Nintendo on Whether Smash Bros. Ultimate is Just an update of Wii U title

The full reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Tuesday brought with it some questions. Among them, observers wondered if it was ultimately an enhanced Wii U update with an expanded roster and some new characters. Nintendo's response? Definitely not.

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mikeslemonade151d ago

It’s as new as a madden, nba 2k, cod and bf game. I thought it was a port until they told me.

Gemmol151d ago

2k a new experience every year, plays get better, defending gets better for example people can abuse pick and roll in 2k17, but in 2k18 the computer much smarter of trapping the player like they do on tv.....stuff like this make the game more 2k have more than one mode which each can bring over 100 hours, if i was them i would sell it for 30 dollars a piece.........regular season mode that we all use to pay 60 for in the past in the 90s and 2000s, newer modes like story mode rise from nothing to something, franchise mode where you a owner you pick price of items to sell in your stadium, you do trades and everything a owner have control over, even move your team to another state while trying to build a championship team thru negotiations with top players and drafting from college.........and other stuff added

Nba 2k have more things to do than any first party single player game for ps4........i don't know about other games but 2k deserve more respect