Nintendo Back to Being Nintendo – Third Party Woes? Nah.

Adam from GamesReviews writes, "Third party support. After a strong first year which saw the Nintendo Switch get great support from many third party developers, E3 2018 seems to be singing a very different tune for the remainder of the year, and into 2019. While many games are coming to the system – and a good amount of third party support as well – some of it is not coming soon enough, and some is not coming at all."

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JaguarEvolved179d ago

Nintendo switches hardware is too weak to handle majority of third party games. There are great compromises done to get a few third party games to run on the switch and they often times have performance issues. Things will be worse in a year or two when a lot more powerful next gen systems are released

SegaGamer179d ago

Yep, i have been saying pretty much the same thing since the Switch launched. Great idea, but sadly, the hardware just isn't strong enough. It's already missing out on a ton of games this gen, this is a fact, and it's problem that will just get worse and worse over the next year or two.

Automatic79179d ago

I really think third parties didn't anticipate the switch to sell a huge amount of consoles. I believe we will see more third parties games next year.

superchiller179d ago

Probably not. Switch hardware is much weaker than the true consoles, so many 3rd party games won't run well enough to port over. And most people would just buy those games on the real consoles anyway, making the Switch versions sell poorly.

179d ago
FancyMudkip179d ago

@Jaruren I'm rather curious if Sony fanboys are the same just by looking at this pro Sony site...

FancyMudkip179d ago

But the problem is, we shouldn't expect big AAA third party games to come to the Switch like Red Redemption 2, Battlefield, COD, KH3, Rage 2, Fallout 76 (Knowing Bethesda porting Skyrim, Doom and Wolfenstein 2 to the Switch, they could try. But that's up to them if they want to put in more titles on the Switch, depending if their games sells good on the Switch to satisfy their demands or if the Switch is capable of running them or not.)

DVAcme179d ago

No, now it has 1ST PARTY woes. Where the fuck where Metroid and F-Zero??

FlyingFoxy179d ago

I would've liked to have seen more first party games like a proper Starfox and Pilot Wings, that would've made me forget a bit about third party support.. but, i still have my PC so no worries.