CD Projekt RED Addresses Backlash Over First-Person View In Cyberpunk 2077

This camera mode allows for a greater degree of immersion, according to CDPR.

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chrisx127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I trust that CDPR know what their doing. but it still feels like a big missed opportunity taking out 3rd person mode for a game like this. sometimes just walking down the street in 3rd person and admiring the details on your customized character and how they walk, react etc is a truly unique feeling. cyberpunk 2077 would have been a much better game with 3rd person

-Foxtrot127d ago

" sometimes just walking down the street in 3rd person and admiring the details on your customized character and how they walk, react etc is a truly unique feeling"

Completely get what you mean...the funny thing is they are defending it saying we'll be get a "greater degree of immersion". Sorry but I've played many third person games where I can get just that, it's a poor excuse in my opinion.

The issue for me is how much they've talked up customization and the like where you'll hardly see your character now.

Dacnn8127d ago

Just think of how detailed individual textures have to be playing in first person.

Ninja_Ryu127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Its definitely a poor excuse

Most Xbox fans do because of Halo

Septic127d ago

I get greater immersion in first person over third person.

-Foxtrot127d ago (Edited 127d ago )


Yeah I never thought of that, it seems like more hard work on their part.

Don't get me wrong, I trust them in a small way but I don't understand how they can't give us a choice with how we play. Elder Scrolls and Fallout make me feel part of their world even when I have it in third person mode and a game like GTA managed to make a first person mode so it's not impossible to think they could create a third person mode for this.

I know it seems like "bitching" to some but it's better to say something now until after release where we'll have to wait for it to be made if they can.

It's their own fault at the end of the day, they teased this for 5 years and while they didn't say it they did give off the impression that it was gong to be third person, they never corrected us. if they told us straight away then none of this backlash would have happened. I've thought this game up as an amazing third person RPG and the main thing why I think that is because of the wild punk like theme and the huge customization.

starchild127d ago

@ foxtrot

Why do they need to give us a choice with how we play? It's not common for most games to allow us to choose our perspective. Can we play in first person in Uncharted or Assassin's Creed for example? No, we can't. And while I'm generally in favor of giving gamers the most options possible it isn't always best for a game. I would argue that the more finely tuned the gameplay is in a game the harder it is to make it work well in both first and third person.

If CDPR decide that they can give us the option to change our camera view without compromising their vision for the game then I'm all for it, but if they determine it isn't what's best for their game then I'm confident it was the right call.


They are right on the overall-immersion, not just how you look. Not saying you are wrong, but I think immersion as a whole is much greater in FP since that is what we know irl. People wanted a FP mode or option in TW3, but CDPR stated the combat just would not work with multiple enemies surrounding you which makes sense.

I do think they should at least add it as an option though, if you play say, PUBG, that game is much more intense and more immersive in FP mode than TP. Many other games follow suit, but I do agree with both sides and I trust CDPR to make the right decision.

MuddyWaters127d ago

First person is far more immersive and many pc games do this like Fallout. How is it more immersive hiding behind a wall in third person and seeing enemies around the corner?

TFJWM127d ago

I love how people say let the dev have freedom to do what they want until its something they don't like...

Lilrizky127d ago

it's not an excuse thats their general opinion. you can disagree if you want but there's a reason most VR games are first person a medium that focuses on immersion

CorndogBurglar127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I think that's the problem. YOU thought this game up as a 3rd person game.

There are tons of 1st person games with customization options. That should not have been enough to make anyone assume it would be 3rd person. At least not to a degree that you totally convince yourself to the point of being this upset when it turns out different.

At the end of the day, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a developer wanting to try different things. That's what makes a great studio, actually. They've already shown they can make an amazing 3rd person RPG. The Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever made. There's no way they will top that. Also, if this were a 3rd person RPG then it would basically be The Witcher with guns. They could have easily done what other developers do and played it safe by making the same style game with a different coat of paint and story.

