Fallout 76's DLC Will Be Free: Bethesda Will Fund it With Cosmetic Micro-Transactions

In the "Making of Fallout 76" documentary, it was revealed that Bethesda plans to make all of Fallout 76's DLC free by funding it via micro-transactions.

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TheDarkArtisan223d ago

Bethesda introduced The Creation Club, which charges fairly high prices for unique in game items in both Skyrim and Fallout 4. Perhaps this will be utilised in Fallout 76.

moomoo319223d ago

Pretty good trade off imo

Cmv38222d ago

People disagree, but I don't. It's cosmetic stuff. As long as the prices are reasonable, I see nothing wrong. It's first person, I can't even see my cosmetic stuff lol.

FullmetalRoyale222d ago

Yep. They also said purchasable items can all be earned in game. Definitely a good trade off for long term support and dlc.

moomoo319222d ago

Yeah i dont see how free DLC is bad news, youll get it even if u never buy a cosmetic item lol

chris235223d ago

truth is, they are cashgrabbing and lying about their intentions. to make dlc profitable, a studio has to develop it right away, cut it out of the game and then charge extra for it.

i am not interested in their happy blueskies pseudo apocalyptic franchise anyway. but their audacity is pushig me away additionally.

Psychotica222d ago

They don't have to make it right away or cut it out. All they need to do is put the hooks in place to add it later. Same principle as a browser plug-in.

gigoran223d ago

And yet

the moronic majority will still complain

fonduktoe223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Yeah see comment above yours. Whiners...

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