That 'The Last of Us Part II' Gameplay Was Real, Says Neil Druckmann

The creative director of The Last of Us Part II confirms that the gameplay that was revealed on Monday during Sony's E3 conference was all real.

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DarkVoyager131d ago

Who said it wasn’t? Naughty Dog always impress.

-Foxtrot131d ago

David Anfossi, head of Eidos Montreal,

Salty they stole the show with a video that looked similar to Shadow of the Tomb Raider but miles ahead.

UCForce131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Yeah, even the animation of Shadow Of Tomb Raider have improved but it’s still clunky and the story going to be the same just like previous Tomb Raider. Like how to be Tomb Raider again and again. Ugh.

Septic131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Yeah hold on, a big reason why the gameplay looked so good was because the thing was so obviously scripted.

How can we give mad props when he himself admits it's scripted?

"So at an E3 demo you take complicated systems that are random and we’re making them deterministic and we play it a lot and rehearse it and choreograph it, so we’re showing off very specific things"

Basically, don't expect the animations and AI behaviours in the final game to be as smooth or cogent/intelligent as that.

ND do animation in gameplay really well but that AI working how it did in the demo, I don't think it will be like that at all. Maybe certain behaviours but it was very scripted.

So David Anfossi was actually right .

UCForce131d ago

@Septic True, but in final production in The Last of Us Part 1 have all the features in the game. Ellie can help you to get out tough situation and enemy can still flank you. Now in The Last of US Part 2 will be much more improved than first one. So yeah, the guy who said TLOU Part 2 gameplay was fake is just unprofessional.

Army_of_Darkness131d ago

So everything you saw in the gameplay was all real, which is the most important part. The only thing that was "fake" was the rehearsal gameplay, obviously to entertain us by not accidentally dying during the demo.

morganfell131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

"Who said it wasn’t?"

Go look in this thread at all the naysayers who now have to eat some humble pie. Spurg was the first one out of the gate followed by Skull521 telling us cocking the gun under the car looked suspicious. Add Septic in this very thread who employed selective reading. That's a lot of egg to wipe off.

generic-user-name131d ago

@Septic leaving out the rest of the quote where he said that yes that was rehearsed, but it's "all in the game" and players will see it. Not at all surprised you'd take the side of the TR guy calling it fake, who since backtracked btw.

Septic131d ago


He says those are real systems but they are scripted too...So was it real or was it scripted ?

"Not at all surprised you'd take the side of the TR guy calling it fake, who since backtracked btw."

Yeah and I'm not surprised you're blindly defending ND.

mandf131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Septic you are trolling now. You are confusing AI and scripted events. Go watch a noob play a game it hurts to watch someone and go watch a pro play same game, the scripted event they both played is night and day.

Every year we watch someone that doesn't know how to play and we complain. Now we are actually getting someone that knows how to play and it's fake.

You are stealth trolling and you know it. Since e3 you have praised everything ms and downplayed sony.

DialgaMarine131d ago

@Army of Darkness, I have a feeling that stage demos like this one are selected from multiple employee’s runs of a certain segment of the game, and the selection is based off which would be the most entertaining and appealing to show. Needless to say, this one was likely the best because of how close it was.

mandf131d ago

Septic naughty dog is top dog when it comes to game design. Don't act like they are some scrubs that don't know how to make a game. Naughty dog doesn't make bad games or have a checkered past like you think they do. Stop trolling

Septic131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


Ugh...right I'm stealth trolling.

Tell you what. Come release of the game, let's compare AI and animations and see how the real deal fares with this demo okay?



"What are you going to say then a pixel is off"

It's not going to be a pixel that's going to be off (why a pixel lol) it's going to be the whole set of AI behaviours and how they tie in with the animations.

I never said the game is going to be shit am I? I even praised their animation work...but you're too busy mindlessly defending ND to actually understand what I'm saying. Come release you won't even acknowledge the disparity because you've made your mind up now.

mandf131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Septic you are right when the game releases and it wins 200 goty awards and receives graphical praise in game design and animation once again just like the last 5 games they made. What are you going to say then a pixel is off.