Let them show what they can do with 1st person. I understand people complain that 1st person is done too much. But the same argument can be made about 3rd person. Hell, until Wolfenstein 3D came out in the 90's literally ALL video games were 3rd person.

All I'm saying is that CDPR should have earned our trust by now that they can deliver fantastic games. So let's see what they can do with something we haven't seen from them yet. Otherwise they would just be giving us the same old, same old. And that isn't good either. Let The Witcher series be their 3rd person series and Cyberpunk be their 1st person series.

Variety from developers is good. I don't know how this is being viewed as a bad thing. Especially since they never said Cyberpunk would be 3rd person.

SirCupcakes91126d ago

.... you can inherently get closer to the detail of a game in first person than in third seeing as how you're seeing through the characters eyes...

jv1991126d ago

U always complain fox. Why u even here if nothing is good enough?

126d ago
thisismyaccount126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

"....greater immersion" .... with a narrower FOV of typical 60. Make it TPS and you automatically have a bigger FOV ... hence why I played Skyrim in TPS, got a much bigger peripheral picture/vision overall.

If FPS then only with VR support. Not going to stare at a 2D image, pretending that I'm watching thru a window into another dimension.

FPS with shitty FOV is a pain. TPS is a lot more cinematic-actiony, as you are seeing how your char. reacts/behaves to it's surrounding and not just frantically move the camera in FPS mode ..." where did the arrow come" ..."who's shooting me God damn" ...

FPS in VR works perfectly, see RE7. No VR and we're still stuck at Doom 1993 ...the difference being now you can look up and down. But it's still a 2D picture ... in TPS you get that extra depth between char. and objects.

Would you play GTA6 if the games was FPS only? Yeah I thought so ...

Suave_Langosta126d ago

Don’t rip me to shreds on this one, but wouldn’t First person automatically be more immersive?

I mean in first person you are in the world, it’s eye level, you can see and sense the scale of things, suddenly the “wood” tree has bark and texture to it, the surface textures take on new life, you know the worlds just feel more dynamic to me at least.

Not to say third person games are not as enjoyable or less stunning, I actually enjoy third person games more, but I feel that first person usually leaves me in awe at the games more often than 3rd.

yeahright2126d ago

@suave not to me. Pulls me right out of the experience. I enjoy it less. I get that many feel immersion. But let me try and explain where I'm coming from. In first person, I don't feel like I'm playing a character, and at this point is where I assume you feel like you're not playing a character, you feel like you are the character hence immersion. But I don't get that either. What I get is the feeling that I'm playing a floating gun with someone making commentary at certain points. Pretty much the only time I get immersion in first person is using VR.
I'm happy that you enjoy first person, just not for people like me.

0odama126d ago

There are only a few games I can recall that first-person immersion has worked perfectly. That definitely was the BioShock Series. The Original COD4/MW2/WaW/BO1 Campaigns, and that one God Of War Sequence in God Of War 3. There's probably more. Just the first ones that popped into my head.

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joab777127d ago

I trust them 100%, but they had to know that this would be a huge issue for many traditional dog fans. Maybe implementing a camera switch like Skyrim as an option. I’d hate to see so many avoid this game b/c of this. Absurd. Though I think it will be soooooo good that word of mouth will cause most to pick it up eventually.

I have been in Bioshock withdrawal for soooo long and this game seems to be the cure. I love a mix of FPS and rpg, and was hoping Destiny would be that game. I know CP2077 won’t be an mmo, but I’m so excited to play an rpg for hundreds of hours with insane customization and world building, all in first person with driving and great gunplay. It’s like a damn dream come true! Seriously!!!!!

I almost think, and I don’t want to assume that CDPR are too arrogant concerning their talents...but each new game they push the boundaries so far that they may have been bored by the 3rd person view. That and imagine this!

They are sitting in a board room and drawing up plans and someone actually says, I know we’ve never done it, and I know the difficulty and complications of perfecting a FPS RPG, but I think it will give the player more immersion, like they are actually living in this sprawling Metropolis. And without hesitation, everyone says, “hell yeah”!

