Detroit: Become Human Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Quantic Dream has gained quite a bit of notoriety with their story based games ever since the release of Heavy Rain in 2010 made them a standout as a Sony developer. As such expectations were quite high when they released the next game in the series only for these hopes to fall flat upon release. Not one to be discouraged, David Cage has brought forth Detroit: Become Human, a game that truly feels like it embraces the element of interactive storytelling and may just be the best game that the developer has put out."

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TeamIcoFan129d ago

One of my favorite games this year, got mad blade runner vibes from it.

jznrpg129d ago

I wish CyberPunk 2077 had the feel of Detroit

Gamist2dot0129d ago

Don't know about your experience but It I thought it was hilarious when, in the strip club, I made Conner walk up to a female dancer and Hank goes, "Conner! What the F*&K are you going???!" They should have put in a dialog for Conner to respond with, "What? I'm investigating" instead of just silence. Lmao

Pozzle129d ago

That's funny, the Connor in my game responded with "Coming, Lieutenant!" which was a great little double entendre.