At septic above

You are trying to throw shade at the game. You are being negative acting like an expert. Nd knows more that you. Nd are well respected amongst there peers so who are you call bs. You have clue what you are talking about. If this was ms you would be singing the praises. I see you for what you are a troll.

Ceaser9857361131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Dude Septic probably you didn't even read the tweet.. David called the animation team Fake.. Everyone knew the game was scripted. But ND game will always look this good and I am sure even better.. What we saw in that gameplay 90% will be the same..
Can we say the same for SOTR?? Nope.. So David Anfossi was STUPID

"Basically, don't expect the animations and AI behaviours in the final game to be as smooth or cogent/intelligent as that. "
Basically you need watch ND Collesium then speak up here.. The Animation, AI Behavior will be the same.. The Game will be buttery smooth and The AI this time is more Intelligent...

rivaldoo777131d ago

@Septic it's kind of sad at this point. To make you feel better, the developer behind the upcoming TR game is very talented. It's just that ND is on another level. Sadly I don't see any first party studio at MS that has the same caliber. Third party maybe R* and CD PR.

Ceaser9857361131d ago

"Tell you what. Come release of the game, let's compare AI and animations and see how the real deal fares with this demo okay? "
Same BS I hear every time PS games are shown and Then it turns out the retail copy is much better..
Feels good to see certain trolls faces then.. Can't wait.. AGAIN!!

Sunny_D131d ago


The man calling it “fake” is not the same as calling it scripted.... The only reason it may not be so smooth when someone plays it is cause no one plays games perfectly. Most people will be moving in a jerky unsmooth way which is how most people play.

Bathyj131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Septic you're deliberately misinterpreting that.

There's a difference between rehearsed and scripted. Scripted means that would have happened no matter what and it was always going to happen. A set piece. That wasn't the case.

They had to practise that again and again to make sure we saw exactly what they wanted us to see. If they had played it different nothing would have been the same. That guy would drag you out from under the car if you didn't go there or if you haven't died that shot.

He even uses the word random. Is random scripted? No.

I guess you think when a football team executes a play it's scripted, they were always going to get a touchdown. No mate, they had to practise that, and a hundred variables can affect the outcome.

morganfell131d ago

I would offer Septic a bigger shovel but at the speed he is digging that hole, what can I say? Maybe...send us weather reports from China?

Its Naughty Dog, one of the few companies whose games get upgraded before launch. You would think people would have learned by now but then again these are the same individuals that do not ask a game company to deliver on what they announce, just a promise (to be broken later) is enough for them.

bloop131d ago

"He says those are real systems but they are scripted too...So was it real or was it scripted ?"

You're talking out your ass Septic. All you need is a shred of common sense to know what he meant.

BeardedDrachen131d ago


You are REALLY DENSE right here.

Every gameplay mechanic that we say was in the game.... from dodging into a car and coming back up to stab an enemy in the throat... to picking up an arrow and seeminglessly putting it into her backpack, to enemy AI looking under vehicles to pulling you out, to having an enemy shoot an arrow at a body that you have in your arms, to shimmying through shelves.. ... . it’s IN the game.. You are taking ‘scripted’ as ‘not in the game’.. and that’s 110% false.

Stop digging your hole already, enough is enough!

DivineAssault 131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

This same exact controversy happened when the first game was shown. Haters everywhere said it wasnt real gameplay and they were all wrong. It doesnt even matter if the gameplay was fully fake or scripted. ND has been hitting nothing but home runs and this isnt a game theyre going to screw up. Hell, i think TLOU is better than Uncharted as far as game structure.

WilliamSheridan131d ago


Don't bother. I get what you are saying. The people who can think without blindly defending can understand. Just let these Peele think what they want. N4G is heading towards irrelevance because of its one sided nature. There is no need to try to fix it anymore.

doggo84131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Neil Druckmann: "Those were all real systems"

Septic Tank: " So David Anfossi was actually right" lmao, you've been exposed for the pathetic fanboy you are.