Because that’s why they did it. So excited! I just want this game now! I hope everyone supports it because it will truly be next gen!!!

Imalwaysright127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Games with 1st person view tend to be the best sellers on consoles such as Overwatch, CoD, Battlefield/Battlefront or Destiny and on PC I doubt that many have any issues with 1st person view. If CDPR continues on the same path they've been following since TW1 which is to deliver games with excellent quality this one could even surpass TW3 in terms of sales because those that don't like 1st person view are clearly in the minority.

madworld127d ago

I need an answer to this question,why you people in CD Project show Cyberpunk 2077 for just the Media journalists a demo behind closed doors ,who is gonna buy it, the gamers around the world or these people which is not fair for the players,we deserve more respect?

Last_Boss127d ago

@IM those are strict Multiplayer kill to kill games. We had enough of that jazz last gen, it ruined so much of gaming. The reason Elder Scrolls & Fallout get passes is because of the pacing. Someone said you're going to be wall hopping and running fast through areas. Maybe they've perfected what Mirrors Edge. Titan Fall & Metroid Prime has done. I'll say this if Uncharted was 1st person, that game would have sold Brink numbers. Lol


Salooh127d ago

Simple fix, allow to switch to 3rd person when there is no combat.

For me, it doesn't matter, if they think first person is more immersive and it fit more into their vision than i am more than happy to try it and accept it.

ClanPsi1126d ago

OR you could play the game they're making and not the one you think you want.

joab777124d ago

@madworld I think they did it because of the FPS issue. If so I’d expect some of the demo to be released at some point soon. Imagine if they had just shown it and all the amazing ness was eclipsed by thousands of idiots tweeting about how stupid it is that it’s an FPS. And then 10 minutes later regretting the tweet because the game is astonishing.

I believe they wanted to control the message through journalists and then show us.

I could be wrong, but if what I am hearing is correct, this game is next level shit!!!

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Mainman127d ago

I'll pass on this if it doesn't have a third person option. I just don't like first person and that's a shame too, because it seems like most games are first person.

Kavorklestein127d ago

Can you pinpoint why you don't like first person? Is it just like nauseating? Or disorienting? More difficult?
Less view of your character? What makes you not like it?

Melankolis127d ago

Me too. I have been skipping many great games JUST because of first person camera. It makes me nauseous. I hate it.

Mainman127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

The main reason I'm not a fan of first person because of my tastes and preferences.
Other than that, the view, or area on my screen is constricted compared to 3rd person. I can't pan the camera like I wish in first person, or pan the camera without having to move my character. You can't move the camera without moving your character in over the shoulder third person games either, but even then it still doesn't feel as constricting as first person and gives a bigger view of the area.
Plus I would like to see my character when I play and the gun or weapon in first person just looks like it is just floating in the middle of the screen. It just takes me out of the game and makes me wish there was a third person option throughout my play through of the few FP games I have played.

GamingInFrames127d ago

I'm a single player gaming fanatic. However, I don't play anything in 3rd person. I simply like the more immersive feel of 1st person games, along with the smoother 1st person controll mechanics.

TheCommentator127d ago

" I can't pan the camera like I wish in first person, or pan the camera without having to move my character."

Of course you can... use the right analog stick just like any 3rd person game.

Saigon127d ago


I get what you are saying, it is a personal taste. I rather see my character than a screen of everything else. Additionally, to what you said, I hate being shot and don't know where it is coming from. All the times I played Golden Eye, I loved it, but eventually, got sick of it because I noticed all of its flaws being in FPS. It's a personal taste. Tried others after that and still couldn't get into it. Again, its a personal taste, nothing against the genre, but I do not like FPS games. It is like how some like County Music over Rock music. Nothing wrong with that, its just a personal taste.

tontontam0127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

For me it's the clunky melee combat that puts me off, so I just use magic or bows in skyrim.

ClanPsi1126d ago

Quit being a f*cking child. Jesus.

