Microsoft May Have Won E3 2018 but the Best Games are on PS4 and Switch

Gadgets 360: "E3 2018 is the focus of our 75th episode of Transition - Gadgets 360's gaming podcast. And while this year's edition of the Electronics Entertainment Expo has seen a resurgent Microsoft, a resilient Sony, and a renewed Nintendo, we dissect each conference's pros and cons, and why 'winning' E3 doesn't really matter this late in the console generation."

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maybelovehate130d ago

Personally I am most excited for Red Dead, Kingdom Hearts and Shadows Die Twice. Which are available on Xbox. And since Red Dead isn't yet listed for PC "damn you Rockstar" the best version of the game will most likely be on Xbox One X. Best games is subjective but I feel that Rockstar has earned the respect to be in the conversation for best games. I also think it is safe to say that Forza Horizons 4 will be among the top games this winter. Red Dead and Forza Horizons 4 is a pretty nice duo for the Holidays if you like to partake in video games.

naruga130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

tbh i liked Sony s E3 this year a lot more than other years (for example last year the only thing that i liked was MHWorld ), they showed a ton of good gamepaly from the plethora of their AAA games . Ghost of Tsuhima literally gave substance with its brilliant gameaply and RE2 with LoUS 2 complemented a very good conference ...and as this wasnt enough Nioh 2 ( a special game for my tastes) iced the cake ...i may be a bit prejudice toward Sony because they announced out of nowhere Nioh 2 which its predecessor is a loved game , but independantly of that Sony conference was far more colorful and diverse

MS had a very good show also (very organized with many thinga to announce /show) but it hadnt that spark of new exclusive was again Halo/Gears /forza

Nintendo can be described with one word --garbage ...they continuously underestimate the gamers and generally our intelligence because they know that whatever sht thy release , it will sell

maybelovehate130d ago

Wasn't a big fan of Ghost, but I did love the Last of Us and Death Stranding reels. Also liked Spiderman. If you ignore all the boring stuff in between it wasn't that bad. All things we were expecting. No real surprises at all. But all in all not terrible either.

As for the MS conference, I did enjoy Crackdown, Gears and Forza but it was all stuff we were expecting more or less as well. Absolutely loved the Shadows Die Twice reveal though. My favorite game shown by a large margin in any conference. Kingdom Hearts, DMC, Metro reels were also really good. The Cyberpunk setup was also awesome but I wish they had shown gameplay instead of just a trailer.

It seemed like MS was all about games in general where Sony was more focused on Sony.

angelsx130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Gamers won for sure

Gamist2dot0130d ago

I liked MS format and how they presented the content, but when you take away Square Enix games, it's weak. Sony's format was atrocious but the content was the best.

uRaDecepticon130d ago

Title should have had the word "also" in it...

starchild130d ago

From Sony's conference I'm interested in Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2, Spider Man, Control and Nioh 2. From Microsoft's conference I'm interested in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, Devil May Cry V, The Division 2, Dying Light 2, Metro Exodus, Gears of War 5 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

neutralgamer1992130d ago

Better presentation MS

Better games SONY

You pick

Most exciting part of MS conference was acquiring of studios. When Sony buys a studio we get a press release and it's business as usual

So whatever you enjoyed more power to you

If ms won E3 than next few months Xbox will be the best selling console. E3 can give you momentum so it will be interesting to see

OmnislashVer36130d ago

Sony- best format of all E3s
Sony- best gameplay of all E3s

johndoe11211130d ago


"f ms won E3 than next few months Xbox will be the best selling console."
What planet are you living on?

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Ninja_Ryu130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I would go with Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 this winter and I truly believe they will be the top games this winter. Facts

P.S Smash Brothers will do great as well

maybelovehate130d ago

I will be getting Spiderman as well. Looks great. Can't wait for all three games. Spiderman, Red Dead and Forza will be a very fun winter.

alb1899130d ago

I haven't buy God of war so I will buy together with red dead redemption and Forza Horizon

OmnislashVer36130d ago

Smash has me wondering if I want a Switch. The graphics look nex-gen enough... A bit of aliasing but I can buy an M-Cable to resolve some of that.

