Enjoy the Resident Evil Renaissance – The Bubble is Bound to Burst

Mat from GamesReviews writes, "Resident Evil is the franchise on everybody's lips. Gamers are preparing to buy the second entry in their millions, Capcom is pushing the genre forward with every new title and fans can't wait to see what happens next. But the bubble is about to burst."

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naruga127d ago

if they correct the faces and put some more light in it will be perfect (light is needed for colors to be visible and create emotions , this remake seems far too dark)

TheOttomatic91127d ago

Man some people just can’t let others have fun.

127d ago
KwietStorm127d ago

I swear I don't know any other industry where there is a persistent desire for doom & gloom.

jeromeface127d ago

Resident evil 4 drove me away because it wasn't resident evil. I didn't want Resident ACTION ADVENTURE.

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