Reefskye126d ago

Motion sickness on games is caused mostly by frame rates unsmooth game play, i use to get it terrible on a certain map on the original CoD, 60+ frames stops most motion sickness, is frame rate dips and 30 fps, also motiin blur can cause it aswell but when you have a console these cant be swicthed off, i turn motion blur off on every single pc game

milohighclub126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

First person just doesn't seem as smooth as third for me. The character height never feels correct, i hate not having the field of view, i like to see cool animations. Stuff like climbing over things, the object becomes your screen. I feel there's less they can do with it because they have to think of the camera more which restricts mechanics.. I feel like third person is more immersive for me because i have so many issues with fp that it pulls me out. I skip most first person games due to this, its a shame cos i loved witcher amd have been hyped for this since that teaser. No hype left anymore and I'll probable skip this one... Pretty gutted tbh.

Rude-ro126d ago

I personally would not mind the 1st person... if consoles had a field of view slider.
On pc, it will be amazing and that field of view does make a difference because you can feel like you still have the same field of view that you do in reality and not wearing horse blinders staring at a tv taking away the emersion..
something I hope next gen takes into account for consoles.

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Tokasmke127d ago

Well you don't know that for sure because you haven't played the game yet. I also was disappointed about the 3rd person view being taken out but after reading and hearing about the demo, I think the first person view was the best choice.

DarkVoyager127d ago

I’d rather have 3rd person view myself.

The graphics must be insane. Look what John from Digital Foundry had to say about the game.

frostypants127d ago

@chrisx: "cyberpunk 2077 would have been a much better game with 3rd person"

This is a silly statement. You don't know anything about the gameplay mechanics or how 3rd person might impact them.

WeebLord127d ago

Welcome to the internet, everyone knows better than the ones working on the game.

Sirk7x127d ago

Yeah, but we have no idea how the game even functions or plays. The ways you play with and interact in either a first or third person environment in games are completely different. It's like how a third person perspective would never work with the exploration in a Deus Ex game, and likewise, the combat and world interactivity would have been incredibly boring and different if Witcher 3 were first person, because these games were designed with different experiences in mind.

gamer7804127d ago

I'm alot less excited for this now sadly

TheKingKratos127d ago

I'm sooo done with fps games

Rachel_Alucard127d ago

I think it has more to do with who you're playing as too. When you play witcher, you aren't playing as yourself but somebody else. With Cyberpunk they designed it to be playing as yourself, so having it in first person was something to design around. At least that's just my belief when they say immersion. Plus most Role-playing shooters use Sci-fi aspects anyway so it fits.

Ashunderfire86127d ago

It going to be a better Deus Ex game than Deus Ex! Relax stop crying you know you all are going to play it.

CorndogBurglar127d ago

You know, it's totally possible that CDPR wanted to do something a little different. They already showed that they can make amazing 3rd person RPG's. They did exactly that with The Witcher 3 and delivered one of the best games of all time.

Now they want to do 1st person. I really don't see what the big problem is. If I were a developer I wouldn't want to be known for making the same kind of games over and over.

It sounds like people just wanted The Witcher in a futuristic setting with guns. Let them try something else. You would think CDPR has earned our trust in them to make a fantastic game, whether its 3rd person or not.

Artemidorus126d ago

You can do exactly the same in 1st person

IamTylerDurden1126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

So CDPR can only muster a cinematic trailer for the public after 6 years, but behind closed doors they offer a polished 1 hour demo for the media? They couldn't piece together 15 seconds of gameplay for the public?

I honestly expected gameplay at E3, it was a disappointment to only get a cinematic trailer. CDPR is a phenomenal developer and 2077 will probably be a great game, but the handling of it has been slightly mismanaged thus far.

SkY_dino_square126d ago

my thoughts exactly. I just truly hate first person on just about any game

subtenko126d ago

Why not just include both?! is it really that hard to add in another camera view? GTA V did it, no excuses

gabzero126d ago

"cyberpunk 2077 would have been a much better game with 3rd person"
the game isn't even released yet....

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Relientk77127d ago

I want to see gameplay before I judge, even though I think for this type of game I might prefer 3rd person. Guess we'll see.

