet the only people I see communicating about this is real minority. Find some other way to legitimize the existence of Xbox besides begging Sony to acknowledge you."

You should visit more sites than N4G tbh.

Eonjay125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

No, your stupid crusade is uniformed, childish and downright contrived because you (should) be old enough to form reasonable thoughts - the idea that one company HAS to placate to another is ridiculous. I tried to use Find a Iphone on my Android yesterday and it blocked me. Apple is not required to support Google on mobile. But Sony has to support Xbox Live? A competing paid service? Hell no. Reality Septic. Be realistic. This is getting stupid. For the painfully slow, the easier it is to play with a friend on PSN without buying PSN, the less likely Sony is to endorse anything like this with a competing paid service. That is not how any company operates. Shit, that not how Microsoft operated. The ship said on this when Microsoft started charging to play online and brought us here.

bluefox755125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I have looked at it beyond N4G, and I don't know a single person in real life that cares. It's a non-issue outside of N4G, and you know it. I'm completely indifferent, but there's no need to be dishonest and pretend like there's this massive push for crossplay, lmao.

Kribwalker125d ago


and you still are failing to see what this is about. It is nothing to do about cross play, and every thing to do with Sony Trying to lock an epic account to their systems. To hold people hostage. Who cares about cross play or cross progression. They are holding you hostage for trying the game on one system.

Hell even BBCnews is reporting on this now. I said it before E3, and no one wanted to believe me, this fortnite stuff was gonna be big. Well, here you go

Septic125d ago


Disappointing that you have adopted the role of a corporate shill.

"No, your stupid crusade is uniformed, childish and downright contrived because you (should) be old enough to form reasonable thoughts"

You're the one shamelessly bending over backwards to accommodate a corporation taking away features from its end users (YOU).

You dont even know what the issue is do you? Why is Sony holding people's (including mine) EPIC account to ransom?

"I tried to use Find a Iphone on my Android yesterday and it blocked me. Apple is not required to support Google on mobile. "

Funny you say this because Sony and Apple's attitude to all things like this seem remarkably similar.

And this comment of yours really exposes you:

"Find some other way to legitimize the existence of Xbox"

You cannot detach yourself from the corporation you're so quick to prostrate to and defend.

Its all over the news and yet the same uninformed corporate shills spout that 'PS gamers dont care':

MuddyWaters125d ago

Eonjay is a prime example of why Sony does get away with it. They have some very vocal fans who will defend Sony no matter what the policy is. See how he's so embedded in making this about Microsoft? This new controversy has to do with Switch getting Fornite and anyone who thinks of trying to play Fortnite on that system is screwed if their Epic Fortnite account has even been linked to PlayStation Network.

Sony is being very disingenuous here, they are not even addressing the situation. This isn't about crossplay, it's about Sony somehow blocking you from untethering your account so you can play Fortnite on another platform. Now ask yourself, why would anyone try and defend this?

Prince_TFK125d ago


Except that there are massive push for crossplay, especially from devs themselves. Like the others had said, try visiting some other sites sometimes.

ZaWarudo125d ago

I didn't know PlayStation PR guys were basically N4G users ROFL.

GTgamer125d ago

I don't even think yall Xbox fans care you guys just want something to talk about to paint Sony in the negative light because yall didn't go this hard for cross play when Ms denied Sony last Gen butttttt I digress or is it really lonely over there.

Eonjay125d ago


Sony doesn't have the ability to do that. Epic has to agree to do it for whatever reason they are doing it for. Sony doesn't own Epic. Therefore they are not responsible for responding to complaints about Epics accounts.


The idea that you arguing on behalf of PlayStation gamers is a joke. I am actually pro consumer but giving Xbox the pleasure of playing with PlayStation gamers without expressly paying to do so as I have is not going to happen for the reasons I listed. The answer to you woes is not that Sony should give you free access to its paid content via a competitors paid/upaid content.

Take away the fan bull for a second and look at this a company that is making money by selling a product that it will not make if it allows anyone on (something that it is not intrinsically required to do). Perhaps you think that Sony should be handling Xbox Support as well. We could call it 'cross support'.

You just aren't a good debater because your your arguments are always too broad and lack any real critical thinking. And my comment about Xbox legitimization had nothing to do with my real argument. That was just me making fun of the Xbox community because Microsoft is the origin of this whole fake conflict if you want to really talk about money. Pure and simple.

shinoff2183125d ago

Sounds like something ms would say. Omg 7 billion hours played aaaahhhhhhhh

RauLeCreuset125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


I don't care. Many PS4 users don't care. I would guess most of them don't. But to the extent any significant portion of them do care, it's as self correcting a problem as MS suddenly supporting cross-play now that they're way behind. You should fear the day Sony fully embraces it. You'll be forced to drop your latest favorite reason to bash Playstation in the same pile where you left your concern for exclusives.

