We watched 50 minutes of uncut Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and interviewed CD Projekt about it

CD Projekt has finally pulled back the curtain on Cyberpunk 2077, revealing the game to press behind closed doors at E3 this week.

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Septic126d ago

Sounds madly ambitious. I wonder how this will run on vanilla consoles.

I can't eait for this.

RainbowBrite126d ago

Which are the vanilla consoles?

killswitch80126d ago

ps4 and xbox one not the X and Pro

RainbowBrite126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

@killswitch80 Ok, now I get it. Thank you for answering politely

KillZallthebeast126d ago

Lol right? Always nice to see someone give a genuine answer

TheRacingX126d ago

Someone gives you a down vote for thanking someone for a polite answer??? good freaking grief this site is inhabited by pathetic losers....

starchild126d ago

Yeah, and it's equally sad that Septic's positive and innocuous comment was downvoted to hell. I'm tired of how toxic this community is.

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syphon32126d ago

I can't eat either bro, I want to to see it

smolinsk126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Me nether, can't eat until the game is out... :-D

qu1ckset126d ago

Have an Xbox One X but will defiantly be buying this on PC!

chris235126d ago

have a nice lawnmover but definitely will ignore it on the ps4 if it‘s bad.

NXFather126d ago

We had all the mad we can stand bro. Thanks in advance.

UnHoly_One126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Off topic:

I absolutely despise the use of the word "vanilla" like that.

It's just a pet peeve of mine. Drives me nuts.

Vanilla is a flavor.

SirBradders126d ago

But it's the Og flavour bro....

Artemidorus126d ago

Quite simple they run the same but one will be downgraded.

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--bienio--126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

One big flop 6/10
NO 3rd person is such a disappointment!! Cd project you are idiots

zsquaresoff126d ago

I am sure they will reveal the 3rd person view closer to the release date. This is the same company who are still updating the Witcher 3 to this date. Keep hope.

--bienio--126d ago

cd project claims that hearing are what players saying!! so they can now show it Add 3rd person.

TheKingKratos126d ago

If it indeed 1st person
Then it's a no buy for me

xX-oldboy-Xx126d ago

--bienio-- Who are you again? If it's not for you dont buy it, but you've been going fairly hard repeating the same stuff. The game is a long way off - just relax, you might get what you want in the end.

Mr-Dude126d ago


Pfff.. Mister high all mighty.. Played it already did you?

God, you are annoying. @Christopher when do whe get the ignore button?

126d ago
nowitzki2004126d ago

IMHO Idiots are people who think every game needs to be third person.

ILostMyMind126d ago

What!? Is this a first person shit shooter? No buy for me.

conanlifts126d ago

No it is a 1st person rpg.

IRONASGUARDIAN126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Give it time, it's not out yet. It is a shooter, look at gta V, the community cried out for a 1st person view. Don't criticise a game that you haven't seen or played. No one's complained about metro exodus... That looks to be a 1st person open world rpg too.

leoms126d ago

Exodus is primarily a shooter with some rpg elements not an RPG first and foremost

JesusBuiltmyHotrod126d ago

LOl is gonna be huge.

RainbowBrite126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Agree. Idiots! What they know, right? What I demand from any game is not to be good!!! Why would I want a game to be good?!
I much prefer them to be in 3rd Person. If you give me a turd in 3rd Person, day one buy

xenz126d ago

3rd person wouldn't make sense in this game tbh. Read the article and you'll understand.

killswitch80126d ago

1ST Person will be the best way to experience this world. You idiots will be buying it and loving just like the rest of us. I trust in CD Project Reds vision and if you don't than you are mindless humans.

NatFanBoyRestricted126d ago

When it comes to CD, your nobody to demand a game the way you want. Get over yourself.

spicelicka126d ago

loll as if first person automatically makes it a flop. First of all it's supposed to have a 3rd person mode, maybe it'll be added later. Second of all, Deus Ex is first person and it's great.

syphon32126d ago

Yeaaaahh, there's a reason you got and probably will continue to get downvoted.... The guys at cd project red are fucking geniuses.. Your witnessing the modern day Picassos, DaVinci, and Michelangelos of our day and what they create is nothing short of fucking epic... First person, third person, forth fucking person.... It's gonna be great whatever route they take... It's gonna be art....

qu1ckset126d ago

Fuck 3rd person , first person is sooo much better! Gunplay on FPS is sooooo much better then 3rd!

How about you wait and see the gameplay before or dismiss FPS..

TedCruzsTaint126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Oh get over yourself.
Your comment feed is a dozen posts, back to back, having a freaking temper tantrum over a developer's decision of a freaking point of view, you child.

Mr-Dude126d ago

I wish we had that ignore button back... We really need it!

Link2DaFutcha126d ago

1st person mod for witcher 3 was actually awesome. Also they're one of the best devs out there in terms of support and getting value for your money. Not to mention story and gameplay. If you don't trust them that's entirely on you, they've given 0 reason to doubt them. Settle down clown.

GamingInFrames126d ago

I understand "to each their own" but a first person view gives the player a more immersive feel. It's how we, as people, live out our own lives.