Yes, let's take Septic tank's word because clearly he knows more about TLOU 2 than Neil himself /s. Damn it's great seeing undercover fanboys exposed lmao. This game already making people eat fat crow.

I literally saw you say "OMG HALO'S GRAPHICZ R INSANE" after they revealed a trailer which wasn't even in game. Here we have indisputable proof Coming from the dev himself,
But you have the audacity of calling everyone else out as blindly supporting ND. Lmao. Just keep quiet and GTFO.

Prettygoodgamer131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


The demo was rehearsed as to show the best action possible and all the things seen will be in game, the fights aren't scripted qte they are action. Septic is trying to say the whole thing was thing was scripted as in will happen each and every time, but it's not.

I see by your comments you are pretty biased so I'm guessing this will fall on deaf ears, who cares anyway the xboxs victim syndrome is in full effect as usual.

Get over the fact there are more ps4 fans it's to be expected when there are less than half the amount of Xbox owners in the world. Basic maths.

RememberThe357131d ago

This whole thread doesn't matter. The game is going to release and blow our collective minds, so all this worrying is wasted stupidity. You don't scream at morons to make them smarter, that's not how humans work. These poor folks are going to stay slightly off and pretty dumb and there's nothing we can do for them. We can laugh and point like Morgan up there, but it actually bothers me how many people get caught in this web of stupidity. Spetic is like a big hair spider and you all got caught in his negtive ass web. Bathyj, as he does, explained it as well as can be expected, if nuance is lost on these folks then God help em. If it's a troll, then bravo.

Imalwaysright131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


For it to be reharsed it had to be scripted or does the AI react the same exact way every single time? For the enemies to be in the right place at the right for that cinematic gameplay to be shown to us, it had to be scripted and that's not the game we are going to get just like the original TloU that we got, was not the game that was shown to us in the 2012 E3.

Edit: LMAO reading the comments around here it's hilarious. People around here really believe that the AI will react the same exact way every single time so that the person that played that demo could reharse the gameplay that was shown... and they have the nerve to call others trolls. Hilarious.

Dragonscale131d ago

@septic, you do realise that you will be eating crow when this releases and is better than the demo lol. Underestimate ND at your peril.

nix131d ago

Septic, it says right there - choreographed.

That means practice it again and again until you perfect it.

UltraNova131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Damn my popcorn run out, guys wait a minute while I make some more!

Best comment thread in ages, I'm loving it.

Someone should fill up on more crow though ;-)

mkis007131d ago

The way I interpret it is they took a bunch of systems that are present in the game and made sure they all happened in one scene so they could show it off. Then they repeatedly played said scene until they had the most cinematic gameplay captured. I believejin the final game if you wanted you could play it over and over until you recreate the scene as played.

Doubting Naughty Dogs animation talent is a losing battle.

ziggurcat131d ago


If you played a section of a game so often that you were able to memorize the AI paths, you could get the AI to react the same every time. Even more so when the game is also obviously demoed on the easiest difficulty setting.

Septic131d ago

Lol 'choreographed'.

Right Then. N4G challenge time! Once the game comes out, let's test out the the AI behaviour and compare it with the trailer.

Let's see how the real game:

1. Deals with animations like how in Elle's first encounter she gets detected and dodges an enemy attack, uses the adjacent car for support immediately and then from that cover stabs the woman in the neck

2. Handles AI and particularly how 3 enemies rush the building and cover the door as they do

3. Handles Ai when they Split up and flank the building and check specifically behind cover- signal new AI entering the building

4. Deals with animations so fluidly as the enemy grabs Elle and smashes her into the shelves

These are the points and many others are talking about (not on here though).

Choreography is one thing. AI behaviours and animations being executed in certain ways are another.

We'll see 😎 I'll happily admit I'm wrong if the final games AI and animation are the same if not better than what we saw.

morganfell131d ago

First into several of the PS threads. "Looks mad. Day zero."

Whoever hijacked his account for that remark should have kept it.

Septic131d ago


Yes it does look mad. I will get that game instantly. That doesnt mean im not entitled to question the authenticity of some aspects of the game.

