The Last of Us Part II Gets More Details on Combat, Stealth, Level Design and Much More

Naughty Dog's Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman give more details about the gameplay and design philosophy of The Last of Us Part II,

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Bathyj130d ago

"The demo we saw is very open, and it’s possible to go a completely different way. Depending on their choices in that space, players can get some emergent gameplay moments."

Septic needs to read this and learn what scripted means.

mkis007130d ago

I didn't think it would be that hard for people to understand. The segment was influenced to display as many systems that are in the game as possible . Nothing about it is going to be absent from the game, just that that sequence was aimed for for display purposes. Animations are the last thing anyone should be doubting Naughty Dogs prowess in.

morganfell130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Not sure it matters. Supposedly he is preordering the game. How else can you get it day zero. Well either he is...or he is. One of them is supposedly getting it.

Regarding the game, all of us that played the first one know this. You can go through some of the open sections 3 or 4 times and have a completely different experience each time. Everyone knows this...that played the game.

UltraNova130d ago

You know you are waisting your saliva on Septic don't you? The guy lives in Septicverse.

medman130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Merriam Webster's definition of septic

1 : of, relating to, or causing putrefaction (rotting decay)
2 : relating to, involving, caused by, or affected with sepsis septic patients (infection)
3 : used for sewage treatment and disposal a septic system; also : of or relating to a septic system septic effluents (liquid waste or sewage discharge)

I pose the question.....why would you want to deal with a septic mess? JUST WALK AWAY, and consider yourself fortunate you didn't get any of the repugnant stuff on you.

UltraNova130d ago

And that's what I call starting a....shitstorm!

BeardedDrachen130d ago

I tihnk this game will be another leap from ND that revolutionizes the industry.

Inzo130d ago

Not if you go by this trailer, the gameplay seems to be taken directly from U4.

Bathyj130d ago

Yeah I remember when that guy got hung in Uncharted and another guy cut his stomach open put both hands in his stomach and pulled his intestines out and they swung there.

Are you high now?

Bathyj130d ago

I'm thinking of Uncharted too but I'm thinking remember the leap an already amazing game made when the sequel came out and it raised the bar for the whole industry. That's the only uncharted comparison I'm drawing here.

Inzo130d ago

@ Bathyj
"Yeah I remember when that guy got hung in Uncharted and another guy cut his stomach open"

WTF are you talking about? Because I am talking about gameplay and you seem to be talking story. How the hell did you get to the conclusion that I am comparing the story? I am not the one who is high right now.

Bathyj130d ago

It's nothing like Uncharted. Not tone, not story, not gameplay. Oh yeah, 3rd person, over the shoulder, guns. I just described 30% of games today.

doggo84130d ago

Looked more like TLOU gameplay than uncharted gameplay but ok

Inzo130d ago

"It's nothing like Uncharted."

Sure, the stealth elements is nothing like Uncharted and neither is the semi-open areas or the climbing. Go and make the comparisons yourself especially the last few chapters of U4.

Gaming_1st130d ago


I'm sorry, please elaborate on what you're talking about? Cause yeah they're both 3rd person and made with the same engine from the same developer. But are totally 2 different games. TLOU2 looked like the TLOUS.

"Sure, the stealth elements is nothing like Uncharted and neither is the semi-open areas or the climbing"

So as i stated really nothing like Uncharted.....

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Krangs_Uncle130d ago

I hope they revert back to the Ellie's character model that was in the 1st teaser.. I had no question there that that was Ellie, the new model is based too much on the actress who plays her - it jars.

Joel should also be the main protagonist for Part 2, to set up to play as Ellie in 3. I still feel invested in Joel as the playable character.

I do also know to leave it to Naughty Dog, ha. Masters at their work. These are just my initial thoughts without much context.

mkis007130d ago

I feel you a bit, but the Ellie playstyle sounds like a lot of fun too.

UltraNova130d ago

At this point I had enough of Ellie. Seriously wtf happened to Joel?

purpleblau130d ago

I feel you man, I also think Ellie's face looks too grown up and too unfamiliar with what he looked like before. There is no more cuteness in that face. I still like a bit of baby fat on her face. She's only 19 not 30!. Yea, I would play Joe for at least 50% of the time. To me, Joel is the main guy all day.

Veneno130d ago

I want to see my favorite character in Tlou make an appearance. Tommy, joels brother. I want to know their story about why they became estranged and the things they did as smugglers.

UltraNova130d ago

Shhh, or face the mighty wrath of SJWs!

kranker130d ago

My god. N4G comments section is pure AIDS lol!

UltraNova130d ago

Blame it on immunosuppressant shortage.

Gaming_1st130d ago


The irony in this comment.....

Veneno130d ago

And now you have contracted it .....

pwnmaster3000130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I like it when people post this kind of stuff. They complain and still come to this site lol. I personally like the comment section, I find it hilarious and amusing. Really passionate people here.

UltraNova130d ago

Your are welcome kind sir/madam, please visit us again soon :-)

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