E3 2018 vs E3 2017: A step forward for Microsoft, a step back for Sony

Where Xbox One owners were treated to a new Halo, Gears of War and Forza at this year's E3, PlayStation fans weren't quite so lucky.

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DiRtY223d ago

Yeah, I agree.
Sony should not have been bothered to even attend E3. Just upload your gameplay vids of 4 games on your youtube channel. That would have helped. What is the point of a press conference without any announcements?

3 games were announced and two of those are coming to Xbox One as well.

Team_Litt223d ago

That's what I was saying! Just upload the trailers on YouTube and call it a day!
Save money, time and most of all, save on undue hype!

Obscure_Observer223d ago

Yeah. A Sony Direct Show would be the better choice.

UCForce223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

@Obscure_Observer No, that won’t be good for Sony. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have different way to present their own conference. Some of them will do better than others and other do worse each year. So yeah, I will let them decide. The only thing is that they need the do better, not following other companies footstep.

r2oB223d ago

Microsoft's presentation was good, but let's be honest here, you can sub out the Xbox logos for PS logos for most of it and it would be a PlayStation conference. That just shows how many of the games they showed will end up on PS4 and how many will be exclusively on their console. Sure, a lot of Sony's games will come to Xbox too, but a big chunk of the show focused on 4 AAA games that won't (three are new IPs rather). Microsoft's conference looked better, but Sony's had more substance.

dirkdady222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Sonys conference organization wise was not good but the games outshone what was on microsofts conference.

All you need to ask is did Microsoft show anything that made you want to buy an Xbox? Did Sony do the same? I think Shawn layden needs to let his people run the conference like before

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FlameBaitGod223d ago

Sony cares more about their event PSX than E3. So they are probably saving everything for that.

Doabarrelroll223d ago

Yeah and MS annouced like 50 games 45 of them are coming to PS4 and the rest are MIA to who knows when, could've just had a screenshot saying “games are coming, please believe us #waitfornextE3”

So how about you shut up already, if MS didn’t announce them buying studios this E3 would’ve been a disaster.

Was sony’s conference bad?....yes. But the games were spectacular. And thats the reason we watch E3 the GAMES. Specifically games only on your platform.

Greg2801223d ago

Everything Microsoft does at this point is a step forward. But a step back for Sony?? How can showing of the biggest console exclusives a step back?
Sony already have released a lot of great games since the release of the Ps4.
So now because they did not announce a lot of new games its a step back? Microsoft almost had no big succesfull games this whole gen. Of course its a step forward for them.

Well then why did Microsoft have a press conference? To just announce another Halo Forza and Gears seems unnecessary.
Could have just announced that on youtube. We already knew those games were coming. And only Forza and Gears had some gameplay showing

The things that really made the show for Microsoft were the 3rd party trailers. But then again those were not xbox exclusives, so why make a whole show just to show of games that other platforms will receive to?

Sony did not give me more new games, but they did show me a reason to buy those big exclusives they are releasing soon.

DiRtY222d ago

Sony did not provide a single release date at this show, didn't they?

shinoff2183222d ago

Funny you mention the games coming to xbox because that's what ms did to. They mentioned the usual three and ori. The battletoads announcement was a joke you can expect that in awhile. They also announced alot of multi platform games coming to ps4. See how that works. I don't care about presentation at all its abiut games. Sony brought the best games

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techsquisite223d ago

Author must either be a glutton for punishment or a supreme troll. We'll know soon enough.

Inzo223d ago

Where Xbox One owners were treated to a new Halo, Gears of War and Forza at this year's E3..........AGAIN.

There, I fixed it.

Aceman18223d ago

Exactly, the same franchises again. Their conference didn't convince me to rebut the console. But Sony would have convinced me if I didn't already own one. What they showed was great, the MS one although good showing was propped up with 80% 3rd party games coming to PS4 also.

AngelicIceDiamond223d ago

"80% 3rd party games coming to PS4 also"

Right so lets discussed this real quick. How many E3's has Sony showcased tons of third party games? How many times have they debut'd new AAA 3rd party software at E3 that nobody saw coming? As far as I'm concerned most of this gen especially with Destiny and COD. Nobody's talked about how bad it was for Sony to show off Destiny for the first time.

As I said before Sony and MS share majority of the same library anyway, that's how its always been and how it always will be. In fact it would be extremely crippling to MS if they didn't showcase those newly announced games such Anthem and Cyber Punk. If it were Sony showcasing all those 3rd party games that would be the end of MS literally because that would mean devs don't care for Xbox or have faith in their product.

Sony just like MS will always and continue to show off their games. 3rd party needs to survive somehow.

Aceman18223d ago


The difference is Sony actually has studios to make a variety of games, and for the conferences it's one of their games that's the highlight unlike MS.

Good on them for trying to change the narrative now, but it took them all of 17 friggin years to figure this out 😒

darthv72223d ago

Wait... was Halo and Gears even at last years E3? Forza I understand because it is annual but Gears and Halo are not. It takes a couple years at least for each game in the series.

Inzo222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Wait... were there any new AAA IP's shown for Xbox at E3 this year?

AngelicIceDiamond223d ago

The same games MS ended the 7th gen with and now ending the 8th gen with is too much imo. But I wouldn't discredit the trifecta even if they the same tired franchises, They're still major AAA's that will fill the dry wasteland of Xbox exclusives. Sounding harsh but its only truth. Crackdown, Battletoads, Ori and Skate 4 I mean Session lol should throw much needed diversity in their line up.

conanlifts223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Actually we were given a game engine trailer of Halo, the actual game will be years away and Gears 4 has no release window. I would have been happy if we at least had a new Halo and gears in the next 12 months. Instead it will likely be 18 months just for Gears 5 ( Holiday 2019).

The conference from MS was good in terms of showing they might have games from 2020 onwards, but for those of us who bought an X we still lack exclusive games for the immediate future.

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FallenAngel1984223d ago

PlayStation fans aren’t lucky to be treated to the same 3 franchises?

Need I remind the author that Xbox hasn’t had one quality exclusive thus far all year and won’t for the rest of the year until only another Forza releases?

darthv72223d ago

Wait... so it can't just be quality it has to be exclusive too????

UCForce223d ago

Sure, you can say most third party games will run better on Xbox One X. But that’s debatable. Because we know those games will run much better on PC. And Xbox One X isn’t a system seller here. The real system seller is exclusive games. I’m maybe care about resolution and performance but I need to see it if the game is good or not.

UCForce223d ago

Xbox One isn’t doing pretty well. That’s why MS is now focusing on the future.

r2oB223d ago

@ Darth

Wait... so it cant be both? Is that an impossibility for Microsoft? Guess your standards are pretty low.

FallenAngel1984223d ago

Most of the games unveiled at Microsoft’s conference will also be available on Sony’s console, so it doesn’t make sense to say PlayStation fans aren’t fortunate

Chevalier223d ago

Yeah its terrible Sony fans ONLY are getting the best exclusives this year rolling into the next and almost all of the games shown at the Xbox conference as well. Ah well.....s/

XiNatsuDragnel223d ago

Remind me Halo, Gears, and Forza tune goes for people on the Xbox platform again.

Battletoads was a cool announcement

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