Black Desert Thrusts a Silky Smooth Action MMORPG for the Xbox One | COG

Black Desert is making its way to the Xbox One, but COGconnected was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with it at E3 through the Xbox One E3 Showcase.

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Kribwalker179d ago

i’m excited to try this out

gangsta_red179d ago

Not a huge MMO guy and I heard this game is a complete grind fest but man does it look gorgeous.

I will definitely give it a shot also.

Cheesetoenails179d ago

Then it's right up my alley.

DaFeelz179d ago

Been dying to try this. I’ll see for myself if I can deal with the grind

neocores8055179d ago

Yeah and its only cost 30$ lol not worth the price tbh