Who Won E3 2018? Every Conference Ranked

Twinfinite writes "This year was a close showdown as Microsoft delivered one of the biggest E3 conferences in years for the Xbox brand and Sony took a deep dive into some tantalizing exclusives. We're ranking every conference from worst to best to find out who won."

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Tom_Hopkins130d ago

For me, Microsoft's showing was very impressive. Sony's exclusive games appeal to me more, though.

-Foxtrot130d ago

I think it's hard when on one hand Sony's presentation was awful compared to Microsoft but Microsoft showed mostly third party games we can get on the PS4. So if you look at Ghosts of Tsushima, Last of Us Part II or Spiderman then add Cyberpunk 2077, Metro, Fallout 76, DMC V, Battlefield V etc then it's not as bad.

Crackdown 3 comes out in Feb along with Days Gone so after that, for 2019 we don't know what else we have with lack of release dates from both parties. Maybe this is the start of both companies starting to wind down on announcing things too early, like why Sony said it was going to be a small show this year or maybe it's them both slowing down to start their transition to next gen.

I just don't understand why at Sony's show they didn't just show the trailers of the third party games showed at Microsofts conference during that intermission, Microsoft showed off Kingdom Hearts and Sony showed something new at their show again so it's not like "duplicate showings of games" were not a thing they could do.

I don't think you can say either of them won to be honest as they both give people different things. However structure and presentation wise I think Microsoft took it while first party game wise Sony does.

Elwenil130d ago

For me personally, I liked Bethesda's conference best, as it was the most relevant to me and I found it to be more entertaining. But from a more encompassing perspective, Microsoft's conference showed a lot more and was probably the best overall. Sony showed some interesting stuff, but most of it we knew about and I didn't really learn anything "new" that enticed me other than intermissions in an E3 conference is a really, really stupid idea.

blitz0623130d ago

The thing with MS is that it's like an extension of Sony's. Sure they had Halo, Gears, etc. But both are still ways off, and it wouldn't be surprising if they are pushed to next gen. The signing of their new studios is also a good part of their conference as it shows (at least for now) they are still committed to delivering exclusives. But again - like Halo & Gears, they will probably debut next gen.

In short, MS has made it clear they are already investing on next gen and is just relying now on the X1X to steal some multiplatform sales from Sony. On the other hand, Sony already had a hold of 2018, with Spiderman and Dragon Quest (and more), so all they really need to do is show they still have 2019 content and that's exactly what they did, all the while also sending PS5 devkits so they have also started plans for next gen

Eonjay130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

If the conference is about who had the best games, then it is Sony. If the conference is about who has the most content regardless of quality or platform, then its Microsoft. The thing that made Microsoft's conference appealing to a PlayStation gamer like myself is that basically most of their show was platform agnostic meaning it was showing what was coming to both platforms mainly. By Microsoft own admission they had 50 games with 18 games having some form of exclusivity (like timed) meaning that they showed 32 games coming to PlayStation. Also, as a random point where the hell is FF7 Remake, Square?

AngelicIceDiamond129d ago

@Fox I'm curious about your numerous comments about Phil spencer like here

"You hate Phil Spencer" He's never changing " Rinse and repeat PR" the thing is you swore he was never changing, like ever. What do you think now?

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GottaBjimmyb130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Think that is 99% of what most people feel (whether they admit it or not)

Personally, the fact that all of sony's games come soon and had gameplay and not CGI trailers, made them my preference, but MS did have an amazing confeeence, just all of the things that impressed most are far out.

starchild130d ago

Well, to be fair most of what I'm excited about at E3 feels like it's far out. Even with Sony the only exclusive I'm looking forward to that I know when I'll be able to play is Spider-Man. In the near future most of what I'm looking forward to playing are multiplatform games.

joab777129d ago

It’s good to see that MS is righting the ship without abandoning their vision. The idea of abandoning single player games for games of service was nuts! Hopefully next gen we start to see the fruits of their labor pay off. I feel like we lost an entire generation of great games from them.

Which brings me to Sony, who seems to have made up for that by giving us so damn many great AAA quality sp’s it will make your head spin. (Glad X1 fans finally get to play a few). When you think back to this gen and Horizon, GoW, Nioh, U4, Spider-Man, TLoU2, Death Stranding, and so so many more, it will be one of the best lineups any console has ever had in one generation. And I truly believe it was the 360 and it’s success that helped nudge them back in the right direction.

Nintendo is also back now. And it seems that they have finally come to understand how important their flagship sp games are!

For me it is Sony, Nintendo and MS. Ubi is a great 4th. They are kicking ass right now.
I put MS 3rd despite how good it was b/c I see it as a foundation setting for the future.