BiggerBoss127d ago

Exactly. I have to see gameplay to judge.

I prefer 3rd person in some games, but also love 1st person. Knowing that CDPR has only made 3rd person games, I'm skeptical.

But gameplay will be the real judge.

Link2DaFutcha126d ago

I also wouldn't be surprised if the 1st person decision is just from a map architecture standpoint. How annoying would it be to have a 3rd person game where you're going down tight alleys in an overcrowded city all the time and getting next to no movement or camera, or worse the camera swooping up and down all the time trying to keep vision of your chracter. Witcher makes sense because most of the time you're out in the open, but I bet a lot of this is going to be in much tighter spaces. Once we see gameplay we'll know more, so no use freaking out, but CDPR have given us no reason to doubt their storytelling or game making ability.

maybelovehate127d ago

I never realized there were so many people who didn't like 1st Person games.. I don't really get it to be honest. 1st person games have always felt more immersive to me.

DerekTweed127d ago

I know right!! I'm more excited for this now.

BiggerBoss127d ago

I think the main reason people are pissed, is because the Witcher is 3rd person, and they expect the Witcher in a cyberpunk setting.

That being said, I'll wait until we see gameplay to judge.

yeahright2126d ago

@ biggerboss, nope. we just don't like first person. I didn't like first person before the witcher 1 came out. still don't like it after the witcher 3.

OB1Biker127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

First person in VR is defo immersive. On a TV screen it always feels unrealistic to me You have to push the stick to see something you should almost instantly see from the corner of your eyes and the field of view is very small
Thats my personal feeling though.
I never liked it since the beginning when it became a thing in video games.

starchild127d ago

First person has been as common as third person in games. Have these people really missed out on all the great first person games over the past several decades? Seems absurd.

To me immersion in games doesn't depend on camera perspective, but rather on how the devs utilize it and build their game around it. I have no doubt that if CD Projekt RED picked the first person perspective it's because it is truly what works best for their game.

I think Cyberpunk 2077 will join the ranks of other great first person games like Thief, Deus Ex, Alien Isolation, Mirror's Edge, Bioshock and Half Life.

I also think CDPR will likely do a good job with "body awareness" during first person gameplay. So we will probably be able to look down and see the clothing we are wearing and other body details. Not to mention that this will be a story heavy RPG game, so we'll be seeing plenty of our character during conversations and cutscenes.

maybelovehate127d ago

Yeah, I am not worried about seeing my clothes while playing. Plus 1st Person perspective let's us see our weapons and other items so well. It is a good trade off. I like all kinds of perspectives in games but 1st Person always feels the best to me. Unless the engine is terrible and field of view is so small it makes you sick. But that is rare and I trust CDPR to do this right.

OB1Biker127d ago

It's definitely too bad for people like me who can't stand it. I respect the devs visions for any game Gamers play whatever they like too
Matter of common interest sometimes is cool though so maybe... Both is good?

bigmalky127d ago

FPS fatigue more than likely. I'll put my trust in CDPR. I also know that they're good at reacting to fan feedback, and may implement 3rd person before or after release.

They're good that way.

RememberThe357127d ago

They said it was first person and I said, "okay." I don't see a problem at all, just more backlash sensitivity.

THIS JUST IN: Seattle under pressure to address growing backlash to rain.

Glak18126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


I enjoy 3rd person games as well, but I'm a gamer so I basically love it all. Actually my favorite perspective is isometric, but not liking 1st person really tarnishes so many great gaming experiences. Sadly you don't get to enjoy games like Deus Ex, Bioshock, Dishonored, newer Fallout, Elder Scrolls, so many to list.

Hopefully your gaming experience isn't solely based on playing on a console, if it is think about about playing those games on a PC where you can change the FOV, which makes a huge impact on First-Person games. Unfortunately majority of devs don't include that option and really limits the console gamers experience.

NXFather126d ago

You would say that xbox boy.

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bunt-custardly127d ago

First person works well in Deus Ex.