Tales of Berseria Sells Over 1 Million Copies Worldwide

Bandai Namco's been really killing it lately. Not only have they got Jump Force on the way, but Tales of Berseria just hit 1 million sales worldwide.

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FTLmaster127d ago

I’d love to play Tales Of Berseria on Switch, personally.

PhoenixUp127d ago

I love this game, glad to see it succeed very well

Death to the Shepherd!

FallenAngel1984127d ago

Don’t tell me it took almost two years for such an awesome entry in this awesome franchise to sell pass 1 million

Relientk77126d ago

One of my favorite games from last year. Just a fantastic game, glad it reached that milestone.

Chaosdreams126d ago

Fantastic Tales experience, best form of warmth I've felt from the series since my days with Symphonia and Abyss.

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