Phil Spencer: The Next Xbox Might Offer Higher Frame Rates And A Balance Between CPU & GPU

Phil Spencer announced his plans for the next Xbox console at Microsoft's E3 press conference this year. The Xbox boss wanted people to know that he loves the track record of Microsoft's hardware team.

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Kiwi66222d ago

So what happened to the theory that they weren't going to be making another xbox console, oh that's right it was just something thought up by some people

AngelicIceDiamond222d ago

The same ones who claimed Phil was all talk and will never change its first party problems.

PiNkFaIrYbOi222d ago

He still hasn't changed their first party problems, really. Yes they got new studios but that will only help out if they come out with good games consistently.

And they give them creative freedom to make the sort of games that the devs want and not what Microsoft wants really.

I hope that them getting the new studios will help them out make some good games, especially single player games as they need that but not too sure it is going to happen really. As they are making their move towards gaas very clear that they might even be going towards paas instead.

AngelicIceDiamond222d ago

All your concerns MS address at the conference, like literally.

Sunny_D222d ago

I mean it’s 2018. He WAS all talk until 5 years later when the gen has pretty much ended....

fiveby9222d ago

MS hasn't changed it's first party problems. How have they changed anything? Did they release games? Their track record is one not to be envied. XBox fans sure get excited over promises.

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Kokyu222d ago

Go back and watch E3 again and this time dont cherry pick one part of the statement and read the whole statement. They are moving all digital and all of you are assuming Phil wont get replaced or have his teams or ideas shut down.

Kiwi66222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

I'm not talking about what he said though as I'm referring to those people on here who say that they are pulling out of the console space because they are losing to sony and that the Xbox One X was their last console, but seeing as you brought it up, he did say that they are going to make several versions of the next xbox consoles to release around 2020 and they will be BC compatible with other gen xboxes which would imply that one version would play physical copies

ImGumbyDammit222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Except Nadella likes him. Has placed gaming as one of pillars of Microsofts' future. Satya just promoted Phil to VP, moved his division out of Windows, fired the Windows boss that was blocking Xbox at every turn, placed Phil in the inner circle that determines future direction. I doubt Phil is going anywhere unless Phils want to go there.

And no they are not moving all digital. That statement is an example of why Phil had to come and reassure those worried about future Xboxes. Because people like you made similar broad statements continuously (like your digital comment) that the Xbox was dead. Microsoft was never making another,, etc... Their plans for the future are really no different than Sony's now. Both are working for a new console, both are working on improving (PSNow) or releasing a streaming service their own (Microsoft). Neither is going all digital for a very long time.

"assuming Phil won't get replaced or have his teams or ideas shut down. " I guess we can say the same thing about Kodera or any team at Sony. I would think with the failing of his baby of the all-digital service PSNow he is more likely to be let go than anything Phil has done to warrant it. But neither is going anywhere.

leeeroythe3rd222d ago

Every platform is moving all digital even Nintendo. Only a fool would believe that cartridge and disk will survive when 5g and fiber at all homes arrives. Steam started this migration and everyone will follow

dumahim222d ago

He said consoles, plural, so I'm guessing they'll have a base streaming box and then a normal console as well.

gangsta_red222d ago


Those people are quickly trying to come up with something else because the goal posts they have are constantly moving from one end of the field to the other.

j15reed222d ago

Exactly I guess they missed those exclusives coming next year, in which Sony doesn't have release dates for anything next year but I'm sure something will come out maybe.

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Richard92222d ago

We want just Nextgen Xbox [email protected]
We don't want graphics

Kokyu222d ago

Speak for yourself I dont really care what the frame rate is I want more detailed world that are highly visual not every plays just FPS.

CrimsonWing69222d ago

Hey Phil, how about some exclusives and a library that actually stacks up against the competition?

Team_Litt222d ago

You missed the 4 acquisitions and 1 new studio for just that? It was only 4 days ago. Do you have ADHD?

222d ago
twiggytree12222d ago

You lack the brain capacity to realize they haven't created games yet? Those studios make the future look brighter but they don't do much for the current situation.

UCForce222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

MS acquired 4 studios and new one as well. But they haven’t create any games yet. MS is now focusing on the future, not with current Xbox One which having rough time.

Liqu1d222d ago

When are those studios going to release games? Will they be good? Will they be new IPs?

arkard222d ago

Oh you can play studios?

gangsta_red222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Well since the studios were just bought and a couple just formed not long ago I'm guessing these highly rated exclusives will be releasing tomorrow.

Don't quote me on that though. I heard that if you keep asking where they are, they usually come a lot quicker.

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gangsta_red222d ago

Positive he addressed that at E3.

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