Septic125d ago


That is what you call a response and then you say I'm not a good debater? Waste of time...


"I don't care. Many PS4 users don't care. I would guess most of them don't."

Why lie? When the BBC is reporting it, social media is going mad about it, forums are filled with complaints, and this is the clincher, Sony's SHARES have gone down as a result of the issue, you still want to pretend that 'most don't' care about the issue? Deaf. Dumb. Blind.

"You should fear the day Sony fully embraces it. You'll be forced to drop your latest favorite reason to bash Playstation in the same pile where you left your concern for exclusives."

LOL! I actually want this to happen because it would make a massive difference to me. I have friends who play on all different platforms. One day, being able to play together irrespective of platform, that would be a game changer.

gangsta_red125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


The best part about all of this is any "concern" about loot boxes, GaaS, DLC or microtransactions are now all moot and thier card for complaining about these things have been all officially revoked.

Because it's obvious as a flea on a dog's tip that most of these guys here will defend anything as long as it's attached to their fave company's box.

Eonjay125d ago


Sony isn't going to budge on this issue because they make money off of Plus. It is that simple. Everything else is irrelevant. This is a corporation. There base becomes a marketable resource for obtaining new business from people looking to play other online. Giving that to anyone would remove or reduce a reason for purchasing a PS4 and Plus. They aren't going to throw away that advantage and it is unreasonable to expect them to do so as no other company would. For other competing consoles, it is advantageous for them that Sony opens up its network to attract consumers away from Sony. Sony doesn't have to do this. Its not about feelings. Its about business. Its about money. Take the emotion out of it and really think. We aren't going to get anywhere if we just trade insults. No one is even discussing the real crux of the problem here. Its paid online multiplayer which has devolved into these dumb articles.

What really happened is that Fortnite is making Sony and Microsoft a lot of money. The player base is increasing and world of mouth is the catalyst here. Sony wants to lock in PSN subscription from friends who get on board from this word of mouth. On consoles, most of this world of mouth has to come from PS4 because of math. For Microsoft, crossplay would allow them to advertise Xbox as a potential option that you could get without missing your friends.

From a business prospective, both viewpoints are equally valid. Think about the business side of things doesn't make you a corporate shill. It keeps you honest and opens your eyes to how all side view the situation. There is no one viewpoint here. There is no wrong viewpoint here.

If you fail to acknowledge this you are wasting your own time being unrealistic.

Eonjay125d ago


I read a little more about the account locking and I see why someone would have an issue with that. All Epic need to do is make it so that you can unlink your account from PSN if you want to take it somewhere else. I fail to see what the problem is here. Am I missing something?

ziggurcat125d ago

"Lol! What kind of response is that?"

The same kind of response as this:

"I checked with Microsoft to be sure Rodberg wasn't maybe just mis-hearing them. Maybe Microsoft wanted to break the barrier too? Here's a Microsoft spokesperson saying 'no,' while promoting how awesome the Xbox 360's online service is: 'Xbox Live delivers the best entertainment experience unmatched by anyone else, with 35 million actively engaged members. We have a high level of expectation for our game developers to ensure that all Live experiences remain top notch. Because we can't guarantee this level of quality, or control the player experience on other consoles or gaming networks, we currently do not open our network to games that allow this cross-over capability.'"

Standard PR stuff.

Septic125d ago


LOL how is that response anything like the one Sony has provided? Sony didn't even answer the question!

That statement from MS actually makes sense because it answers the question, PSN was shit, PSN was subject to the biggest hacking scandal in history at the time and didnt even come close to Live. SO when Xbox said:

"We have a high level of expectation for our game developers to ensure that all Live experiences remain top notch"

they are spot on.

And love the deflection. EVEN IF we argue that MS were completely wrong to stop it then, what bearing does that have on it now? When crossplay is more prevalent than EVER before, when more and more platforms are joining together, and where Sony is the SOLE outlier in the situation with Fortnite where its locking off content bought on PC and Switch.

You have repeatedly blamed some made up excuse in your head that this is Microsoft's doing. You keep reporting these articles to try and protect Sony.

Now where's your answer for what is happening to Switch owners? How are you going to blame Xbox now?

