Square Enix E3 2018 press conference - The content was good, but everything wasn’t on point

"Square Enix E3 press conference wasn’t the strongest presentation out of the ones that's been shown to us this year, but it was at least a decent press conference." - Justin Easler, TGG.

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InKnight7s128d ago

Annoucing KH3 at MS ruined it + Tomb Raider was most boring game ever streamed + no FFXV news + no FFVIIR infromation or news + no real Dissidia game + not a word about FFVI and VIII on PS4 or atleast a new World of FF + Nothing about old RPGs classics remakes or ports.

blackblades128d ago

Lol that's alot of final fantasy your talking about. I barely remember what they even shown tbh.

TGG_overlord128d ago

In my case, I was just waiting for them to show "Final Fantasy 7 Remake", but no...

TGG_overlord128d ago

I can't blame you...Did you watch the comment section while watching? A lot of people were both upset and let down.

TGG_overlord128d ago

Correct, and the part about old RPG classics remakes or ports (the lack of it), that's what killed it for me.

TheSplooge128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Sounds like Sony's E3. 4 boring singleplayer games and a bunch of bs intermissions 😅

TGG_overlord128d ago

Pretty much...There just wasn't all that much entertainment and stage magic imo.