CDzNutts126d ago

1st person RPG's do well though. lol.

I mean....I'm not gonna play it either for the same reason. lol. But it's gonna sell like hotcakes regardless.

Saijahn126d ago

Why are they idiots? First person view hinders sales or something?

It doesn’’t. Surely they’ll add a TPV now though to get back into your good graces.

Antifan126d ago

You sound like a damn child. Get over yourself, bro. Get a life, maybe a girlfriend. Go outside for once, and maybe you'll see this is absolutely nothing to be angry over.

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starchild126d ago

Yeah living out life in first person sucks. If only I could see my backside at all times that would be soooo much more immersive. I mean, why buy clothes if I can't even see them because of this stupid first person perspective?! Curse the gods! How could they do this to us!

CrimsonWing69125d ago

Not to be mean but how is first person anymore immersive than third person? You’re still looking through a camera’s perspective. I can completely see where people are upset by it not being in third person. I like the Witcher in third person. It’d be like making Dark souls in first person, i don’t see how that changes the immersion but rather constricts the camera. I have to turn now to see what’s at my side.

I’m not boycotting the game or anything and lord knows I loved me some Deus Ex, but I don’t think games like Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy 15, Bayonetta, or any other third person game would be more “immersive” through first person. If anything they’d be worse in my opinion.

neutralgamer1992126d ago

Show us the fans who have been waiting since 2013 some of this gameplay instead of showing it to a select few

Because this game is 1st person there is a lot of negativity surrounding this game and I think being able to watch the gameplay with help ease some minds

CJQNSNYC126d ago

Watching gameplay won't have any affect on a person who has no interest in a 1st person game.

Profchaos126d ago

Don't get the hate this has recived for being first person lots of other RPG titles play as first person

leoms126d ago

You mind naming those ''lots'' of rpg titles that play 1st person?

arkard126d ago

@leoms Dishonored and Prey to name a couple. I believe Technomancer as well. Ever heard of a little series called Elder scrolls? Fallout?

franwex126d ago

Really bro?
Deus ex
The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) and Fallout series.
Kingdom Come deliverance

Plus games that are 1st person that are RPG like such as Prey, and Bioshock.

xenz126d ago

@Leoms, I can name a few. Deus Ex series, Elder Scrolls series, Fallout series, System Shock, Borderlands series.

There' s also lots of great games with light rpg elements like Prey, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, Bioshock etc.

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Movefasta1993126d ago

they did this with tw3, they showed it behind closed doors first and then they released the demo

Nacho_Z126d ago

So many people who apparently have never enjoyed a first person game. They have my pity.

nowitzki2004126d ago

I know right.. Wtf is going on? I am so confused.

CJQNSNYC126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Nothing to pity.

1st person games do not interest me either. What's the point of a character creator when you cannot see the character? For many of us, becoming the pc in a game means seeing that character move through the world. Looking a 2 hands for dozens of hours just isn't for me.

It's more or less the exact same debate with pvp and pve. PVP fans seem to think that if pve people just try pvp, suddenly they will see it the same way as they do, which simply is not the case. Every play style doesn't work for every person. CD Project should have given the option to play either way which would maximize the audience.

Nacho_Z126d ago

You say nothing to pity but people who don't play anything in first person are missing out on loads and loads of great games. That's a fact.

Honestly I think people are just throwing their toys out of the pram because they expected it to be third person after TW3 and they don't like not having their expectations fulfilled. I'm sure there will be loads of cutscenes where you get to admire your character if that's a super important part of a game to you.

Bhuahahaha126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

i do remember reading some article way back that yoou can play it in 3rd view or fps.
so im expecting it that way and others too.

leoms126d ago

First sensible comment I've read for this article. Thank you!

Darkwatchman126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

It moves to third person for some dialogue and there’s a third person option while driving

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angelsx126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

What's the point showing 1 hour gameplay behind closed doors and not showing 5 min in demo for everyone???

killswitch80126d ago

same idiots that think VR is a fad

Profchaos126d ago

Don't get it either it looks like an amazing game I'd buy it any camera angle it comes with

Movefasta1993126d ago

Gamers are spoiled brats, a good game is a good game and if this turns out to be a good game that's all that matters.

Jinger126d ago

There is a reason all sonys big titles are becoming Third Person over the shoulder action adventures. They lend better to driving a connection with that character in the world and not so much the player.

In fact that seems to be a big push in the industry of late anyway. Emotional stories, deep stories for your main character.

OffRoadKing126d ago

If its not fourth person I'm not buying it.

Realms125d ago

Nah CD PR can make whatever game they want but many people like different things in certain games if a game is a FPS then it makes sense that it should be in first person but if it's an RPG then my preference is third person. Nothing wrong with it being in first person but it kind of defeats the purpose of customizing your character. Some people heard oh CD PR is making an RPG set in a futuristic setting and though great another open world to explore instead it's a hybrid shooter with RPG elements not so hyped anymore. Fist person RPG's are nothing new Skyrim is huge but I skipped it with good reason it's not my cup of tea to play RPG's that way CD PR will be fine and they will sell very well but it will be off putting to some gamers like me.

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