PapaBop125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It is spin at it's worst but he/they have a point..why should Sony open the doors and give Nintendo access to all those users that they've spent over a decade nurturing since PSN's arrival while Nintendo were out there chasing an entirely different market? The whole not being able to access your Fortnite account on other consoles if you have it linked to your PSN is bad and that needs to change but Sony aren't going to budge on crossplay when they blatantly bolster vastly superior numbers in terms of online population.

ziggurcat125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

"LOL how is that response anything like the one Sony has provided?"

If you can't see the similarities, I don't know what to tell you. You asked what kind of response it was, and I cited a near identical response from MS when they were asked about cross-platform play between PS3/X360.

"You have repeatedly blamed some made up excuse in your head that this is Microsoft's doing."

Hmmm... no I haven't. You're confusing asking the question as to why Sony would be saying no citing that it's not outside of the realm of possibility that it's a MS policy that Sony isn't agreeing with (I've even stated that the policy could even be completely reasonable, and Sony's possibly just being stubborn about it, but you continue to ignore that), I'm not blaming MS for anything.

"You keep reporting these articles to try and protect Sony."

No. Several articles have been failed for beating the dead horse. This discussion is no different since there's nothing new anyone can add to the conversation, and all these things do is fuel flame wars.

"Now where's your answer for what is happening to Switch owners?"

Ask Epic. It's their account system.

Sunny_D125d ago


As a Playstation fan, it's actually unacceptable that Sony wants to hold an entire account hostage. That isn't something that should be applauded. The last thing we want Sony to do is be arrogant again like the early PS3 days. You let this pass with this, and they will come up with some other BS.

RauLeCreuset125d ago


Can you establish that Sony shares are down because of Fortnight? Again, it's a self correcting issue. If enough PS4 gamers care for cross-play, Sony will simply change their position on it, the same as circumstances made MS change theirs.

"I actually want this to happen because it would make a massive difference to me."

Really? Then maybe you'll actually deliver this time when I ask you to show evidence you were pushing cross-play this much before MS made it an issue. I'll wait.

RabbitFly125d ago

That logic applies to all places though. No matter how many points of reference you find on internett forums you will still only be feeling the pulse of the vocal minority.

The majority of the playerbases on all consoles, don't even frequent gaming news sites and forums. They just play games.

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Rude-ro125d ago

Yeah.. I was looking up how to transfer my Mario kart save files from the wiiu to my switch... it does not support that.
What is up with these companies!!!
I can not do it with my ea accounts, activision, Ubisoft, remasters on any console...
Just trash.
I hope this issue changes all of that!
Damn you Sony!!!!


MuddyWaters125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

You're missing one key element, this is a free to play game. One of the most popular games right now and one that is prefect for playing on pretty much any device. This is not like trying to jam your N64 cartridge into a bluray drive on your PS4. The value is in your character and your progression with your Epic account and Sony thinks they own it.

Also maybe when Nintendo gets their online service up you will be able to do transfer save files.

The 10th Rider125d ago

But you CAN use your Fortnite account on PC and mobile if you've logged on using your PS4. You can also use it between PC/Switch/Xbox/Mobile as long as you haven't used it on PS4.

So literally it's a feature that's already in place, but Sony is blocking people from using their account on Xbox/Switch if it's been used on PS4. Hell, even if you unlink your account from PS4 you can't use it on Switch/Xbox. How is that even remotely similar to not being able to transfer saves across to a remaster?

Rude-ro125d ago

Nah.. I think you missed the point.
It is not about copies of games, it about player saves and information.
The “outcry” is literally a pr attack on Sony. That is it,
Yes, in theory, the idea would be awesome and is awesome...
But the fact that this has existed since gaming started... the amount of backlash and attacking is way overblown and on purpose.
There is a far larger list of cloud based accounts protected from their own developers that do not cross share a players save information over this one game that has opened the door to it.
Name one other Microsoft game that allows me to access my progression on a competitors hardware?
Even Nintendo will not do it.
Remember when cod came to the wiiu? Where is the outcry for not allowing said scenarios? Or Raymond, or any other game...
That’s great, let’s move forward, but this negative attack over the FIRST situation is beyond a pr stunt to attack, that is it.

pinkcrocodile75125d ago

@rudero - MuddyWaters is right and you are 180 degrees wrong.

Actually listen the the issue and then try and tell all of the ps4 owner they are wrong.

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Aceman18125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Oh god Sony I know it's your business, and you have more than enough rights to run it that way, but please give these whiny a$$ entitled gamers what they want even though its probably less than 5% b**ching about.

Again though Sony you are well within your rights to tell MS no go f**k yourself like MS did to you last gen when you asked about.