What's really gonna win me over is if we get Golden Sun IV, a new DK(DK4 please, no more spinoffs), and MK9.

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super_bruno130d ago

"Microsoft May Have Won E3 2018 but the Best Games are on PS4 and Switch"

That doesn't make any sense, how do you win a gaming show without having the best games. :/

morganfell130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

For some supposed journalists, I will just call them website writers, the number of people you can fool with marketing multiplatform titles to cover your weaknesses = win.

Gamers are supposed to be more intelligent than average people and writers in gaming media need to be smarter than the average paramecium. Now I know why they are website writers instead of NFL defensive backs. They are too easily distracted and take their eye off the ball. These are the people that cause traffic accidents because they can't focus on the task at hand. A blitz of multiplatform trailers should not have fooled a journalist from looking at the hard truths. The writer of this piece is just one more person swallowed by Redmond's rapid hand waving.

xRacer74x130d ago

Losers always have excuses.

fiveby9130d ago

I didn't care for Sony's conference format but from an actual content perspective for the consoles, Sony easily won this hands down. MS still presents no compelling reason to switch from PS4 to X1.

cyber_daemonx130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@super, exactly. Its just desperation on behalf of certain fanboys who seem to care more about features than games lol.

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AgeInTheCage130d ago

In all the delusional minds of xboxone owners, everyone has an X. Hell im starting to call my OG launch xboxone the X and my ps4 the ps4 pro. Why? because there's no way to tell who has what console, so since im insecure and want to be cool I call my og xboxone the might X.

SquareBurgers130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I would like to see your scientific evidence that gamers more intelligent on average.

fiveby9130d ago

I am confident that of the X1X owners they most all also own an OG X1. They basically paid $500 for the first OG model and another $500 for the X1X. And after all that money they still have mostly multiplats which are available on PS4. I own an OG X1 but have zero plans to upgrade to an X1X. I prefer to play multiplats on PS4 and of course an awesome first party lineup on it as well.

Brazz130d ago

I love all the talk about "xbox got the best version", it's almost like you guys forget that +95% of xbox are OGone and oneS, the weakest consoles, no counting switch.
+95% of the time the best version will be on ps4 and pro, if you got a x1x, congratulations, you are just less than 5%.

maybelovehate130d ago

Can only speak for myself. You can only speak for you. But I know I will be playing Red Dead on Xbox One X. It is the better console.

fiveby9130d ago

Actually, with the marketing deal for RDR2 on Sony, I think there is more content for PS4. X1X is a suckers choice. You paid for an OG model then for another upgrade. You got taken.

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ArchangelMike130d ago

Well, isn't that a strange contradiction. When you can win a gaming expo, without having the best games. I guess it's testament to just how much Sony dropped the ball this E3. The games were great, but please Sony, just put on a normal conference - with your big game trailers, and the devs coming up on stage to share the details of those games. It wasn't too much to ask. Instead of what we got, which was a disjointed and technical mess.

OB1Biker130d ago

So Ms have won E3?
Is E3 about a show pre event or is it about the event itself and the games on display or being demoed?

xRacer74x130d ago

Its a testament to how fanboys, refuse to lose even when they do. Excuses, been saying it for years Sony fans have excuses for everything and change their rants to suit themselves

OB1Biker130d ago

Everyone can make any excuse they want, doesn't change facts. Nobody owns the truth.
Sony presentation was rubbish. Xbox presentation was good. So you have a cardboard case vs a golden case. Now have a look at what's inside the case and dig out the truth.

xRacer74x130d ago

@OB1Biker, I liked Nintendos show too they showed a few games I will get as well.

corroios130d ago

Lol. The spin is Hard. Nobody wins nothing with 3rd party. The didnt show nothing New. Zero New IP. Without crackdown this year they got another racer ....

