Naughty Dog: Ellie is the Only Playable Character in The Last of Us Part II

Is this true, or yet another misdirection from the developer?

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AspiringProGenji838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

They said the same thing about The first and then surprise!!! You played as Ellie, and it was one of the best part of the game

SuperSonic91838d ago

Sometimes devs gotta lie to benefit the gamers.

naruga838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Neil Druckmann must get out from ND ...he is transorming the game according to his idiotic views..No Joel ,little importance to Infected and generally less scinece fiction ...Fk i dont want a game to be a social outcry .......i want a damn well polished survival horror based on scinece fiction like its predeccesor

Gazondaily838d ago

Nah Joel will be in there for sure.

Genuine-User837d ago


Bahahaha. Joke post right?

Kokyu837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

Nevermind hater gonna hate.

princejb134837d ago

what does it matter if you play as ellie or joel. Gameplay still stays the same

DialgaMarine837d ago

@Naruga Where are you getting info that there’s little emphasis on infected? Yesterday, they stated that there will be new classes of infected. Or are you just saying that because of the gameplay reveal? You do realize them at the first gameplay reveal for TLoU only had human enemies shown as well? The infected weren’t revealed in official gameplay until several months later, and yet they still had a vital role. Unless you can share a link, stop trying to spread false info.

UltraNova837d ago

As much as I love ND I have to admit I don't like this and I hope its not true. Joel is an integral part of this IP and I would be greatly disappointed if they cut him out in favor of some social bullshit.

UCForce837d ago

@naruga There is still infected creatures in The Last of Us. But it’s never the TLOU main focus. It is about humanity sanity and lost someone who you love the most. Human is the Last of Us main enemy. Who is the real monster in The Last of Us ? Infected or human?

moralsup837d ago

naruga boy here really doesnt like Neil Druckmann

ABizzel1837d ago

Honestly it wouldn’t bother me. Joel was a good character, but sometimes the best moments in fiction is when a characters story comes to an end. If here’s there fine, if he dies sad, but still fine.

Joel is no longer integral to the story of the Last of Us outside of simply being in Ellie’s life. He made his choice to save her and as a result his story is no longer relevant to how society moves on.

On top of that it’s 5 - 10 years later and Joel was already getting old in the first game.

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-Foxtrot838d ago

Hopefully they are lying because I really want them to do a half and half scenario

You can’t just get rid of Joel like that.

Spurg838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

He's dead.... what's so hard to understand

UltraNova837d ago


Whats hard to understand is how you reached that conclusion without a single shread of confirmation from ND...

morganfell837d ago

"He's dead.... what's so hard to understand"

More trolling. And bad trolling.

"Your old man really laid into me today.

What happened?

Another big lecture about my patrols. Don't go here, don't go there. Its funny how involved he gets when you are scheduled to go out."

Shiken837d ago

I am with you Foxtrot. I will be seriously disappointed if the entire game is just Ellie, and even more let down if Joel is just not involved.

And no Spurg, Joel was in the reveal and referenced in what was shown at E3 this year. What is so hard to understand about that?

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OB1Biker837d ago

In the PGW I really had the feeling you would play as the hammer girl.

GottaBjimmyb837d ago

Um, she is the main character of this entry of the series, why wouldn't she be the only playable character?

Brazz837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

Hands down one of the best parts.

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The_Sage837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

... Accidental post.

SarcasticDuck837d ago

difference is, in the first one it was understandable because Ellie is a kid and there was no love for TLoU. Now there will be an outrage for not being able to play with Joel because we're big fans of the first game.

thornh837d ago

God of War. Surprises are fun.

DennyBud837d ago

Yeah, I'm of the mind Joel will remain playable. He took a lot of damage in the first game, imagine if they had a new spin on gameplay for him solely. Maybe sick or crippled Joel? Can't walk properly, in a wheelchair? Just an idea!

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2pacalypsenow838d ago

So I guess that mean that Joel is dead...

Nitrowolf2838d ago

Pretty sure they’ve confirmed plenty (reveal trailer and recently) that Joel alive, he’s just somewhere out there

doggo84837d ago

ND already confirmed Ellie's "Old man" is Joel.

chrisx838d ago

we'll be playing as Joel eventually. ND can't spill out everything right now

DivineAssault 838d ago

I liked the different combat styles of Ellie & Joel both! I hope its not only her but ill still play the hell out of it