Don't worry, I laid out my points above. Come release your comments are here and can't be deleted. Let's see how the final game and thesetwo specific points, ANIMATION and AI are handled.

N4G is almost unanimous is saying I'm wrong. So it shouldn't be hard to prove me wrong come release ;)

Gaming_1st131d ago

You can claim this all you want with no facts to back it up. And in order to defend yourself, while you can not prove any facts. You will say this site is "run by sony trolls" and "sony trolls attack anything but sony". But the problem is that facts does not care about your opinion or feelings.

ziggurcat131d ago

Yes, Septic... choreographed... like Neil stated: "... we play it a lot and rehearse it and CHOREOGRAPH it, so we’re showing off very specific things."

ziggurcat131d ago

"Let's see how the real game:

1. Deals with animations like how in Elle's first encounter she gets detected and dodges an enemy attack"

it's called a dodge button, and the animation shown was the animation that was triggered to counter that specific attack.

"...uses the adjacent car for support immediately and then from that cover stabs the woman in the neck"

the player dodged again, but into the adjacent vehicle, then triggered a shiv animation by pressing the button to trigger that attack. it's an attack that was present in the first game.

"2. Handles AI and particularly how 3 enemies rush the building and cover the door as they do"

this was done in the first game, often as a way to signalling a checkpoint. enemy AI would often signal other AI to scope out/flank, etc...

"3. Handles Ai when they Split up and flank the building and check specifically behind cover- signal new AI entering the building"

this was also common in the first game and other ND games... like Uncharted 4....

"4. Deals with animations so fluidly as the enemy grabs Elle and smashes her into the shelves "

this also happened in the first game - I think it was even present in Uncharted 4...

CDbiggen131d ago

I'm optimistic that's how it will look and play, but I'd love to see septic proven right.

cellfluid130d ago

@septic your life is scripted

Liqu1d130d ago

It's hilarious watching the usual trolls showcase their terrible reading comprehension. Every E3 demo is rehearsed and scripted, that does not make what was shown fake like certain people are hoping. An E3 demo is designed to show off mechanics that the developer wants to highlight, the rehearse these demos so they show them off in a cinematic manner with no mistakes. Sony's demos really got certain people shook.

IamTylerDurden1130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


You do realize that virtually every E3 demo/trailer is scripted, right? Every developer chooses the optimal path, tweaks the systems, and rehearses over n over in order to achieve the most appealing playthrough. That's demo/trailer 101.

Are you honestly attempting to downplay TLou 2 demo because it was scripted? That's a poor attempt at trolling and it shows a lack of general knowledge of the craft.

Naughty Dog has a phenomenal track record as well. They show spectacular E3 demos and the final game typically matches or exceeds it. If you jumped on a salty developers back and questioned a different Sony team then maybe the slim possibility of there being some credence to your argument would exist. But not Naughty Dog, not The Last of Us. Try harder.

darthv72130d ago

I just have one question. Was there a guy on stage playing that or was it all just video? I could not tell as YT zooms in on just the video so if the guy was there and playing (in any or all of the gameplay demos shown on stage) then so be it otherwise it was all just scripted like Septic says.

And honestly there is nothing wrong with that just so we know that this is potentially how it could be played in the best possible way. I remember when stage demos involved a real person playing the game not just a choreographed and scripted recorded play through that is then played back for all to watch.

Uken12130d ago

You people act like The Last of Us 1 is legendary because it used gameplay mechanics from countless other games. In what way did it truly innovate gameplay. Like actual core gameplay? It didn't. You can talk about story and the cinematic QTE's but it is not innovative.
Does it have to be innovative to be good? No.
But quick acting like ND is some type of God developer that doesn't fabricate their "Demos".

That trailer was scripted to all hell, it's clear as day. Also that AI is pretty stupid, they walk right next to her and can't tell she's their. Not really hidden? Lol. All these dramatic movements and grunts. Scripted, like Septic stated above. It's all in game and running on a PC. It wasn't a live demo, it was a scripted trailer. Show me the game running on regular PS4 and then we can talk, otherwise it's better to be skeptical.

rainslacker130d ago


Funny...I don't see the word scripted in that quote. I see him saying they rehearsed the game play to make it look like that. As in, they played the game repeatedly....likely with one of their best testers, and got it to the point that he could play it that fluidly in one go.

