Are PlayStation Fans Divided Over Sony's E3 Conference?

During this generation gamers have been a custom to Sony's stellar conferences. Since, 2013 PlayStation has hit the ground running on first party games, and their show stopping E3 conferences. With a stellar line up of games and gameplay from The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Spiderman, Resident Evil 2 Remastered, Kingdom Hearts 3, and so much more. Why, did PlayStation fans walk away so Divided? On this episode of The Trophy Room, hosts Joseph and Kyle bring their best PlayStation friends who were at the show, to sit down and talk about what made this conference so special, and what dragged this conference down and answer one important question. Who had the better show, Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?

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Elda126d ago

If folks did their homework they would have known that Sony stated before their E3 showcase that they weren't doing a all blown out traditional conference. I loved what they shown & I didn't expect anything more or less.

MuddyWaters126d ago

Did Shawn also mention they would have a 15 minute intermission about 20 minutes in? Did Shawn also mention he would talk a little bit then mysteriously just leave and the show ends? Did Shawn also mention there would be more teases for Death Stranding and that he's not really going to go in depth with each game like he said they would?

Yes fans are divided because some of you will give the nod to Sony no matter what their conference is like.

Elda126d ago

Most PS4 fans gave 2 fks about those trivial issues,what they brought was the most important thing & was an amazing showcase/gameplay of their exclusive games.

NeoGamer232126d ago

Be divided all fans want. Last of Us II was simply amazing.

nucky64126d ago

here's the REAL question: who had the better GAMES?

DivineAssault 126d ago

Who had gameplay? Gameplay seems to be unnecessary to some people. Scripted trailers & promises are working just fine to them

nucky64126d ago

agreed - i was going to add gameplay - but anyone who watched sonys show saw games with gameplay. but yea, those non-gameplay vids can't compete with real gameplay trailers.

WelkinCole126d ago

The near the end of the gen. There was literally zero chance of Sony announcing any new AAA games consering that

1. Any new AAA games announce now would most likely come out in 2021 which by then the PS5 would be out
2. Sony already have a crapload AAA games still coming out well into 2019.

I was just glad that I finally saw gameplay for the big games they have.

Palitera126d ago

Do a quick fact check on this bizarre theory and you'll see that only 6 months before the PS4 release date (November 2013) we had TLOU, God of War Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls and, even after it, Gran Turismo 6.

Enjoy denial and make up fake statements as much as you want, but this is not the reason for the lack of announcements.

DivineAssault 126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

We did but TLOU wasnt announced 6 months before PS4.. It just released at that time. One of these games might end up the same way. Honestly it doesnt matter. We have some amazing exclusive IPs coming our way before next gen. Dreams, Days Gone, Spider man, etc. PS4 had a great run so a send off with these is all good

Palitera126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

^ Exactly. And announcements on this E3 wouldn't be "6 months before" PS5, so...

Hardiman126d ago

There's an article on here with Shu saying they have more unannounced exclusives! Sony has more shows than just E3!

DivineAssault 126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

They knocked it out of the park with their exclusives this gen and theyre not cheap to make. Its perfectly logical for them to play it cool & reveal the PS5 with those new projects. Especially with so many other good 3rd party games coming.

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