Also let's not try to paint M$ as some good guys here when you friggin fanboys were willing and able to take it straight up the a$$ with all the anti-consumer s**t they wanted to implement at the start of this generation. Just remember everything they've done since was not for any gamers benefit, it was because NO ONE was buying their console with all that sh*t in it.

gangsta_red125d ago

Great comment, except...this isn't about MS.

The title... literally says PS4 and Switch.

And Sony never asked MS for crossplay last gen. You guys are extremely funny whenever you pretend this happened.

IRetrouk125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Yes they did gangsta, what next, you gonna deny that the rrod happened too?😂😂

gangsta_red125d ago


Send me a link where Sony asked MS for crossplay then.

I have my emojis all ready for when you reply with the link(s).

IRetrouk125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Here gangsta, i like to back up what i say, article with quotes from ms themselves, knock yourself out

Sounds alot like what sony said in response to crossplay dont it😂😂

gangsta_red125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

So is Trion World's apart of Sony? Reading this article, where is it that Sony asked MS for crossplay? Like you and Aceman said they did?

Because I am absolutely, positively, 💯% sure I asked to see where SONY ASKED MS for crossplay.

😂 Emoji!!!!

I love that you guys say Sony asked MS, and then this is the article you always refer to and there's absolutely no sign of Sony asking MS. Happens every single time! It definitely takes a special type of....special, fo sho.

How confident where you when you had that link ready to go?

IRetrouk125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

see below

IRetrouk125d ago

Wow and this folks is how you spin, i gave you a direct quote from a direct source at ms saying crossplay wont happen, the fact that its not sony asking is of little importance and we both know there are more articles with other ms employees saying the same thing when asked by the media, just like how sony has said no so far, how are we going to know what conversations happened between companies?? The proof that ms said no is there, isnt even hard to look, i just linked the first article i seen that mentioned it, the goalposts wont be moving today gangsta, anything else?

Septic125d ago


Lol let me get this straight.

Gangsta said:

"And Sony never asked MS for crossplay last gen. "

You said: "Yes they did gangsta"

Then you send a link that has NOTHING in it where Sony asked Microsoft. Nothing whatsoever.

So who is spinning what??

It's simple. When did SONY ASK MS to do crossplay? It's not a trick question. It's very simple.

IRetrouk125d ago

Is gansta one of your alts septic? I really cant remember as you have a few, but for discusions sake ok, we have no quotes of sony asking ms directly that is true, not that we would as companies generally dont release that type of info, what we do have though is articles with ms employees openly saying ms wont allow cross-play, and there are articles where sony have said they were open to the idea, either way ms still said no, and thats the point isnt it?

gangsta_red125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

"we have no quotes of sony asking ms directly that is true,"

"the fact that its not sony asking is of little importance"

"we have no quotes of sony asking ms directly that is true,"

"the fact that its not sony asking is of little importance"

"we have no quotes of sony asking ms directly that is true,"

"the fact that its not sony asking is of little importance"

"we have no quotes of sony asking ms directly that is true,"

Classic...can't be stressed enough folks.

Retro...where is the link where Sony asked MS for crossplay, like you and Aceman said? The point is Sony never wanted crossplay with MS from the beginning, why you and others keep thinking Sony wanted it and then always bring up the same article that never mentions Sony asking MS at all is what slays me.

No one is arguing that MS denied cross play LAST GEN, what we're asking is when did Sony ask MS like you guys keep pretending they did.

Good try though.

How come I'm Septic's alt, has it occurred to anyone that maybe HE is MY alt?

Septic125d ago


"we have no quotes of sony asking ms directly that is true"

Well then what on earth do you think Gangsta was saying when he said the same thing??

There's a big difference here. Microsoft sent an open invite and invited all platforms to it's network.

When people keep repeatedly and erroneously say "Sony asked a Microsoft" that's wrong or disingenuous.

And no he's not my alt lol.

CyberSentinel125d ago

The fact that Sony didn’t beg, and M$ is begging, makes them look even more desperate to me.

Does anybody who plays on PlayStation even care about Xbox?

Being in last place means you don’t call the shots.

RVCOS125d ago

Neither is a saint, M$ or $ony, they are both in a position to make money...weird how capitalism works LOL. Seriously, $ony is not going to shoot themselves in the foot by enabling crossplay, but it shoes they are not listening to gamers. Given the fact that was a big piece of them winning this generation. Gamers will not forget next go around if M$ can finally step up their 1st party..

outsider1624125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

"but please give these whiny a$$ entitled gamers what they want even though its probably less than 5% b**ching about"
I know you're being sarcastic, but boy do i agree with you there. Right now i actually want Sony to listen to these "Real Gamers". Tired of listening and seeing in every article, whining.
Hey Sony, just do it.