There's a difference between it being fake or scripted, and being rehearsed. Almost every game play demo at E3 is done is rehearsed in this fashion.

And what does it mean that real systems are scripted? If you break it down to the lowest level, everything is actually scripted. The question is, can it come together the way it was shown.

Druckmann is saying that it can come together in that fashion....thus, in no way scripted in the way some people, such as you and the Eidos guy, are implying.

"Tell you what. Come release of the game, let's compare AI and animations and see how the real deal fares with this demo okay? "

Sure, sounds good. I expect from this moment forward that you not talk about this subject.

I also expect that you will find some way to say it's been downgraded no matter how it turns out.

rainslacker130d ago

"1. Deals with animations like how in Elle's first encounter she gets detected and dodges an enemy attack, uses the adjacent car for support immediately and then from that cover stabs the woman in the neck"

I could get into a very technical talk about how this is possible to pull off, but the short of it is that it involves collision detection of the character in relation to the car, and based off the animation that is playing. The game knows that the character is detected and now in combat, they know she is dodging out of the way, and the animation is of that nature, and then the animation of her balancing herself against a car is then blended into the prior animation.

Things like this are how all animation are done today for the most part, and as it stands, ND are masters at those little details, and animation. Like in the first game, WHEN JOEL WOULD DO THE SAME DAMN THING when stalking his way down a hallway.

"2. Handles AI and particularly how 3 enemies rush the building and cover the door as they do" and "3. Handles Ai when they Split up and flank the building and check specifically behind cover- signal new AI entering the building "

You mean THE SAME THING THEY DID IN THE FIRST GAME? Then subsequentially PATROLLED THE BUILDING? Yeah, no way they could pull it off in this game. Enemies called for back up, and they'd change their patrol routes based on where they thought you were. If they were just suspicious, like you threw a brick to distract them, they would kind of meander over and others would be more alert, but if they saw you enter a building, they'd explore it.

"4. Deals with animations so fluidly as the enemy grabs Elle and smashes her into the shelves"

That could be a scripted event that happens should she gets grabbed near certain objects. Like a window or something. It's possible that if she was grabbed in another part of the room, that particular animation wouldn't happen. That's the kind of thing that mixes things up, and they showed it in the demo, because it's a new aspect of the game play. The first trailer showed a finishing move where Joel brutally smashes the face of a guy into a desk....which wouldn't happen if you weren't near a desk.

"These are the points and many others are talking about (not on here though)."

And those people don't seem to understand game design, or what's possible.

"Choreography is one thing. AI behaviours and animations being executed in certain ways are another."

I agree, but the dev is here saying that everything you saw is possible in the game. If you play a game enough, it can be replicated according to the creator of the game. So, it's rehearsed, or choreographed. But that doesn't make it scripted or fake, nor does it mean that people talking about it elsewhere are right, and we're wrong.

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2pacalypsenow131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

David Anfossi, head of Eidos Montreal.

He's mad his Uncharted clone got 2 upped by TLOU 2

GNCFLYER131d ago

Yep nothing to be mad about. ND has the talent and budget. They 1 up everyone. Then show the rest of Sony 1st party how to do it.

EverydayJoe131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I'm sure ND's knowledge has a lot to do the with artistic success of many of Sonys first party games. The beauty of God of War, Horizon, Detroit, and Death Stranding are all partly attributed to the boundaries pushed by Naughty Dog.

deno130d ago

Can't be a clone when tomb raider arrived 17 years earlier.

wd321130d ago

I swear, that whole "Uncharted clone" business is just done to death and such an eye roll anymore. I, honestly, don't see what people are talking about and it's just ridiculous to hear.

Subzero100x130d ago

There is no uncharted clone, and games like this only exist because of tomb raider idiot.

Goldby130d ago


Tomb raider of old is very different from Tomb raider now.

The only thing that is the same is title. And characters name.

