David’s Cage: How The French Director Will Never Please Everyone

Ben McCurry from The Deadbeat Critics: "David Cage is not a bad writer. David Cage is not a good writer. If you take anything away from this piece today, it’s this: despite the flaws of Cage and Quantic Dream, he is absolutely worth learning from, better or worse."

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TheOttomatic91219d ago

He never had too please everyone to begin with.

remixx116219d ago

Eh he does his own thing

neutralgamer1992219d ago

Creative freedom under Sony while he was rejected by Ms

Skankinruby219d ago

Love or hate the guy he had the drive to start a whole new way to play video games. He's not afraid to touch sensitive subjects, and use gameplay that the narrow minded call 'walking simulators'. When you say his name you think of a specific genre of games, that's what you call 'making a name for yourself'. Good for him.

neutralgamer1992219d ago

Unlike ubi with FC5 which advertised them touching on subject matter while cage delivered on that

Detroit is a great game and it's selling quite well

neutralgamer1992219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

detroit being their best selling game proves this studio and it's vision have loyal fans so they need to focus on that because haters will hate no matter what they do

Elda219d ago

I have been very pleased with his last 3 games I'm enjoying Detroit almost half way through the game.

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