MuddyWaters130d ago

Sony showed 4 games we already knew about with only one having a ship date for this year. Their conference was terrible but the games were good. That's what the topic says so how is it spin when Sony's show was 60 minutes long and had a long intermission after Last of Us 2? Shawn came out and talked a bit then a panel of the most boring people stood there trying to talk about something, then they showed the other 3 big titles and few others then the lights went on. That's a good show for you?

Sony even took the time to warn us this was about the 4 main games yet they were displayed like long teaser trailers. We still know next to nothing about Death Stranding.

Some of you need to step back and view each show from a distance, not just fans of one company.

Atticus_finch130d ago

MS had a better show. But Sony had the better games it's simple. Now take your own advice.

HeisenbergX130d ago

And Crackdown looks like crap

FBNS130d ago

Crackdown has always looked like second tier garbage though

Atticus_finch130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

HeisenbergX I would of thought you would looking forward to CD3 since it feature big swell dudes.
I kid lol

HeisenbergX130d ago

Atticus That's pretty stupid to assume that friend you know nothing about me and what games i have and play, just because i don't like what ND are doing and going with story wise with one of my favourite games ever that doesn't mean i only play games with dudes and that's some rule that i go with. I'm not that pathetic xD

Salooh130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Tiny is better, tiny is smarter, squirrels are tiny thus squirrels are better than you human.

See, same logic here, they make their own new premise and want you to forget the original premise. We were observing exclusives and real time gamplay for generations to measure which show/console is better. Great exclusives gives the console an identity. Now, all of a sudden it doesn't matter. Freaking why ? ( Hint: MS decided so.. )

The product became the show not the games.

Eldyraen130d ago

Sony didn’t show anything new IP wise either.

MS showed more new IPs from third party though. Sony has Control however which I was expecting at Ms to be perfectly honest. It looks like Alan awake style mind freak but more QB inspired combat. Which could be fantastic.

Sony’s only real strength was showing games from 1-3+ years ago finally. Which i loved but wasn’t “winning” material imo from an overall conference perspective.

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Vasto130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I guess the earth will hit by a meteor and explode at the end of this gen.


MuddyWaters130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

E3 is an event, a show, for the millions of us watching at home. It's not a hands on demonstration of games. That's what treehouse with Nintendo is for. As an event Sony's failed big time. Poorly structured and badly paced. Last of Us 2 looks incredible, Same with Ghost. We already knew what we needed with Spiderman, they could have saved that time on other things but Sony had little else to show. Death Stranding was just another tease and came across as a walking simulator, so how was that getting inside the games and explain the story on that game like Shawn tried to tell us in the beginning?

FBNS130d ago

They showed us what to expect from death stranding... It's a hideo kojima game... We already know what to expect otherwise

Eldyraen130d ago

If that’s all I should expect from DS, I’ll probably watch it on YouTube. Not something I usually do but I’m sure they’re saving more for later. I hope so anyways. I don’t mind walking Sims in a beautiful and interesting setting but gameplay showed almost nothing we couldn’t have guessed from the scene last year. Baby carrier, weird monster, trying to not be seen, and a cool cast but just a mystery still for time being.

Salooh130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

We already knew ms will show halo, gears of war and forza, so what's your point?. Both are in the same situation !! Both lacked suprise element in terms of new annoucnements.

Now that this is clear, compare these games with what sony showed. Compare sony releases to ms releases every year. Then you come here and say sony is the one who is not original

They showed 3 new major ips, all looked stunning and innovative and then you have the last of us 2 which alone as an exclusive destroy all ms games in terms of development quality and ambition.

The only thing you said that made sense is the style of the show which everyone agree on.

Ninja_Ryu130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

"but Sony had little else to show."

I believe they're saving the other announcements for PSX. They could have shown Dreams, left Alive, Concrete Genie, Medieval and Socom teaser which has been leaked for months now.

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boing1130d ago

MS has won but best games are PS4 and Switch. Ok, journalist.

King_Lothric130d ago

Won exactly what? Best illumination in a E3 conference? Best design and smoke effects?

E3 is about games. Sony had the best games. Sony won.