Like they don't even have her iconic double pistols.

So yes uncharted took elements of of old Tomb raider, along with Indiana Jones and Johnny knoxville.

The new Tomb raider took more from uncharted though. Ironic too that it was first shown at MS and was timed. As if they were try g to compete...

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Genuine-User131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Plenty of people. It’s a reoccurring theme with PlayStation exclusives, some people said the same about UC4 Madagascar chase at E3 2015, Horizon Zero Dawn at E3 2016 and Spider-Man at E3 2017.

This year it’s The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima.

Crazyglues131d ago

I know this is going to be hard to wrap your mind around (tomb raider dev's) but this is what they do, if you played the first last of us then you know this is naughty dog's style, and they have once again taken what they do, and stepped it up to another level..... It's why they are Naughty Dog and no one else is....

My jaw was on the floor the whole time just watching that Gameplay and thinking wow this is amazing, they have once again set the bar all the way up there..... Can't wait to play this one...

Harkins1721131d ago

After they lied about TLoU 1s gameplay people are skeptical about the gameplay for 2

HeisenbergX130d ago

@Harkins1721 Wait what ? are you ok man ?

Ceaser9857361131d ago

There are few devs who are trustworthy
Rockstar CDPR Naughty Dogs to name few and they always deliver what's promised

3-4-5130d ago

The moves reminded me of a toned down more realistic version of the spiderman game. Take that and make the moves more realistic and that was what the gameplay looked like.

I've never played the last of us but this looked pretty good.

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maybelovehate131d ago

Then goes on to say it was scripted. Which is fine. It is meant to impress and it was very impressive.

Rimeskeem131d ago

Since when are demos not scripted?

SuperSonic91131d ago

U4 and God of War demo was sripted and rehearsed many times

Septic131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

It's either scripted or it's not. How is it real when all the AI behaviour that we're supposed to be impressed by isn't legit? So its actually quite misleading here. Yes, the AI will have some particular behaviour sets that might really shine though.

Basically what we saw was scripted. Don't expect the full game to be that smooth in its animations, as is to be expected really.

This is very cool though:

“Now there’s information propagation. So whoever sees you, they have to call it out. Whoever hears you then has to call it out.”

More games need to do this.

BeardedDrachen131d ago


Every AI behavior seen on screen is on the game. It has been confirmed.

ion666131d ago

Ps one demo discs are never scripted. Lol

Gaming_1st131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


You continually troll article's and never provide any facts to back up your arguments. But instead take the path of least resistance to fuel your argument. Using quotes such as "Don't expect the full game to be that smooth" etc. These are assumptions and should be pinned as trolling and should be deleted. Cause that is not a opinion, you're trying to force a subject that could be totally false.

If you want to argue a opinions, by all means. But you try to imply opinions as facts and frankly your stuff should be deleted half the time. So go have a seat before i school you more.

Razzer130d ago

“Basically what we saw was scripted. ”

No shit. Every demo is. Why is this suddenly a problem? is Naughty Dog. sigh

rainslacker130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I fully expect the next Forza Horizon 4 to change seasons in a matter of 30-40 frames, and that the driving not seem to have any kind of change in reaction to the environment, even though apparently there were 8 people actually playing the game. When a challenge comes up, I fully expect 8 individual players to be able to do, in perfect coordination like you'd see in a car commercial, drift 180's to start making their way to the challenge objective, and to be able to make jumps across a overhead path while another car drives underneath, and that several of them can do it in succession with not a single mistake.

It's rather funny just how much focus TLOU2 is getting, when there are much better examples of scripted game play to use to start this new thing where people seem to have a problem with rehearsed game play showings. I'm curious why we haven't had multiple articles posted about that. I mean, some people were talking about it in the comments section right after the showing. Christopher made mention of it, and I said the same thing I said about this game....that it could be choreographed, but scripted is a different matter....although FH4 obviously had scripted changes, because there were hard cuts to the editing that you wouldn't see in actual game play.

Septic....I'm curious on your thoughts on if FH4 was somehow misrepresentative of the final product.