Jump Force Is Basically a Dragon Ball Game That Lets You Play as Naruto and Luffy | Twinfinite

The new Jump Force game feels a lot like a Dragon Ball game that lets you play as Naruto and Luffy. Hands-on preview from Twinfinite.

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Chaosdreams224d ago

I like what I'm hearing so far.

-Foxtrot224d ago

I'm surprised they've never done a Anime brawler before featuring characters from a range of anime shows from over the years. Even older ones...I mean imagine Naruto going against Tenchi Muyo

gangsta_red224d ago

I know they have had mash-ups of these characters together in the past but I don't believe they ever came out west due to licensing issues. Maybe now all that has been resolved which is why we're getting this now.

Chevalier224d ago

J Stars Plus had a bunch of crossover characters from most of the main Jump series so this wouldn't be the first release here. I'd love to see Tenchi in a game like this, but, not sure it would happen since I think Tenchi is a different publisher it would be difficult whereas all the Jump stuff is under one company branch.

CMcGrone15224d ago

This title is so accurate...but come on, it's Luffy and Naruto punching each other with weird graphics. So, I'm excited haha!

gangsta_red224d ago

To be fair all those anime's get everything from Dragon Ball so it's only fitting.

Da12RespectA224d ago

Was that Ryuk and Light at the end of the trailer?

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