But I must say that MS is leading the way in terms of forward thinking and services. And both Sony and MS are leagues ahead of Nintendo as far as industry standards. Nintendo NEEDS to catch up. We would never accept some of the garbage they throw at us concerning apps, accessories, lack of functions, from either of the other two.

zerocarnage129d ago

out of all the comments I enjoyed yours most, it felt honest and very none biased and I'm an Xbox owner and would agree with you 100%

neutralgamer1992129d ago

if you like games sony, if you like presentation ms and if you like smash bros nintendo

now only if all 3 can put it together LOL

MS presented well but their constant 50 games and exclusive/world premier got old(you can't have launch exclusive on screen and just exclusive on speaker)

sony how come you are so up and down with presentations. How can you provide the excellent god of war E3 than this years was all over the place. get your self together man this was a complete and utter joke(saving grace being your games which BTW matter more than the presentation but why couldn't we get both)

Nintendo is just weird

3-4-5129d ago

Microsoft's Presentation was the most solid front to back, but there are only a few of those games I want to play.

Sony's conference was the worst, but had some of the best games....for me though, I'm not really interested in a lot of those even though I can tell they are of high quality. I own a PS4, I just don't play it much compared to my 3DS,Switch & XB1. Still though, Sony's games were good...there presentation was possible one of the worst ever though.

Nintendo's is a bit different. They do multiple Nintendo Directs in a year so this one not having everything in it doesn't bother me much because we will get another Nintendo Direct between October & December of 2018 and still another one around March 2019.

The quick fire pace of the 3rd party & Indie games was ok, but obviously we can learn more via treehouse today and tomorrow for those games.

Smash looks amazing and is a complete system seller. They went all out and are including every character and stage all in a redone brand new Art style that looks absolutely beautiful.

Microsoft & Sony don't have anything that even comes close to competing with some of Nintendo's IP's including Smash Bros. so all 3 kind of balance each other out.

Nintendo gets really fun awesome 1st party titles + cool indies and Sony gets good looking action-adventure story driven AAA games + major 3rd party support. Microsoft had a solid showing and gave us hope for the future which was needed from them.

I liked all 3 and the 3rd party ones for the most part as well...well most of them that is.

Nobody won because all had faults. As much as some want to praise PS4's games at E3, I just can't get into them for some reason unless I'm in the mood for them and they don't appeal to me as much as some of Nintend's IPs do.

We the gamers win. We all win. Especially those of us with multiple consoles.

ABizzel1129d ago

For the first time it's not really unanamious IMO.

It really boils down to what "winning E3" means to you.

Is it best conference / presentation? Microsoft IMO
It is best games / content? Sony IMO

While we watch the shows / presentation in anticipation, the main draw is to see the new games and announcements and IMO Sony just barely edged MS out this year because of it. The gameplay trailers for their games were hands down the best showings at E3 IMO.

AngelicIceDiamond129d ago

Wrong EA won.....

Lol couldn't say that with a straight face.

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Yukes130d ago

Microsoft took it this year for me by a whisker. We know Sony are smashing it but their conference wasn't good. Nintendo's Direct was awful though. Definitely not 3rd for me.

Greymon93130d ago

For someone who doesn't care much for Xbox exclusives, I thought the company presented themselves quite well at their conference.

skcej130d ago

Microsoft looked great IMO and came out and did exactly what was required of them. I actually thought Sony's was a little underwhelming in terms of an E3 conference. The games did look great, though!

wesleyleblanc130d ago

Personally, it comes down to games I'm interested in. Sony's lineup this year topped Nintendo and Microsoft for me, hence why Sony's conference won the show imo (despite that flow-killing intermission).

yellowgerbil129d ago

I've been super excited for Death Stranding since it was first teased almost 2 years ago. To find out that it is nothing more than a walking sim like Firewatch or the plethora of others that came out early this gen is a huge disappointment, that combined with still no word on when Dreams is coming really soured me on Sony's show. You toss in the terrible format and the twitch channel going offline during Ghosts of Tsushima it took it to a level of awful I never thought Sony could deliver.

Rippcity129d ago

I think it's still way too early to actually judge what Death Stranding is. Don't get me wrong, I was extremely underwhelmed at what they showed. They are trying to ride out the mystery behind what the game is to keep people hype but at this point my hype is dying and I'm becoming uninterested.
Back to the article though I think Sony came out way too pretentious with the musical acts. They showed a ton of gameplay which is great and what I wanted to see but man they were sucking their own dicks off real hard. Even though what MS showed was mostly multiplat, the games they presented were what I was hype for the most (DMC5 and Cyberpunk). And the studio acquisition announcements were exactly what MS needed to do to prove to people they are invested in getting more games to their platform. I have to admit though I never cared about or played tlou and the tlou2 announcement made me wanna go back and play the first.
If I had to rate them all: MS > Sony > Bethesda > Nintendo > PC > Ubisoft > Square Enix > EA. EA could have blown people away with Skate 4 and Square massively screwed up by not showing anything about the FF7 Remake.

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