Nomura On Kingdom Hearts III’s Final Fantasy Characters, Aqua’s Popularity, And Ratatouille

by Kimberley Wallace:
"Kingdom Hearts III has been front and center at E3, but there are still a few things we’d like to know. Director Tetsuya Nomura was on hand for an interview and we tried to get him to clarify as much as possible. Here’s his answers to some of our burning questions. True to Nomura, there are plenty of hints to follow."

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FallenAngel1984223d ago

I demand to see at least Noctis show up along with other Final Fantasy characters. Plus that Cloud vs Sephiroth subplot needs to get resolved after they disappeared into light.

Also only Nomura can get away with showing us such magical things as traveling alongside childhood characters in a trailer only to end it on the most depressing note

Platformgamer223d ago

i want to see leon e co. again, tidus/wakka/selphie on destiny island, seifer/fujin/raijin/setzer/viv i on twilight town, zack in hercules world, ignis with remy and 2/3 new FF characters showing up (i hope for noctis, zidane and kefka).
also, but probably will never happen, i want another bunch of non-FF characters showing up, like the world ends with you in KH3D... maybe lara croft or aya brea?

ninsigma223d ago

Nomura on Aqua reaction: "there are more surprises and some even bigger than that. I just wonder if everyone will be okay."

No. No one will be OK if there's even more than that!

Cryptcuzz223d ago

LOL, seriously, I was shocked and dumbfounded when I saw Aqua at the end like that.
Too many questions WHYYY? AQUA!!??.

ninsigma222d ago

Yup, same here. Biggest shock of e3 for me 😂

godofiron223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

It was surprising seeing aqua like that, but it makes sense if you think about it.

She spent 10 years in a world of darkness, fighting it - she was doing the equivalent of pushing back the ocean. It's a testament to her strength and worthiness of the title "Master", that she's survived so long.

Meanwhile, people like Terra and Riku basically drowned in the bathtub, falling to darkness with the mere wiggle of Xehanort's finger.

Even in the deepest darkness, there is still light, so I have little doubt that Aqua can still be saved.

This is going to be fucking epic.