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Xavi4K126d ago

Sony is blocking people accounts For the players😂

dirkdady125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Honestly Sony won't do anything because most PS4 players don't care. A few games journos making a ruckus won't do anything

Heck cross play with other platforms dropped off the most requested features list twice already (lookup PS4 most requested features) because PS4 owners just don't care. How do u expect Sony to care when most of their 80million owners don't

Septic125d ago

"Honestly Sony won't do anything because most PS4 players don't care. A few games journos making a ruckus won't do anything "

Oh really? Then please explain this:

***Sony shares slide amid gamer backlash over 'Fortnite' PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch issue***

MuddyWaters125d ago

This could become a pretty big issue and Sony ignoring it is doing them no favors. Fortnite is the hottest game right now and mix that with the hype over Switch and it getting the game and it could spell a black mark on Sony's clean record so far. Sony is looking like the bad guy and they don't want that. Greg Miller Tweeted about it. Jeff from Giant Bomb talked about it on his show. This is gaining more traction than the crossplay stuff before.

You now have CNBC News covering the story, (Sony shares also fell 2 percent and that may very well be the tipping point if they start to lose money over this)

Sky News is also covering this,

Plus the BBC,

It's really the only way they will change, from public pressure. Ask yourselves, what's the downside?

125d ago
AirJohnston125d ago

Literally every reply to all their tweets for the past day have been about this. Obviously you’re not gonna care if you don’t have anything else to play it on, but for those of us who may want to be able to play it on our Switch, obviously we care

dirkdady125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@septic, @muddywaters, lol get out of here nobody's going to take you seriously.

I would argue the vast majority of PS4 owners don't have anything else to play fortnite on so it's really going to be difficult to get traction on this I think tbh.

TheEroica124d ago

I care... I game on ps4 and switch... Sony again with their proprietary approach to life is the kid at the party who didn't put his deodorant on... Now we all suffer. Incompetence at its finest.

Tell you what too, any so called gamer who thinks Sony is in the right with all this is a fanboy of unimaginable degree

trooper_124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Oh God, this fake outrage, LOL.

I'm literally in tears here. Let me know when every TV news outlet start reporting how unfair this is and Sony's the devil.

This made my morning.

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125d ago Replies(1)
Doge125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Lmao what part of that reply was even related to the accounts being locked out from being played on the Switch?

Get outta here LOL.

DJK1NG_Gaming125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

They literary took the chance to brag about their PS4 sale success and PSN number.
News Outlets also catching on it.

Silly gameAr125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Maybe Sony bought up their sales to prove that they have a healty community and don't feel the need to help the other consoles boost their numbers. Same people in these articles barking loud as usual. Seems like you guys are in it more for the controversy and negativity. Actually, it's pretty obvious that most of you guys are getting off on the thought of making Sony look bad. The pettiness. Smh.
When Sony does do this, they'll probably do it on their own time and when they're ready. I doubt they'll be strong armed by attention seeking media and fanboys of other consoles looking to get their rocks off.

fiveby9125d ago

This is just XBox fans trying to pile on to something which means nothing to PS4. They think it differentiates their choice in console for the better. If MS truly had an install and user base as large as Sony's they would not be promoting any such notions.

DJK1NG_Gaming125d ago

You don't know that.
Yall just making excuses for Sony only because they are on top and if Microsoft was they would be the same.

MuddyWaters125d ago

"Same people in these articles barking loud as usual"

You mean the same people trying to keep the heat off of Sony for whatever strange reason. What's the downside for Sony to change it's policy? That's right, you don't have an answer, you just want to attack those that talk about it.

Greg Miller is a huge Sony fan, he's talking about it

Jeff Gertsmann from Giant Bomb had a live interview and talks about it

CNBC News is covering it

BBC News is covering it

Sky News is covering it and also mentions Sony's shares fell 2%

KwietStorm125d ago

And there goes another one going to bat for PlayStation. I don't get it. I can't comprehend the thought process of you guys. Microsoft would get DESTROYED on here for that statement. In fact, it sounded like a Microsoft response. Hell..Microsoft's own audience berated them enough to kill what they tried to sell us at the beginning of the generation. Yet here we are with apologists for anything our Lord and savior PlayStation dictates. This is good for gaming and the console ecosystem going forward, but you don't care about that. It's just do as PlayStation says.

Silly gameAr125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


Yeah, its petty as hell honestly. And they're trying to act like they're legit outraged about this. That's the funny thing. They must take drama classes.

@muddy waters

And Nintendos stock fell 7 percent. What does that have to do with anything? Sorry. I'm unphased by your outrage because I know its bs like anyone else that has common sense. Disagree away.

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