Talking Xbox Content Strategy with Head of Microsoft Studio's Matt Booty at E3

Microsoft Studios had a solid press conference this year, and COGconnected's own Alex Everett got to sit down and talk to the head of the company, Matt Booty, about their content strategy for the future of Xbox and PC gaming.

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Cueil178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

more expanding out on your big franchises... Gears Tactics should have been done 3 years ago. Why does Halo not have an epic RPG ala Mass Effect yet? Forza still doesn't have rally sports or motorbikes... There are so many things you can do with huge and expansive universes like Gears and Halo that it's almost insane that we don't see them branching out more like ODST and Reach... So many stories to tell and we only really get them in the books.

S2Killinit178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Microsoft: our strategy is to divert attention away from lack of exclusives by conducting negative advertising for our competitirs.

Sounds about what they would say if we lived in a world without lies.